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Momoiro Daydream by Dr.P – ninth chapter decensored

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Where I stand

Hello, J.B.Random speaking and here I present to you all 9 out of 9 decensored main chapters from Momoiro Daydream book by Dr.P. This decensoring project was only made possible thanks to my wonderful sponsors (MHM, Zonder B, Zathael, Fake Brit & six more kind people who decided to stay anonymous) and of cause thanks to Oliver who allowed me to run a small crowdfunding campaign here on Hentairules.

In addition to the new chapter itself, tons of editing fixes to all previous chapters were made as well.

Also I should note that while Momoiro Daydream decensoring is pretty much done, this whole release is still not fully ready editing-wise!! The pack at hand still lacks 8 one page long bonus chapters (they have no censorship in them, yet still require re-editing with better quality scans). If you don’t want to wait, you can check up those chapters in the original censored release by YQII & Afro Thundra. Also, please, do not upload anywhere my release mixed with bonus chapters from the original release by YQII & Afro Thundra, since I am working of those pages right now to provide better quality scans and will upload the final, complete version of the share myself when it is ready. On top of that I’m also working on adding even more translated SFX-es for all base chapters, in other words, I want more SFX-es to look like they look on this page rather than how they currently look on this page.

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0930 Oku-sama [English, 226 pictures], by Takaoka Motofumi

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I love that ponytail :3

Mikakunin, thank you very much for this, brought us a fairly nice complete tankoubon, entirely focused on women in their thirties. All but two will be having sex outside of marriage.
Other than that, it’s hard to give a thorough picture, as the manga is a mixed bag of sorts.
Sometimes it’s consensual, sometimes it’s near rape. Sex is never on equal terms, there’s always a side dominating the other, most often men, but not always. Most of the time it’s uncomplicated cheating that doesn’t compromise marital life, but sometimes things get ugly and ecstasy comes with the perspective of future unhappiness.
These are lots of “most of the time… but sometimes…“, sorry ^^;;

Graphically, damnnit, we also fall in the “most of the time… but…:D
The art is good for the women, they’re meaty, busty, have good supple bodies and there’s practically zero censorship over the vaginal and anal sex (with average DP bonuses here and there).
But there’s an issue: honestly, the scans don’t look too good. The levels are correct at least, but for surfaces, there’s a horrible moiré effect over nearly every screen tone. (Edit: thanks a lot to the comment by Bububu, I didn’t know how to name it before.) As a result, the volumes look bad, and against all odds I found myself prefering the panels in which the mangaka drew the fewer volumes as shadows on the skin.

All in all, I think it’s worth a read, enjoy! ^^

There’s much more, Cf. Takaoka Motufumi’s Works on hentairules

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Kouhai Missed Memories [English], by Itou Eight

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Look at that ass! YUMMY!!

A simple, pleasant share :)
It’s about two young adults meeting in a “ten years later” reunion, they aren’t highschoolers anymore, and they’ve both grown. The girl went from innocent to wonderfully slutty, she makes the first move and things end up in bed. I found in this manga one of the reasons I love MILF hentai, I’d trade you ten teens new to sex for one adult woman who knows what she wants and how she wants it and is proud of who she is. This feeling of self-confidence, this pride, it makes a woman shine so much!! :D

Graphically, what did you expect? Ei Itou delivers brilliantly ^^ The female MC is meaty, busty, has a cute face (and thick eyebrows, woot), while the censorship is mostly bearable.
Enjoy, folks! And thanks to Cedr777 and RubyOmega, from TrimpleSevenScans :jap:

By Itou Eight, I also share CHIAKIchang Help, Rinjin SOS, Moon Light Stream (Uncensored version), Lollipop Of The Dead, Bear Hunt, Okita Ke No Omotenashi, Koshitsu De Ii Koto, Hikkoshi No Aisatsu Wa Shinchou Ni, Milk Dip chapter 3, Sora To Gyaru No Aida Ni Ha, Uraraka Ura Fuzoku, Kangokushi Saiminnokei, Pichi Muchi, Hito-Zuma Exercise, Wakachiai, A school committee for indiscipline, Kanojo No Daiji Na Wasuremono, Tabegoro and, with the pen name spelled a bit differently, Beware Of The Panty Thief.

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Senpai Hunting [English], by Dr.P.

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Look at my boobs. I said: my boobs.

