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Die In Seen [English, 224 pictures], by Oobanburumai

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19 September 2014, by Oliver

Liberating burst of laughter, all along. I absolutely recommend you that one ^_^

That. Was. GLORIOUS ! :kickass: :shock: :D :lol:

Many destinies meet, tons of crazy stuff happens, lovers are reunited, every single character has a crazy side (or more than one !), we even meet a Santa with issues, the dialogues are exhilerating, the scenario is exclusively built with plot twists… Oh how could I even hope to summarize this ? ^____^
At some point, you stop caring about Coleridge and the willing suspension of disbelief theory, you go with the flow, laugh a deep, liberating laughter, and enjoy every single new page, and still laugh pretty often :D

Graphically, this is glorious too. The drawings are full of life, of power, everyone has sex, crazily, in mad combos, and it rages on all along ! :twisted: The bodies are arched with pleasure, drawn very well, the girls have arousing faces basking in ecstasy… And the orgies !! :shock:

Well, there you go. TOTAL recommendation from me :)
My HUGE thanks are to Qbtranslations, and the kind Anon who commissioned him :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Chiteki Koukishin (247 pictures)

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Little Stepsister Love Space [English, 203 pictures], by Shinobu Tanei

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19 September 2014, by Oliver

Do you think hentai mangas are making brothers more aware of their sisters' bodies, in the real world ? Honestly, I think so

Awww, sweet ! :twisted:
Here is a very pleasant complete manga, entirely dedicated to sweet adorable and hurny little stepsisters, in love with their onii-chan :3

Despite the presence of “story arcs” (the same sister and brother coming back during several chapters) there is no noticeable scenario to mention, youngsters love each other and find themselves tons of opportunities for happy sex with love, that’s that. It’s cute and all, true.
The best thing is the art, the girls have really nice faces, with slanted eyes, beautiful hair, most of them have sex while wearing highschool uniforms, and save one weird chapter in which the artist undeniably took drugs (I think it was LSD) and drew stuff like never before, the girls have mostly realistic and well-drawn bodies.

Well, I hope you may enjoy this, and thanks a LOT to Tadanohito and his very kind donators, I’m grateful :)
By the same artist, I also share Imouto Zettai Ryouiki (203 pictures), Big Sis Lil Sis Love (205 pictures) and The Motherly Instincts Of A Step-Sister.

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Postgirl San Wa Furumukanai [English], by Takemura Sesshu

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19 September 2014, by Oliver

Drawing with "earth"-range-of-colors paint like that... art and porn becoming one

The present volume is composed of two chapter-long stories :
- a postgirl meets a horny female goddess who gives her a penis, so that they may have tons of sex, futanari action and comedy follows. The drawings are mediocre, at best.
- a sad but moving and beautiful story about love, prostitution and communication. That second half of the book had EXCELLENT art, and, without the need to bring a decisive conclusion, the story had very interesting and “human” characters, I don’t think I’ll manage to forget that one.

Thanks to whoever released this on the internet :)
Side note, I ran my usual retouchings, smoothening the bad surfaces, adjusting the levels, in all of the first half and select panels (in varying amplitudes) in the second half.

By Takemura Sesshu, I also share Take On Me volumes 1 under the Domin8 Me name (it’s the official English print for Take On Me vol. 1, with better printing quality, fully uncensored, and with another – poorer, I’m afraid – translation compared to the initial magazine scanlation), Take On Me vol. 2 (rescanned version), the really good Idling In The Heat, Gekka, Kouenji Fujunjou Shoutengai and Haruka To Chihaya To Producer. Hint, in your searches, since the artist goes by the name Takemura Sesshu and Sessyu, you can safely search for, double quotes included : [ "takemura ses" ], or, even better, to screen out most mere mentions : [ "by takemura ses" ].

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Asukara [English], by Akino Sora

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18 September 2014, by Oliver

That was arousing as only a few things before

I’m SUPER short on time today, I only prepared one hentai share.

But… OH MY HORNY GOD ! That was some TOP quality material, definitely adamantium-hard boner material :twisted:
An apparently shy girl dares to invite a boy to go to the beach with her. In there, she’ll revel her totally sexual nature. Asking for more. Enjoying it. Being bashful. Brazen. Honest. Incredibly cute. With her deep eyes hypnotizing us and begging for hard cock and juicy creampies.
Ooooooh god, that was awesome :shock:

I don’t like to talk too much about it in details, but, well… that was one of those extremely rare occurences in which I could fap in a perfectly satisfactory manner, and several times, just to the panels showing the face and breasts of the girl. I’m embarassed to write it, but, yeah, that’s a massive compliment coming from me.

