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Koi+Kan volume 3 [English], Volume 4 [English], and Mutsuki-san Bikun Bikun [English], by Kikurage-Ya

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28 August 2014, by Oliver


Sweet additions :
- Mutsuki-san Bikun Bikun
- Koi+Kan volume 3
- Koi+Kan volume 4 :)

The Koi+Kan series is about a highschool boy who finds a magic book, that helps him having lots of sex, without him apparently consciously using the magic. At first he has sex with a girl I deemed his girlfriend, but then I found he’d simply fuck every girl showing interest in him (honestly, who could blame him, eh ? ^^), it’s happy sex with mutual respect and care for the partner, and yet without love.
There’s a bit of comedy, and a LOT of sex, I’m fine with that :twisted:

The drawings are EXTREMELY good, with really wonderfully beautiful (and arousing :twisted) female faces, beautiful breasts bouncing to life from too tight bras and shirts, glittering stars for a cute girly touch, the girls having sex with a shcool uniform over their splendid teen bodies is a sight to behold… Yep, visually, that’s a killer.
I still must mention the censorship, annoying until the volume 3, and maddeningly annoying in the volume 4 : black censorship bars, so thick we have more bars than dick, FOR FUCKING FUCK’S SAKE !!!  :gfy:   RHAAAA ! RHAAAA ! RHAAAA !

I strongly encourage you to check it, it’s great dope, thanks LOT to KFC Translations for these sweet releases ! :)
Oh, a note, I retouched the scans in the volume 3 : before / after.

By the same artist, I also share Senpai Wa Sugokatta, Yukko To Zukkon Bakkon, I Want To Have Lewd Sex With Nibutani-san, Watashi Wo Tsukatte and Watashi Ki Ni Narimasu, and they are great dope =)

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My Blood Sister Is My Waifu [English], by Yoshida

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28 August 2014, by Oliver

Teddy bear armor : +0 defence against brothers.

This is happy wincest with liking or, maybe even, love, and with a final twist on the last page that I really hadn’t seen coming ^___^
Graphically, well, what have we, a big-breasted falsely candid sister, not too much censorship, detailed genitalia, and nice vaginal time.
Enjoy ! =)

And thanks a LOT to CellTF and Amaimono ! :jap:

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Niiduma Setsuko-san [English], by Aoki Kanji, + a repack of Bride Setsuko-san, Fetishist Setsuko-san and Niiduma Setsuko-san

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27 August 2014, by Oliver
A wife, at home, doing her duties :3

Aaaah, the sweet, wonderful taste of genuine vanilla hentai :) This time, there’s no playing with words or looking away from an imperfection, this is the real deal. So heart-warming I can forget about the shittiness of the outside world real life every time I read it :D

The Setsuko-san series is based on happy sex with love, with the two characters already married, confirming to each other their mutual trust and mutual love.

The previous episodes were about accepting to put down our guards, comedy (just look at this poker face ^^) and tsundere play.

This new chapter gets deeper, deliberately spending 8 pages on cheap but actually valid and worthy philosophy of life (that I’ll summarize in “we don’t know how long we have, so why not enjoy the moment instead of whining, and then smile, ascertain love and copulate”).

After this, once again, great, GREAT sex ! The two first episodes are decensored, this new episode is almost censorship-free, there isn’t much of it :3

Also, look at the long way we’ve come, the heroine poured smiles on us, all along, relaxed, cheerful, confident smiles. Awwwww, that too was heart-warming ^_^
Thanks a LOT to the kind soul who brought us this release, whoever it is ! :)

By the same artist, I also share Gimme A Hug + Gimme More Hugs + Lemme Hug You, Yume Ni Made Mita, Only You – Template and Chocolate, Ichi Ni No 3P and Seishun Wild Pitch.

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Sky High [English, NEW VERSION based on TOTALLY better scans, and with new improved editing], by Black Dog

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27 August 2014, by Oliver

Sailor Mercury. Anal, NOW !

