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Midara Na Shisen [English, 234 pictures], by Inomaru, has been reedited to TANK SCANS, woohoo! :D

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It feels good, to read manga of that quality

Good news, my fellow pervy friends, a new version of Midara Na Shisen, by Inomaru, has been released by a kind person called CustomX, thank you! :)

The version I was sharing until today was based on magazine scans.
The new version is a tankoubon reedit (if needed, read my glossary), which means:
– Less censorship (from a tiny bit less, to a lot less, see this comparison, done with only cropping, no retouching or resizing: Previous versionNew version.)
– Slightly better scan quality overall (I ran a very faint retouching here and there, against spotty surfaces victim of poor printing)
– Occasional improvements such as with double pages that could now be jointed properly without big wide vertical columns in the middle

You can find the new version of Midara No Shisen HERE, enjoy! ^_^

Hoken No Sensei No Shinsatsu [English], by Hanpera

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In hentai Japan, this is how you cure fever

Here’s a simple story, about a school nurse with a soft spot for young kids, getting an insta-crush on the younger-looking student coming to her office because of a small fever. As any boy that age he would never refuse the incredible chance to have sex, which is lucky, because I don’t think the nurse would have taken “no” for an answer ^^;;
The rest is happy sex, with the school nurse in complete although gentle control.

The drawings are OK, on the wrong hand there is the annoying blur-mosaics censorship we all hate, but on the good other hand, that woman has a great body, nearly plump, generous, voluptous, and her face also looks good, with her glasses and her confident stare and smiles…
We owe this release to OmegaComatose, thank you! :jap:

By Hanpera, I also share Onee-chan’s Whisper (184 pictures, Uncensored), and Kyoushi No Kagai Jugyou, Happening Rough, Nioyaka Shitei (I disliked that one), Kega No Koimyou and Heart Present.

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Self Help [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Evangelion series, by Saigado

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It's not day we'll see a virile manly Shinji.

Woot, a new Saigado volume! Last time I shared one was almost a year ago ^^
So, here is a decent Evangelion doujinshi, in which Misato Katsuragi and Shinji are lovers, but they try to abstain from sex a little. This leads to us watching them either have sex, or masturbate together.

The drawings were good, however, I don’t know, I felt they lacked the “magic” we’ve had in many other Saigado publications or in other Evangelion doujinshi. You’ll have vaginal sex, masturbation, pubic hair and big breasts, and a Shinji drawn like he’s younger than in the real Evangelion series. I’ll let you guys see for yourselves?
We owe this release to Risette Translations, thank you! :)

(For more stuff by Saigado, Cf. The List of Saigado’s Works on HentaiRules…)

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Momoiro Daydream by Dr.P – chapter 01 is now decensored (more chapters to follow)

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Hello, J.B.Random speaking and here I present to you the first out of nine decensored chapters from Momoiro Daydream book by Dr.P. This decensoring project was only made possible thanks to my wonderful sponsors (MHM, Zonder B, Zathael, Fake Brit & six more kind people who decided to stay anonymous) and of cause thanks to Oliver who allowed me to run a small crowdfunding campaign here on Hentairules.

More chapters will follow when they are ready.

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Pack of 2 Love Live hentai doujinshi [English] by Kamisiro Ryu

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Where can I hire maids such as these two? You know, to help ending unemployment :3

I gathered here two nice Love Live! doujinshi by Kamisiro Ryu in which, for some reason, the girls dress up as maids and consider that having a Master means they’ll improve as idols. Of course, we’re talking about hentai maids: the master can expect highly specialized – and quality! – service :3
Look, I give up on understanding this maids thing, it’s too Japanese for me and probably linked to something within the Love Live series that I (a) don’t know and (b) don’t care about. But on the other hand I can enthusiastically praise the drawings quality and the very nice sex :twisted:

Those two works are:
Maid Live Sunshine! DIAmond Service : two maids and a boy plus a dildo, threesome time
Maid Live! Ver.Storm In: in full color, plenty of maid action with plenty of girls, however the censorship is heavy

Thanks to MintVoid for their release! :jap:
By the same artist, I also share Maid Love and Maid Live! Ver.Bibi.

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Test Mae No Yuuwaku [English, retouched version], by Minazuki Juuzou

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Good and gold

One of the biggest lies in the hentai universe, when highschool exams and you need to slow down on sex to focus on preparing for them: « one last time » ^^

Allright, I don’t know where this one is from, only that it must be veeeery old O_o The drawings have a straightforward side to them, with very little censorship and realistic bodies, that manage to feel fresh even though they could be a decade old and over. As for the story, it’s not much, its a last-time-sex as two school lovers must focus on their studies for a week, it’s still enough to give us a pleasant carefree immersive atmosphere, in which we simply enjoy the moment :)

Thanks to whoever is behind this release!
Oh, a side note: I slightly retouched the scans, fixing spotty surfaces and improving the levels’ balance.

By the same artist, I also share Waga Nikuni Muretsudoi Kurae (134 pictures), An Afternoon Liaison With My Naughty Dear Nao (also uncensored), Hajimete No Sekai, Hakkou Hime To Tsuntsun Megane + Tsuki Ni Kawatte, and Zutto Zutto Suki Date (sadly still in Japanese, uncensored, 178 pictures).

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Vila Kankin Choukyou [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Granblue Fantasy game, by Labomagi

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A huge warning: the scenario is extremely rotten in my eyes, as it is based on continuous forced sex (on one of the female Granblue Fantasy heroines) + mind control with the successful purpose of achieving mindbreak in the end.
Me? Of course, I’ll detest it. You guys know me after all this time, right?
But you? Well, it’s as you like. If you share my tastes, move away from this post. But if you like what I detest, then you can trust my description and go for it, you should adore this one ^^;;

I’m still sharing it, a bit because I want to please even the weirdoes who dare not share my own tastes (freaks!!), and a lot because the drawings are damn GOOD, they’re full of impact, hardcore, a real feast on the eyes looking for porn.
We owe this release to MintVoid, thank you! :jap:

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