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Kaihou Tokku Gakuen Enkou-Bu (“Free District Academy – Sugar Daddy Club”) [English], a full-color pictures set, by Sawaragi (Also Known As Neutron City)

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I fell in love with those swimsuits.

We’re in a sort of futuristic society in which highschool girl prostitution is a club activity like any other. We follow two girls, a blonde and a brune, as they enjoy serving customers, have yuri time together (yay for double-end dildos!), and group sex with plenty of men.

The art gives me conflicted feelings. There is a huge blur censorship destroying so much, and yet, even like that, I really, REALLY loved it, I think the girls’ hot bodies were really excellent. And then I reached the last part, the beach session, with the nanobikinis, in which I was won over, who cares about censorship, those two girls were AWESOME!! :twisted:

I have no idea who to credit for this release, and I regret it, because it’s one of my favorite picture sets of that kind =)

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Crank-IN [English], by Kichirock

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Wait until you see her hot butt in lingerie :3

Immature ranting: it’s slightly annoying that the title of this share is the pen name (demonstration: scroll down) of another hentai mangaka: Crank-In, AKA Tooru Mizutani.

Objective opinion: even despite the whiteout censorship, it’s a nice story we’ve got here ^^ A highschool girl has a secret erotic habit of masturbating in front of a camera, a classmate she doesn’t dislike catches her in the act, sex follows. The girl’s meaty body nicely beautified by her slutty underwear, her excellent but… that was good :D

Crank-In has been released by Jungy, Noraneko, Palaxius, Cadenza, Freudia and Leevin, from Team Koinaka, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Chiho Renbo, Moru Futten Joushou, a bonus picture in the end of Decorate and The Scenery I longed For, Beyond The View Finder.

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Shoujo M [English], by Nagomiyasan

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Sure she's a crazy, but the man she torments deserves every bit of it

Woah, that story is heavy :shock:
The male hero is an asshole who abuused and dropped a loli and now, ten years later, shit has caught up to him and is just about ready to hit the fan.

Without spoiling everything, I’ll mention the male MC undergoes domination, light femdom, hellish orgasm denial and deserves every bit of shit the yandere female MC throws at him. Paybak, bitch – with a well-thought final twist.
Thanks to Danicco for this release!

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Fubuki ShikoNuki Su! [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Kantai Collection game, by Tanuking Sleep

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Those panties!!

There’s no risk I’m calling this a great piece, but I imagine it should cater to some fans. In this Kancolle doujinshi, Fubuki is drawn as super plump and busty horny braindead girl, teasing her Admiral with constant slutty panties exposure, and having lots of sex with him, mainly deepthroats and vaginal action. Character-wise, she’s not only a braindead horny chick, she “functions” as a dominant/slave (taking the lead when her admiral is indecisive at first, loving to be a submissive bitch when he understood at last).

Huge props for the page 6: deepthroating a long, huge dick, while, at the absolute exact same time, splurting a 15-words long sentence to praise the cock’s owner. That’s hentai magic, I guess.
Thanks to Kariocean, Herzer and N04h for this release! :jap:

Personal note, one of the images gave me a huge “WHAT THE FUCK” impression, followed by a vague feeling of despair when I remembered popular american music idols have been posing exactly like that just last year. And… I don’t know… a “why the fuck not” inspiration, since feelings of shame were forgotten anyway by the girls posing like that… Long story short, from this to that.

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My Sister [English, Uncensored!], by Xter

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The enthusiasm is evident

Here is a nice hentai manga coming from Thailand, in which a shy megane elder sister becomes, in the span of a year, a smoking hot daring babe, and makes her brother-crush a reality.
Great sex follows, the two youngsters are enthusiastic and full of energy =)

I enjoyed a lot the drawings (relatively realistic, and fully uncensored, which is great!), the elation felt by the characters at having sex and being at last absolutely honest with each other filled me with sympathetic joy, however I must warn you: the English is bad, very bad.
Also, the pages are to be read from left to right.
I didn’t perceive this as too huge obstacles, but maybe it will be different for you ? At least, check a pair of preview pages before going for the gallery of the zip links.

Thanks to whoever released it! :jap:
By the same artist, I also share Nisekoi 128.5.

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Itte Hoshii No (“I Want You To Tell Me”) [English], by Mitsugi (the mangaka behind the circle Night Fuckers)

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Oh boy that woman was hot.

Awwww =)
When it comes to women apparently in their early forties, you have the Asagi Ryu school, drawing them realistically, and you have the wild mangakas who draw them like they’re hardly nearing their 30th birthday. Like in this share :twisted:

The woman here is a younger friend of the male hero’s mother, and with the help of alcohol, the inevitable alchemy happens at last. This is caring and intense sex, with tenderness and passion. The drawings are partial to both characters, it was really good, the hot body, the ecstatic facial impressions, the purity of the mutual feelings reflected in their visible mirth, the realistic hair the woman had… Haaa, I loved it :)
I retouched the scans, they are cleaner and have better impact now: before / after!

Credits are for Jhenier13 and Phazonmasher, thank you VERY much :)

By the same artist, known as Mitsugi or, more often, as Night Fuckers, I also share Water Lily 1-4, Komachi-san No Yawarakakute Kimochi Ii Tokoro de Kuchukuchu Panpan Suru Hanashi and Komachi-san No Eroi Tokoro Ni Yagai De Chuchhu Suru Hanashi.

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Tomodachi No Okasan (“My Friend’s Mother”) [English], by Asagi Ryu

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A hot ass knows no age

Asagi Ryu delivers us a MILF story about a woman in her fourties with a younger male partner, and it’s something the mangaka is very skilled at :)
It’s a simple love or liking story (I’m not too sure on that distinction here) between a highschool student and the mother of one of his classmates. Mutual attraction, gradually achieved mutual understanding, at at last pent up libido let free.

The drawings are very good, however I must warn you, they’re realistic, and they show time doesn’t go easy on women. You’ll have breasts that sag, a face lightly hollowed, an unsmooth belly, bony hips. Whether you like it or don’t care, whether you perceive how passion can make the ravages of time a secondary matter or not, is entirely up to you.

Jhenier13 and Phazonmasher are behind this release, thank you very much :)
I added a levels correction to the images: Before / After!.

By Asagi Ryuu, I also share Oneesan To Aishiacchaou (“Making Love With An Older Woman”, 196 pictures), Loving An Older Woman (202 pictures), Heavenly Garden Where The Maidens Bloom (Otome Saku 1 : graphically the BEST yuri h-manga I have EVE read), the also yuri I Fell in Love For The First Time, Usui (“Rain Water”), a pack of 3 works, Girls Sanctuary, Orihime and the heterosexual (this is so rare!) Onee-san Ga Suki.

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