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Nogusa No Uta (“A Wild Flower’s Poem”) [English], by Hinasaki Yo

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Me, I call that the Valley of Rapture

Vanilla hentai, everyone! ^_^
In the countryside, in the early XXth century (apparently, right ?), a young ojou-sama and her male private teacher live a forbidden romance. The boy cares so much about the girl’s position and status he resists his feelings and his own lust, he will need the ojou-sama to take all those steps. That was kinda touching, and the ending was worth it; I’m not promising you Gone With The Wind, hentai ver., allright ^^ But, still, it had a pleasant vibe :)

The huge negative mark wouild be the whiteout censorship. The huge positive mark would be the girl’s self-confidence, her cute face, and her damnably HOT boobs :3
Thanks a lot to Noraneko and JBK for this one ! ^_^

The girl’s teary face also inspired me a horny bonus picture ^^

By the same artist, I also share Made In China Girl.

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Black Rubbers [English, 222 pictures], by Katsurai Yoshiaki

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My dick and my brain have clearly conflicted aspirations, here

Sow. Livestock. Meat toy. These were the adjectives I found to qualify women in the first three pages with English dialogues. I guess that doesn’t leave room for misunderstandings, right ?
Women with a strong character and a figure of authority find themselves broken and/or trained into being proud cum holes by skilled scumbag manipulative men. And so, chapter after chapter, new girl or girl in training, new faces or old faces coming back, we watch the same stuff all along.
You know me, right ? I don’t need to describe my feelings, hopefully.

On the other hand, I must earnestly commend the art, for the drawings were GLORIOUS. Splendid body, very well drawn, with admirable curbs, the breasts from normal to big, with lingerie, beautiful faces, long hair, flushed faces, with a style of censorship (rare and thin enough grey bars) that doesn’t destroy the immersion and allows to fully enjoy the drawings… With quality oral, vaginal, anal sex… Yeah, visually, the effect was stunning, hats off, really that was hardcore heaven :shock:
Thanks to whoever is behind this release! :)

By the same artist, under the Katsurai Yoshiaki and Basutei Shower pen names, I also share Shiramine Hibiki No Ryoukan Nisshi, Kanojo Wa Kazoku De Hanayome De, Hentai Kare X Kanojo, She’s My Family And My Lover 1-3, The White Bud Of A Lust Flower chapter 1, Natsume-Ke No Nichijou, Himitsu Renai Soudan, Kenzaki’s Sexual Reasoning, Ko-Fun Shoujo, Kanojo To Yukata De Natsu No Yoru, Sex Party Hard Drug Lesson, Perverted Sword Art, Sister X Lover, and a pack of 5 works (After Flowers, After School Obedience Coaching, Cla-Mc, Over Upper, and Sister Friend).

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Sis Ero [English, UNCENSORED version, 222 pictures], by Kazuki Kotobuki

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Fortunately, sisters like that only exist in hentai. If there were sisters like that in the real world, inbreeding and its genetic problems would soon be the bane of mankind :D

I need more time, ARGH! I hardly have any, and when I have, I discover productivity banes like the abominably addictive ^^;;
Sorry for the lack of shares, tonight I should have more time :)

In the meanwhile, I quickly whipped up that one for you, this is the recently decensored version of a great manga in which we follow three brother-sister couples, triumphing against (lukewarm) advertisity to make love and live their life together. There is a decent enough plot (nothing big, but it sustains the interest and adds some spice to the porn), and the drawings are spectacularly GOOD, even more now they are not anymore wasted by those evil censorship bars!! :twisted:
We enjoy the sight of lively very large breasts, meaty bodies, beautiful smiles, blushing cheecks, 3 very different girls (candid and welcoming, tall, cold and dominating, tsundere in work clothes), of lingerie… it was good :D

The credits for this release go to Tadanohito and his kind donators, while the decensoring was made by a generous person going by the nickname of Onidiablo. Thank you so much! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share I’m So Naughty (225 pictures), Nectar (211 pictures), the uncensored version of Hatsujou (or Hatsujy) (193 pictures), Zutto Oneechan No Turn (192 pictures), Torokechau No (“Enraptured Make Love”) (192 pictures) and FF Ane Ane.

