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Ruitomo (“Hobby Friends”, or you could also translate it as “Friends With Common Interests”) [English], by Minazuki Juuzou

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I was in the mood for quality anal hentai when I found this release. Made my day.

What do you think happens when a perverted boy who loves crossdressing meets a perverted girl who loves masturbating in empty corridors? Exactly – you’re fellow sick fucks as I love them, guys.

Here is a fresh new work by Minazuki Juuzou, with quality hardcore anal action, good drawings, and this undescribable “very skilled and experienced mangaka” touch. It’s good stuff, in short :D
Thanks a lot to Mikocon and Gustmonk for this release! ^_^

By the same artist, I also share Zutto Zutto Suki Datta (“I’ve Always Loved You”, 185 pictures, Uncensored version), Waga Nikuni Muretsudoi Kurae (134 pictures), An Afternoon Liaison With My Naughty Dear Nao (uncensored), Hajimete No Sekai, Hakkou Hime To Tsuntsun Megane + Tsuki Ni Kawatte, Test Mae No Yuuwaku, and Zuryu Tto Irete Zubozubo Tto Yareba Gekiharitsu 120%.

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Pack of two [English] works by Gold Koman Sex

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That girl has considerable potential. Let's hope more will come eventually! ^_^

I gathered here two works:
Tensai! Kasshoku Kokumaro Funnyuu Maid! (“Genius! Milk-spraying Creamy Brown Maid!”)
Kasshoku Kokumaro Funnyuu Maid! Baka ka! (“Milk-spraying Creamy Brown Maid! Is She Stupid?”)

They’re about a household in which the dark-skinned maid is an adorable tsundere, being in a stormy relationship with her master. She openly rants, pouts, plans (unsuccessful) revenges, until she at last receives “punishment”. Let us add her people have a rare condition where they lactate aphrodisiac milk once aroused.
There will be lots of teasing, tsundere’ing, boobies fetish and anal sex, all of that with an original drawing style :twisted:

Seriously, guys, go for it :D The dialogues are spicy, very funny, the maid and her master play a well tuned game, it’s a pleasure to read it ^^
Plus… A dark-skinned maid wearing bloomers? JEBUS!!!

We owe those quality volumes to Dynellen, who commissioned for this Dick Tater, God Revan, The Tsukuyomi, AkazaChan and RaccCITY. Thank you very much! ^_^

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Manatsu No Kagerou (“Heat Haze Of Summer”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the [email protected] Cinderella Girls game, by Ivycrown

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Sorry, only Kanade gets dick in this share, not Shuuko ;)

Shuuko Shiomi, one of the [email protected] Cinderella Girls idols, is an adorable tease, playing with her colleague Kanade Hayami until we’re deep in intense yuri action. That’s when it becomes a threesome, as the producer joins their little game, and he and Shuuko work on pleasing Kanade :)

There are nice drawings (especially Shuuko’s lewd, amused, self-confident face), decent action, it’s not a bad share, I feel, if you haven’t read it yet, it’s worth a look ^^
PuchimasuTL, Hihohahi and JAC, from, are behind this release, thank you! :jap:

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Mesu De Otome Na Queen Bee (“The Maiden Queen Bee”) [English], by Savan

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The girl looks meek, here, but it took some time taming her

Desudesu and Max and Emilytate, thank you for this, bring us a nice hentai manga as far as the drawings go, but wrapped in an annoyingly confusing story. The blame’s on the limited number of pages, if you want to cram as much sex as possible, the story has to be either super simple, or confusing :roll:

Oh well, at least, we had good sex with good drawings and not too much censorship, it matters.
As for the scenario, don’t count on me to summarize it for you guys, I’ll let you get confused on your own, mwahahahaha :twisted:

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Majo To Kyokon No Etcetera [English], by Inomaru

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Are all divination consultations like that in Japan? So far, every one I read in mangas has ended up in sex.

I think this counts as vanilla hentai, although we reach that through unpredictable means. We have a highschool boy supposedly tasked with huholding morals, who gives up on everything he stood for and asks a girl from the abhorred divination club her help. Please, he asks, find me a girl with whom I could lose my virginity, my hentai dick is such a tower of power no girl can take it. Or, idk, lemme fuck you girl.
Me: as long as it works, right? :roll:

Anyway. Very good drawings, full of skill, an original story, not too bad censorship, it’s already a lot nowadays :)

Thanks to Cgrascal for this release!
A note, I ran a bonus retouching on the images. I screwed up my retouching comparison images (both tell “and after!”, bloody moron me), so I’m not posting them in this posts description directly, you’ll find them at the end of the pictures gallery ^^

For much more, please see The list of all the works by Inomaru on Hentairules!

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Marriage China [English], by Isorashi

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Payback, bitch. Shit, you're a masochist!


Most regrettably, we have yet to read this dialogue in hentai. But we’ve come close enough this time, lol ^^

A girl used to bully a lot a boy when they were students, from grade school to the end of highschool. Even as an adult, she’s still a bitch with an ice-cold mouth throwing deadly insults to any available man with every breath she takes – but bully-kun holds a special place in her heart.
Well, justice (you know, WITH THE DICK! kind of justice) is coming to her. And, as the – totally obviously, come on – secret masochist she is, we’re headed towards an inescapable good ending =)

What else can I say? Enjoy the cute faces the girl do, and her very nice chinese dress! :twisted:
This scanlation has been released by Fated Circle, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Itazura Temancho (“Finger-bang Mischief”, 194 pictures), Doki Doki Kateihoumou, Chiharu No Fuwari, All-Out Desire Girl (very funny and very original, below average graphically), Koisuru Hot Pants and the uncensored version of Bath Secret (extremely good graphically, boring incest scenario).

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Ibunka For You [English], by Hairou

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This isn't a dick anymore, this is a volcano

A dark-skinned cheerful slightly plump woman, whose husband is never at home, is super happy she succeeded her Japanese language fluency certification test, and she knows just how to reward the friendly japanese young man who helped her.

The rest qualifies as fap’n’go. A bland unoriginal story with bland dialogues, but doing the job at least. Kinda the same for the drawings, they were too lacking in some areas to be called great, but they were fairly decent already, I think. A bit too black-bar censored, but still readable :)

Thanks to Fated Circle for this release! :jap:

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