BEFORE – versus – AFTER.
… okay ? :D

As for this share, in itself, this is GREAT dope. It starts with light comedy (always a pleasure), and then, it’s time for sex. Sailor Mercury is teased, of course, she has vaginal sex with a teacher, with three male classmates, and then with her teacher and a youkai (of hilarious design, imagine Spongebob’s Patrick turned into a rape monster). Mercury’s body is HNNNNNG awesome, those long legs, those boobs, this arched back, her tongue, her lips, her flushed face as she hardly even tries to resist sex and pushes her body toward the penis going to do her… HNG !! HNNNG !!
Oral, vaginal, anal, double penetration, you got it ! :3

So, yeah, I heartily recommend you that share :twisted:
I don’t even know who I should really thank for this great improvement of this great release, please, would you know ? :)

(Remember to view The updated list of all Black Dog’s shares on Hentairules)
And there’s also the Black Dog TOTAL PACK :shock:

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Senpai, Sukidesu (“I Love You, Senpai !”) [English], by Orz

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27 August 2014, by Oliver

Awww, that smile ! A situation like that, yum =)

That one’s simple to summarize, yay ! ^^ A scatterbrain, slightly delusional but determined hottie (long hair, brown-blond hair, big breasts, a lovely cheesy smile) finally manages to have sex with the muscular boy she loves, and, how could the man fail to answer he loves back, and fall for her ?
The sex is good without being exceptional, the drawings “only” display white censorship bars, so I guess it’s quite decent eye candy too, as an addition to the comedy and vanilla :)

Thanks a lot, for this share, to N04h, Hihohahi and our dear CellTF ! :beer:

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Boku Wa Kanojo No Marmot (“I Am her Guinea Pig”) [English, 229 pictures], by Zucchini

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26 August 2014, by Oliver

Seriously ? Nylon, perfect breasts, and a great face ? YAY FOR HENTAI !

Allright, for today, a VERY pleasant complete tank, much better than the two mangas I shared yesterday ! :D
In the present share (save two chapters, pages 126-155 and 198-222, one fifth of the total, it still yielded one bonus picture), everything is coated in comedy and/or vanilla =)

We have original female characters (my favorite one was the crazy female scientist experiencing on her brother, every one of her inventions was excellent and lead to great sex ! Plus, she looked amazing, in “alpha as fuck” male mode, you’ll understand ^^) knowing what they want and making the first steps. On top of all, the art is top-notch, the girls are blessed with a thin waist, finely curved hips, large wonderfully shaped breasts… YUUUUM ! :twisted:

A clarification : you may think you’ve seen some of it in the past ? Yep. But then it was in much inferior quality, here these are tank scans, less censored, better printed, and this is a new translation, looking better and using better English ! (Just compare this and that…). Also, to be frank, even the best artists can screw up : Zucchini committed one, only one, anatomical atrocity ^^

By the same artist, I also share Incest Manual (221 pictures), A Vampire’s Act Of Bloodsucking and a pack of 4 works.

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Wagamama Oppai (“Selfish Boobs”) [English, 100 pictures, in Full-Color], by Koutarou

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26 August 2014, by Oliver

Hello pussy, this is penis. Penis, this is pussy. AND NOW KISS !

This full-color complete volume is actually a compilation of short stories, each of them kinda creative, with very varied setups, happy sex (essentially vaginal, anal once or twice, a good deal of vacuum fellatios) and – always ! Huge props, even if these are just a few words ! – a comedic conclusion. In so few pages every time, there’s no room for a scenario. There’s just a setup to add some spice, and, bam, sex ! ^^

Visually, there are striking butt-centered perspectives, wow. The art is rather crude, the girls look a bit like plastic CGs without many drawn details (I’m not sure you see what I mean, if you don’t, I apologize for my poor English), and, on top of all, they display gigantic knockers with very large areolas. See, such is the power of their boobs, it makes their clothes go transparent when the girls get aroused ^^;;

This release has been brought to us by Doujin-Moe, thank you ! :)
You’ll find additional Koutarou goodness in these packs : here, there, and there.

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