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Twin Milf volume 2 [English, 160 pictures], + the volumes 1-2 repacked together (345 pictures), by Tatsunami Youtoku

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MILF lovers, rejoice. Hugs! :)

Would you remember Twin Milf, that I shared a bit more than a year ago ? Well, the sequel Twin Milf Volume 2 came, once again provided by Saha and Mangahiru commissioning him, thank you! :jap:

The first volume was setting up the situation, the second volume simply follows suit and shows us more uncomplicated happy sex with mutual liking (love ? I wouldn’t dare use that word) taking place between the two MILF twin sisters and their young adult male lover. The two sisters have a deep affection to each other, sharing without jealousy, that was oddly touching. I don’t have much to add about the story, only that I think we’re far from being one, as there’s a plot twist around the end…
So, yes, it’s white-hole censored for the most of it, the heroines are very plump (to the point that was a bit too much even for me), but MILFs, twins, very large breasts, that ought to count ^^

By the same artist, under the Madam Project pen name, I also share the decensored versions of Zangyou De Good Job + Keitai De Good Job, Bijin Henshuuchou no Himitsu 02 (Uncensored version), and under the Tatsunami Youtoku pen name, there is Milk Teacher (178 pictures).

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Tomodachi Kareshi (“Neglected Sensitive Girlfriend”) [English], by Nanamiya Tsugumi

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Supposedly, that's cheating. This time, it made me nothing.

In what day and age does a boyfriend still tell “let’s get until we get married” to have sex ? Thanks – or because of – this unusual setup, I cannot really blame neither the girlfriend nor the “wolf under a sheep disguise” false male friend who steals the girlfriend under oblivious-kun’s nose. Still, I’m honest, you’re warned, here be netori hentai.

Graphically, quality is delivered. The girl is actually burning to be shagged at last and it shows, she lets her anal virginity be taken first (it’s, duh, “less” cheating), and then vaginal cherry follows. There are thick black censorship bars, but I didn’t feel they really got in the way of our enjoyment this time.
Credits are for SureOK1 and Alearg, thank you! :)

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Elven Bride chapters 4-5 [English], by Okito Endo

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The story was super hard to follow, but the art was admirable.

Pleasant news for us long pointed ears lovers, a new chapter of the Elven Bride series has been published, and, I’m not entirely sure but it might be the final chapter of the series :) Thanks a LOT to The Tsuuyaku and Tigoris Translates for this! :jap:
Graphically, the talent is overflowing, Okito Endou has a unique graphical style, picturesque, artistic, inspired, taking a few shortcuts with realism and achieving great visual results. The eyes, the eyebrows, the realistic although very supple bodies, the very well drawn hair… Woah :shock: :D

Scenario-wise, I have much more mixed feelings. This is happy sex with a slightly fantasy-spiced slice of life presentation (a human married with a female elf, and she brings the oddity into his world)… But, well, on top of all, the story is so DISJOINTED, to the point of being annoying, that gives me the impression we’re missing lots of chapters (while we apparently don’t), the male hero sleeps with other women but apparently it’s not intentional or OK or a delusion or it’s another storyline not “canon”… Argh. Let’s focus on the art shall we ? :roll:

The chapters 1-3 are available here, alongside a very pleasant full-color work called Dragon And, and another full-color story also called Elven Bride which seems loosely related to the present storyline.
I’m not making a full repack because of that “so disjointed” feeling I get, I’m not wasting my time when I’m not 150% certain I’m not missing on stuff and I have the order right, please forgive me :)

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Houkago No Sukima (“Gap After School”) [English, 199 pictures], by Uba Yoshiyuki

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I have see enough nurses in the real world to TOTALLY enjoy how nurses are in the hentai world. Lace, lingerie, sexy, smiling, young: stuff you'll only find on the hentai side, lol :D

Sorry for the delay before I shared that one, there aren’t enough hours in a day for me ^^
Here is the complete and EXCELLENT Houkago No Sukima, most kindly brought to us by NeCroManCr, thank you so much :beer:

The manga is based on single-or two-chapter stories, featuring happy sex without too many complications. No particular plot, no strong emotional involvements (if there were, I’d have called the manga awesome and not just excellent), but an already very satisfying variety of situations, in which youngsters and – sometimes – young adults can have mutually fulfilling steamy hot sex, with the girls fully accepting their sexuality, taking the initative and leading the game.

The art is very good, sometimes a bit exxagerated (not too unrealistic, fear not), there’s a damn strong feeling of erotic intensity oozing out of every panel showing sex, yum! As for the sex, you’ll have paizuri, oral, vaginal and anal. I certainly hope you’ll enjoy the read :)

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