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Miniskirt Alliance [English, 167 pictures], by Yuki Yanagi

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24 July 2014, by Oliver

Haaa, Yuki Yanagi's girls. I could fap to their breasts alone. Wait, I did that, alreadyi, in the past !

Here is a really good manga, freshly released by Tadanohito, and backed by his kind and numerous donators. Thank you so much ! :)

In Miniskirt Alliance, each chapter or pair of chapters is/are a single story, and the manga features a balanced mix of styles : sad, beautiful and moving… or funny and really creative… or mediocre… or simply uncomplicated happy sex with mutual love or liking.
I, at least, for the moving chapters, am VERY glad I read it ! :shock: :D

Despite the censorship affecting the tip of the penises, the art is good, Yuki Yanagi does not disappoint. On top of all, in my pervy eyes, there are the girls’ breasts. Their beautiful, amazing, mesmerizing boobs. That moment when we first see the naked breasts of a girl drawn by Yuki Yanagi, I’m always holding my breath, ’cause this is awesome.
Also, please meet the best job in Japan : swimsuit advisor for shy busty ladies ! :lol:

(I share much more stuff by this artist, cf. The list of Yuki Yanagi’s works)

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UnisiS (“Uniform Sister”) volume 3 [English], + a repack of the volumes 1-2-3, by Saitom

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24 July 2014, by Oliver


Unisis is all about sisters enjoying happy sex with their brother, a new sister with each volume. Well, this time, our sister is a petite highschooler, with TANLINES, fuck yeah !! :twisted:

There’s no plot at all, she’s just having happy sex with love with her onii-chan, first in school uniform, and second with her new one piece swimsuit.
Even with the thick black bar censorship, O Raptor Jebus, that girl was HOT, imagining her burning from desire, in that room in the middle of scorching summer… hnng !! :shock:

For this release, many, many thanks to Von, from Facedesk, Freudia, and AOC, for team Koinaka ! :)

By Saitom (also known as Kabe No Saido), I also share Houshi No Daishou, Mayonaka Karute, Honban please ! (Sex please !), Midsummer Game, Homemaid Girl + Overboard Girlfriend, Hajimete No Kokuhaku, Zangyou Wa Nani No Aji, Neighbour Rhapsody, Perfect Girl, Unisis 1 and Unisis 2.

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Sakura No Kushami (“Sakura’s sneezes”) [English], by Ponsuke

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24 July 2014, by Oliver

Shame, she got her butt played with, but there wasn't anal sex after

Take a girl, a total dizzy airhead klutz, secretly dating her young male highschool teacher. Add “plot switch”, when the girl sneezes, she becomes slutty, dominating, and incredibly horny. Voilà, the menu is ready :D
The drawings were regrettably mosaic-blur-censored, but fortunately, plenty of areas were left unaffected, like the girl’s anus, or part of her pussy lips, all in all it was quite bearable ^^

I’ll simply let you guys enjoy it, and thanks to whoever is behind this release ! :)

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Mitsu Tsubo [English, 208 pictures], by Moriya Makoto

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23 July 2014, by Oliver

Cannot unsee question : what if the hair isn't from the boy's penis basis but from the woman's buttcrack ? (lol)

Here’s a new complete tank, brought to us by Tadanohito and commissioned by MaxBigfoot, thank you ! Reading this name, “Max Bigfoot”, always reminds me of my first years into internet hentai, the hentai newsgroups, the floppy disks with precious jpegs on them, that goes a looooong way back :D

Sometimes, the artist tries “techniques” that end up in nothing short of a huge FAIL, and it’s hilarious (in my eyes !), for instance we’ve got a three-headed blowjobbing hentai cerberus on pages 13 and 54 ^^;; (Laughing at those failed panels almost makes me feel bad, as if I was pointing at a disabled retard and laughing, argh.)
The art is unusual, but not too bad once you’re accustomed to it. An odd mix of old school, pubic hair, disrespect for anatomy (huge bellies, elongated pussy lips, crazily arched backs) and beautiful eyes.
As for the story ? Adult and teenage women having sex with boys, period. Almost no scenario, no plot, no feelings. Also, contraception doesn’t exist in this iteration of the hentai multiverse. Yeah, I must confess, I somehow felt irritated that it was shallow, this time.

By the same artist, I also share Nyuutou (209 pictures) and Hiroshi’s Misfortune.

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29 years Old Lusting Housewife [English, 185 pictures], by Kuroki Hidehiko, is now UNCENSORED !

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22 July 2014, by Oliver

Me neither, I wish I could say.

Good news from the decensoring front, for you, my dear pervs : Palimpsest has finished decensoring another complete manga ! ^_^

This time, this is 29-Year Old Lusting Wife, by Kuroki Hidehiko. That’s 185 pages full with hardcore sex and quite good drawings, based on carefree and danger-free adultery.
I still don’t manage to analize properly why I react like that towards that theme, either adultery disgusts me, or I’m pretty cool with it. This manga belongs to the second group, I’m pretty cool with it ^^

I hope you may enjoy it, once again Palimpsest did a GREAT job, thank you so much, man ! :woot:

29-Year Old Lusting Wife, now Uncensored, is shared HERE :)

Houkago Experience (“Afterschool Experience”) [English], by Shouno Kotaroo

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22 July 2014, by Oliver

Good appetite, for your first pussy !

Another delicious vanilla-flavoured hentai piece =) Houkago Experience is about two highschoolers, having a full week to discover each other’s body, learn how to please each other, until the day they have sex, as last. Haaa, the blooming of love, the unloading of a healthy pair of balls… *cough*
The story was simple and well-done (at last, we see inexperienced youngsters not immediately behaving like hard-boiled porn actors !), and the girl was making adorable faces all along (and she had pigtails : erojoules+++), what a cutie ! ^____^

This nice share was brought by Crystallium and Shinko, thank you ! :jap:

Side note : I added a final page, a variation from page 4… :3

By the same artist, call him Shono Kotaro, Shouno Kotaroo or Pannacotta, I also share Daydream Girl, Make Live, Koigokoro Bousouchu (“Rampaging Love”), the disappointing Eternal Love and a pack of 4 works (Carnality Game, Renai Beginner + Paper, Makinami Hokan Keikaku and Effie’s Milk).

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Somerare Himegoto [English], by Meme50

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22 July 2014, by Oliver

She's cumming. Not me.

Huge warning, this is a dis-BLEURGH-gusting mindbreak story, I really disliked it, it’s based on mindbreak and a girl deliberately falling into depravation after having been insta-broken, all because the male “hero” is a jerk while the girl is fucking dumber than a brick :wall: :gfy:
In a way – I hope the idea won’t shock you, but I reckon that must be true – this story is more Japanese than the vanilla stories I love so much.

I’m still sharing it for those of you who, either or both :
- don’t care for the story, and just enjoy the art (’cause Meme50 draws well)
- enjoy stories like these (to each his own, I fully respect that)
But if you’re into vanilla, seriously, guys, don’t even read this share or download it. My warning couldn’t be clearer :(

Credits are for Mzet, Ronan and Pzykosis666, from Pzykosis666HFansub. Thanks in the name of all the voiceless anons who are going to dig this dark theme !

By the same artist, Meme50, I also share Sakaki Sararare (213 pictures), the EXCELLENT Chome Chome Otome (212 pictures), Limit Break!! (212 pictures), Shizuka Na Toshokan No Kanojo, the awful Sunny 18 Sai, Metori X Metorare 1-2, To Steal or To Be Stolen and Momasete.

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