Would a decensorer be interested in tackling the challenge of doing this story ? Pretty please with sugar on top ? :)
Axalon, Scarecrow, Nash and MrWayne are behind this sweet jewel of porn. I am bursing with gratitude :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Maihime (210 pictures), Iinari, The Beginning Of Spring and With A Klutz (improved edition).

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Fude Koi [English], by Yahiro Pochi

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17 September 2014, by Oliver

That girl is bad. But the boyfriend is bad too. Hey, they're a nice match ! ^^

Does “netori” only quality for a man stealing another man’s woman ? Or can we also reverse genders, a woman stealing another woman’s man ? For this is what happens here. Two youngsters in a callygraphy couldn’t give a single fuck about the lesson, so they resume their tickling game… except that, this time, the girl pushes the game farer than ever before, etcetera.
There was a funny dimension to this in my eyes (was everybody in their classroom totally deaf and blind ? ^^;; Also, the boy was oblivious to the fact he was the prey being caught), so I didn’t entirely dislike the storyline.

As for the drawings, well, it’s Yahiro Pochi. A generous female body and a falsely innocent face, with nice boobs and good sex too :D
Credits are for Akinokaze, H-Kun and Aris5467 from Lolipopscans, thank you ! :)

By Yahiro Pochi, I also share So Lovely Irrumatio (224 pictures, quite nice), Tadashii Majutsu No Asobikata (“The Right Way Of Playing Magic”) chapter 1, Ecchi Shiyo, This is Harlem, a pack of 4 works, Ano Anaru The Netorare Manga We Read That Day, Lovematio Sena and Lesson Minchi.

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No, I Can’t Stop [English], a Kantai Collection hentai doujinshi, by Yorisuke

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17 September 2014, by Oliver

My cropping choice wasn't accidental, just below this erect clit is a pussy slaughter of white bars of censorship.

Kongou is jealous of her admiral ogling on other girls, so she decides to beat the competition and mark him as hers. Unsurprisingly, that means sex, yeah. Kongou has a nice mischievous expression on her face all along, she’s drawn pretty well, so it’s quite good eye candy, I dare say ^^

Thanks to Doujin-Moe for this release ! :)
By the same artist, under the Yorisuke or Honnou To Yokubou No Gyuutan pen names, I also share a pack of 2 works (Rika Sensei No Hachimitsu Kyoushitsu Jissen-hen + Saru No Hito To Dekkai Hou Tono Yatsu), Two Platoons Attack and Sex Service Venus And Jupiter (also named “Call Girl Venus And Girlfriend Jupiter”, WTF with those differences ?!?) volume 1 and volume 2.

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Chichikoi [English, Full-Color], a Nisekoi hentai doujinshi, by Gegera Standard

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17 September 2014, by Oliver
Ah, Marika... The one that should be made into a sex slave and a secondary wife in Nisekoi. She's the only one who would accept that position, isn't she perfect for this, then ?

Here is, thanks to Doujin-Moe, a nice and visually impressive (horny bodies, little censorship, big breasts, paizuri, vaginal and anal, DAYUM !) Nisekoi hentai parody, featuring Raku, Chitoge and Marika.
Nisekoi is a rather good harem manga, in which the male hero can’t help making every girl fall in love with him, blah, blah, blah. It gathered a very huge male fanbase, with the boys gaping at how cute and adorable the girls were.

You know what ? I’d like to see a “Nisekoi : The After Years” parody of the real Nisekoi manga.

I’ve had that “The Years After” idea in mind for a while, now.
That would come as a follow-up to all those harem series.

In this “Nisekoi : The After Years“, Raku (the male hero) has chosen one girl at last. All the other harem girls fall prey to huge uncurable depression, this makes them fail their crucial college years, leading them to professional failure in active life, while their total lack of self-esteem makes them choose assholes as male companions, and it’s only past the age of 40 that some of the girls regain some vague sense of happiness in life.

This, my friends, is the harrowing hidden side to harem mangas, the horrible fate of the non-chosen girls !
Down with harem mangas !! :evil:
:D :D :D

By the same artist, I also share Gakunyuu Gegera (97 pictures), a pack of 4 works and Yatte Mio + a pack of pictures.

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