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Anemone Star Mine chapters 1-2 [English], by Narusawa Kei

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I know I should have shared Anemone Star Mine earlier, but, come on, a few hours after I share the chapter 1, the chapter 2 has been released, for Pete’s sake ?!? :blblbl:
So, here’s a new post with the chapters 2 and 1-2.
And now, let me copy-paste & update the summary I wrote yesterday :roll:

Three highschoolers. A boy, and his two older sisters. They grew up together, they discover sex together. Family is a beautiful thing.
At first it’s the boy and the two sisters together, and next it’s just the boy and the “should be ara ara” sister wanting to be a bit selfish today.

The drawings are nice, not too censored, the sisters are lovely (near-tsundere with big breasts, or smiling blonde, the kind of blonde that goes “ara ara” in other mangas), and the brothers remembers to be an alpha when it matters. Good stuff ^^
Please, would someone know who to credit for this release ?

By Narusawa Kei, I also share Ero-Koi in its Uncensored version, The March Rabbits Of An After-School Club 1-2, Tsuyo Kano, Changing Miracle, Sis Lover, Head Shot Bakery, Hanabi Yori Dango, Kumagiri-san Wa Dere Nai chapter 1 and Relationships Wanted

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Kanojo Ha H Na Game Nou [English], by Saiji-pen

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Fufu. That, that was cute ^^

What happens when a highly delusional and falsely proper girl meets a classmate male otaku in an erotic games shop ? Hentai. Hentai happens.

I giggled here and there, it’s mutually pleasant sex without complications, I also wanted to pat the lucky male MC in the back, and visually, the drawings are relatively good if you are able to ignore the despicable blur censorship.
The rest is up to you, thanks to Cgrascal for this release! :)

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Furachina Creampie [English, Uncensored version], by Pish Lover

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If you find this picture weird, want until you read the manga itself

Let’s pornify the usual magical girls transforming into super magical solders to fight evil demons. Of course, the demons are evil rapists wanting to impregnate women. But let’s push it farer: the magical justice girls don’t know the devices they use to become servants of justice are rigged, produced by the demons, with the sole purpose of training new human female cum dumps.
Dark, absurd humour. I kinda liked it, lol.

The drawings are also a huge WTF, this is with excellent skill that we see the weirdest stuff, the demons are scary, their dicks are scary, the girls sport ahegaos, their clitorises become dicks thanks to demon magic, impregnations last 30 minutes and the girls are good and liberated again…
Skillful, but, wow, WTF :shock:

If you dig rape, futa, or have a very dark sense of humour (don’t forget, in an older manga by Pish Lover, a Justice heroine was taught that « A champion of Justice must sacrifice their ovum for the greater good ! »), you may want to check it. Otherwise, hmm… not sure. We owe this release to 1guy2erections, who compiled the decensored Portuguese version with the English translated version (no idea who is behind it though). Thank you for this :)

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Ganbare! Oda-san [English], by Yuzuha

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Magic semen, make those boobs grow, quick, quick! Damn, not working ? Maybe we have to try again.

« ANYONE can grow big breasts with our massage! » – such is the motto of a school club, whose sole member is a guy obsessed with cute pettanko girls.
What a cunning trap :D

I’ll let you discover the rest, huhu, it’s happy sex with a comedy basis, nothing is forced. The drawings are good, nothing exceptional, but enough to enjoy the read, I’d say ^_^
Noraneko and JBK are behind this release, thank you, I’m grateful :)

By the same artist, I also share a pack of 2 works (Icha Love Daisakusen + Mitame To Chigau No) and After The Rain.

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Tonari No Miko-san Wa Minna Warau (“The Shrine Maidens Around Me Are All Smiling”) [English, 223 pictures], by Yaya Hinata

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Exorcize me, please ? :D

Here is a comple tankoubon, focused on Japanese priestesses :)
To be honest, I never really understood how “it works” in Japan, how any girl can put on the miko clothes, and, bam!, there she is, a miko. Isn’t it supposed to require training, belief, instead of looking like any other part-time job with a uniform ? O_o

The mood is set to light comedy, with in every chapter a new opportunity for the same characters (one lucky boy, and 3 maidens, a cheerful klutz, a slightly more mature-looking megane, and a stern pettanko) to have casual happy sex. One futa and double penetration chapter, lots of nekomimi.
An exception, the last two chapters are unrelated. First an original and, actually, interesting, story about a girl being compared to a guitar, how you make it vibrate, cry and moan, and last a crappy story about a stepsister with bad drawings and a loss of virginity causing the loss of like a liter of blood, that was ridiculous.

I’d say, save the last chapter, that was a good read, with nice drawings, almost fully uncensored. Worth reading and keeping, in my opinion :)
Biribiri, Afro Thunda, Axalon and Job Truniht, with Ryuu, the same Job Truniht and my dear Zathael as commissioners, are behind this release. Thank you very much! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Girlfriend Friend 1-2.

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Hime No Kako (“Princess’ Past”) [English], by Tsuchinoko

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I didn't have it in me to hate the girl, this time. Instead, I felt sadness for her and the wreck that she was.

I got bad vibes from reading that one, but I must reckon this is still quality, within its own niche. In this share, we have the makings of a netorare canvas, however the mangaka opted for “only” making this a twisted relation: on the side of Light, a beautiful girlfriend only having platonic relations with her boyfriend; on the side of Darkness, a masochistic sow who loves being blackmailed by a demanding douchebag.
The thought scares me, that situations like that must exist in the real world, but giving us this feeling was probably the mangaka’s main purpose from the beginning, so: good job!

Graphically, it’s okay, I won’t hide the whiteout censorship ruined it a bit more for me.
Thanks to whoever did the scanlation and released it! (Sorry, no idea who it is.)

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