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Anata ni Madowasare (“Deceived By You”) [English], by Regdic

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One of those rare times when I couldn't care less for the censorship. The girl was too much totally in my strike zone.

There are certain things I would like to tell about the events in this share, but for reasons I cannot mention, I must zip it. I will only say the male MC is a MILF lover, and meets again, after many years, the former tomboy with whom he used to be best friends as a kid.

Look guys, it’s terribly frustrating, don’t rub it in, just read it, it’s totally worth a look :lol:

And with that, yet another quality release coming from N04h, Herzer and Alexey, has made its way to Hentairules, huhu ^^ Thanks a lot, you three :)

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Himitsu No Manabiya (“The Secret School”) [English], by 212 – yeah, a weird pen name for a mangaka, right?

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Where were all the slutty girls with a tender heart needing healing, when I was that age??

This is a touching story :) The heroine is a gyaru highschool girl, she finds life boring because she jumped too quickly to its ugly sides, such as prostituting herself for brand goods. Chance has it that she meets a classmate who is a loner just like her, him, because he’s a nerd, and she gradually opens up to him, until at last the reason this is published in a hentai magazine happens.

Besides the sexual parts (a dark skinned busty fresh girl, with surprise on her face from loving, being cared for, and feeling at long last, with bearable censorship, damn, it’s GOOD!), I felt all giddy inside, to watch a good ending like that, with a girl feeling alive and happy again :)

Thanks to N04h, Herzer and Alexey for a new quality release! :jap:

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Pack of 2 works by the hentai mangaka Ai Kotoba [English]

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Watch out, in hentai, girls remember what the boys say to them during punk drunk sex :D

I have gathered two recent releases by the mangaka Ai Kobota. In both cases, these are thick Kantai Collection women having easy, carefree sex, but not without caring and liking their partner. The drawings are, actually, in my opinion, kinda average – but there’s a definitive charm in this accumulation of meat, something I can’t properly describe has made me love it a lot :)

Those two releases are:
Osake Ni Yotta Souryuu To Hitobanjuu (featuring a drunk Souryuu)
Atago Onee-san Ga Shite Kureru (Atago with a shota Admiral)

Anyway, your call, as always ^^
Thanks to @Manabe_JP for the work :)

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Earth Girls Tumugi [English, 103 pictures], by Peachpulsar

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It was a ncie threesome, BTW ^^

Earth Girls Tumugi, a loose (no direct relation) sequel to Earth Girls, is a “half-volume” (103 pages) story taking place in an idealized early neolithic, in which we follow a young woman moving into an all-women village, and becoming a respected member of the community, finally gaining the self-confidence and love she deserved.

More than other Peachpulsar works, we feel the yuri inspirations, with the female MC spending most of her idle time wondering how others feel about her, and wondering how her budding emotions should be dealt with. This tension between insecurity and lust, in an actually risk-free very friendly environment, makes for a heart-warming vanilla read, lightly arousing as a bonus ^^
I also greatly appreciated the occasional rich care for details regarding prehistoric life, the backgrounds, the representation of the era’s lifestyle and crafts. I doubt they’re accurate and historically very valid, but, heck, it provided sweet immersion =)

Almond, Ringo, Patamon, Shinju and Firelily, from, are the kind persons to whom we owe the manga, thank you! :jap:

By the same mangaka, who uses the pen names Peachpulsar and Mira, I also share Cutie Beast Complete Edition (150 pictures), Moroshita And Ai’s Romance, OL-san Ga Oppai Dake De Icchau Manga, Nurunuru Shitaino, Oppai-chan To Chippai-chan Ga Irekawaru Hanashi, Himitsu No Yuri Esthe, a pack of 2 works (Konya Wa Watashi Ga, which is a sequel to OL-san Ga Oppai… and to Nurunuru Shitaino + Himitsu No Yuri Esthe Friend Course, which is the sequel to Himitsu No Yuri Esthe), Earth Girls, Hime-sama To Dorei-chan, Elf – Tsuki No Mahou, Drive Dekinai, Dryad No Hanayome-tachi and The Sea, You And The Sun.

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Thawing Love + Thawing Love Another Point [English], by Kuro No Miki

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Oh god those boobs. Oh GOD.

In Thawing Love, a cute highschool girl finally convinces her slightly older private tutor to become her boyfriend; quite possibly, catching him masturbating inside her stockings helped ^^
The second half, Thawing Love, Another Point, pokes hard on the boundaries the basical vanilla lover uses to define what is OK and not OK. It shows the female MC’s mother fucking the boy, to give him a confidence boost… because (yep: because) she knows something is in the air between her daughter and the tutor but she thinks he needs a little push to become more assertive. Me: dafuq, woman, seriously???

Oh well, we’ve got vanilla of sorts, good drawings of two beautiful women with beautiful eyes, long wavy hair, and meaty bodies, it’s nice :3
We owe this release to Anonymous, Afro Thunda, Axalon, MrWayne and CellTF, thank you! :)

By the same artist, I also share Magokoro Hold, Kaiten Eigyouchuu, Taiyou No Hime, Go in My Way, Gran Nyuu Fantasy Magisa Hen – Granboob Fantasy – Part Magisa, Break The Complex + Sleeping Beauty, Kaiten Eigyouchuu (“Afternoon Tea”), Sunny Drops, Big Sister’s Heart And Spring Sky, Tousian E Youkoso and 2 Balls Into Marriage.

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Kion 36C Shitsudo 72% (“Temperature 36°C, Humidity 72%”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Yotsuba-to series, by Kitsuneko Anko

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I noticed that, in fiction (be it hentai, movies or books), a scorching, humid weather means you’re in the mood for intense sex. Is it really like that for most people? Personally, the heat and humidity tend to turn me into an empty shell lacking strength and libido…

In this share, Fuuka (highschool girl, meaty, with readership suspicions she has a crush on Yotsuba’s father) masturbates while thinking, precisely, of Yutsuba’s father, Koiwai-san. Who overhears her calling his name. And comes. And offers the dick she was yearning for :)
The drawings are simply splendid, with a unique art style, very little censorship and lots of skill, of care, of intensity, poured into each and every panel, wow :shock:

Thanks to whoever is behind this release!! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share the excellent Diane’s Question.

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Kinyoubi No Haha-Tachi E (“To Friday’s Mothers”) [English, 201 pictures], by Jitsuma

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That pic comes from, probably, the best chapter in the volume. Which is saying a lot.

This is a manga made of single-chapter “stories”, in which plump to obese women have sex with their shotacon sons.
And it was boring to death and beyond :facepalm: If you miraculously get resurrected you’ll die again. Maybe it’s just that it isn’t my kind of kink (hell not), or that the art wasn’t bland in my eyes only.

But, well, if you dig fat natural MILFs, with only very little censorship, hey, if you love it, I’ll be glad for you.
Moving on. Thanks to Desudesu, Amoskandy and Kusanyagi for all the work it took!

By the same artist, I also share Son Swapping (232 pictures).

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