Hentai world logic: a girl who’s always after you and teasing you, when she shows you her panties, has full rights to blame you for being the pervert ;)
Okay, some unusual stuff today, with this release by Dr.P., in which a weak highschool boy is assaulted by the girl who had a crush on him, which leads to sex in a park at night.

Fair warning, this is one of the less exciting releases I’ve see by Dr.P, the censorship is total (full whiteout) and there’s not enough highlight (in my opinion) on the girl’s body; this is clearly sub-par compared to past releases. But, hey, it’s still a cute read, with a vanilla conclusion and all =)

This has been scanlated by NecroManCr, thank you!

By Dr.P, I also share the uncensored versions of Bokunchi No Mikage-san (184 pictures), Ren Ai Stampede (189 pictures), Shinryaku Teki Renai Shugi (201 pictures) and of Whenever You Touch Me (201 pictures), Momoiro Daydream (this is an ongoing decensoring project, so the link I give will be obsolete soon), Trauma Overwrite, Athletic Aromatic and Drunk Teacher (also uncensored). Just in case, let’s not confuse Dr.P with DP !

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PM Gals Serena Final Stage [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Pokémon series, by Gambler Club

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I found her face more erotic than her pussy to be frank, that precise image struck me...

Are there really idol contests in the Pokémon games and/or anime, or is that entirely a creation by the eromangaka? If someone could tell me, I’m curious…

In this hentai share, we need to get back to the curious and awesome imaginary setup the mangaka Gambler Club has created for Pokémon: Ash is surrounded by a harem of girls addicted to him with whom he has sex all the times. This time, the focus is entirely shifted on one of them, Serena, as she gives her best in idol contests and is rewarded with sex (naturally) and words of praise and loving (a surprise here, usually there are no feelings involved).

I’ve read Gambler Club doujinshi with a bit better drawings, but that was plenty good already, I’ll let you see for yourselves :3
Enjoy! And thanks to Risette Translations ^_^

By the same artist, I also share PM Gals Compilation, PM Gals XY 2 + BBS Note 2014 Winter What the Cameraman Saw, the full-color version of PM Gals XY Volume 2, Zetsubo-Teki Ni Kakko Warui Ze, Dokidoku Punicure 1-2, Heartcatch Mamacure, Smile Mama Cure, Lucy And Virgo Daikatsuyaku (Uncensored version), Smile PunicureHapiPuni Moshi Kami O Hodoite Nakattara , Fresh Mamacure, 3-A 5, 3-A 3, Natsu Aki and a Pokémon hentai doujinshi. Actually, more works by Gambler Club exist in English, but unless I’m mistaken (and please, if I’m wrong, I’ll be glad, just remember to share the links in the comments ^^), the rest is straight loli, sadly.

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Tegome-san [English], by Black Dog

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WTF is it with the cats? ^^;;

Quotation: « This is an advanced expression of affection called “rape love”. Don’t worry, I’m an honored instructor in the national rape association. »

Not the best Black Dog publication, by very far. But still a Black Dog publication.
Here is a chapter-long manga in which a teen girl is made to be horny, and then led into having sex with her male professor and male classmates.

The story is tasteless, the drawings are average, the censorship is infuriating. I’d only recommend the manga to the Black Dog fans, to be frank.
I don’t want to upset the scanlators who kindly spent their time and efforts on this, I just don’t want to make false promises ^^
Talking about scanlators, my gratitude goes to Brolen, Svines85, Jinendou and Dynellen, from and for B.E.C. Scans :jap:

(Remember to view the updated list of ALL Black Dog’s shares on Hentairules)

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Updates on the gigatorrent :)

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Howdy everyone!

Daily activities are keeping me busy in this new year, a “surprise motherfucker!” sudden hard disk death brought some spice, but I’m still doing my best to get the gigatorrent out, it will soon be ready. Sorry for the lack of fresh shares (today again, I’m using shares I prepared in advance for busy times), hopefully tomorrow will be more peaceful, I have some tanks to share :twisted:

That said, I’ll echo the post I made in the end of December, I need seedboxing help :D
I have two solid contacts so far, two fiber helpers, and one potential third seedbox but the person who contacted me about it used a disposable email addy that, I fear, may have expired already.

Please, those of you who contacted me and to whom I replied yesterday, could you come back to talk and get the thing rolling? ;)
Or if you have a seedbox (with a bit less than 500 GB of space available) and are willing to help with the initial burst, you’re more than welcome to contact me, on oliver [ @ ] :)

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