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Binetsu Switch [English, 214 pictures], by Azuma Tesshin

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19 April 2014, by Oliver

I positively ADORED reading that one. Both hilarious and super arousing ? FUCK YEAH !!


Binetsu Switch is a really sweet complete hentai manga, exclusively dealing with happy sex, with love most of the time (awwwwww, the main arc, so amusing, and so cute in the end !!), at least with mutual liking.

These happy sex scenes are served with talent, with LOTS of humour, with fresh imaginative funny dialogues («- What the hell, Kurimoto ! Why are you always cock blocking me ?! – Why is your cock always out and waiting to be blocked !!»), and the characters themselves are quite the weird ones, never boring, frequently taking us by surprise :)
Last but not least… the censorship. There’s so little of it ! Rare thin black bars, not hiding anything ! :kickass:

For this great release, thanks a LOT to Tigoris, from Tigoris Translates ! :jap:
For MOAR, please see the list of Azuma Tesshin’s works on Hentairules…

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Soothing Hot Spring Resort Omokage [English], by Kuroiwa Menou

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19 April 2014, by Oliver
There are mosaics, love, and the miracle of sex soothing the soul

This is one of the reasons I love hentai so much. Porn is made to masturbate, or at least raise sexual excitation. But not hentai !

With hentai, porn is just one side of things, as we keep the benefits of mangas : when an artist has inspiration and talent, we’ll be moved, thrilled, taken, we’ll be slightly different persons after reading. Maybe hentai mangas are even more than just mangas, as sex can be freely depicted, it sometimes allows more than usual all-ages mangas.

… Sorry for the long wall of text, again T_T – I just wanted to say, this share was much more than porn (fortunately, as the censorship was bad, darkened mosaics, too bad, when the woman was a shockingly awesome MILF), it showed happy sex with a form of love, and it also showed a certain form of poetry, and the magic of sex healing the wounds on an exhausted soul…

My gratitude, for this great release, goes to Saha and Blues, thank you ! :)
Fore MORE, cf. The list of ALL Kuroiwa Menou’s Works on Hentairules !

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Otchokochoitto (“With A Klutz”) [English], by Akino Sora, has been SERIOUSLY improved !

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19 April 2014, by Oliver

I'll incest, there is a big improvement

Two images might be better than two hundred words : before / after. A kind person called Bluerdman seems to have reedited, with better scans (of tankoubon source, I imagine ?).

The improvement in terms of image quality is MASSIVE (so many lines, traits, contrasts, shades and details were lost, previously, so many !), the dialogues got a less obstrusive typesetting with minor corrections.
And so, please, once again, enjoy this funny story about accidental blowjob and accidental vaginal sex. Yeah, right :D :lol:

The download and gallery links are on THAT page :)

Do you know about Patreon ? I discovered it can also be used to support scanlation groups !

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19 April 2014, by Oliver

Hi everyone :)

On Oppai-Scans’ website, I discovered they have a Patreon page. Me : wut ?!? :wtf:

So far, I knew Patreon was a platform allowing internet people to back up creators like Zach Weiner from SMBC (here are some examples of his comics : #1, 2, 3, 4, 5).
The “patrons” decide to give every month a certain sum of money to the person they want to support, even small bits, and in exchange, the creator rewards them (for instance an ads-free website, comics in advance, or they’re allowed to watch live drawing sessions), or the creator may even offer nothing in exchange, and simply collect the donations from people who want to show they love what he/she is doing.

… And then I found, with Oppai-Scans, that Patreon is allowed for adult activities. As long as, on the Patreon page and on the main page of the website of the creator, there are no big pictures of dripping vaginas with “OMG I WANT TO MAKE YOU MASTURBATE” bolded texts everywhere.
Patreon for hentai scanlation groups ? It would be allowed ! :shock:

With Paypal refusing to allow payments for porn sites/persons, Patreon could be a worthy solution, don’t you think ? I don’t say it would allow to earn lots of money of course, but maybe it can be a useful bonus to cover server fees, buy comics, stuff like that ?

Well, I posted the information, and now, it’s up to whoever is interested to read more if you want :)


Update : while I’m at it, dear fellow hentai lovers, do you know about Project-H ?
They’re a hentai publisher, with a passion for their work, and they offer tons of translated and decensored hentai mangas, on paper, and in digital format. You can buy the comics, for real, and it supports the hentai artists. It’s been many months I want to write a full post about them, with details and all (because they’d deserve it), and I always forget. I still intend to write this post, but in the short term, there, at least, I mentioned them here ;)

Drunk Love [English], by Shiomaneki

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18 April 2014, by Oliver

Beer can lead you to places...d

With just a bit of delay (*cough*) here is a nice story that I wanted to share with you all, a story relying on this beautiful key sentence : « Drinking doesn’t make me horny, it just makes me more honest ! » =)
In the real world, especially seeing how the vanilla ending goes, this would lead to aggravated alcoholism and early death by liver failure, but fortunately we’re in the hentai side of the universe, so fear not, let’s just enjoy the happy sex with mutual liking :lol:

Even with the whiteout censorship, the cheerfulness, the merry mood, that made this work highly pleasant ! My great thanks are for my dear LustyLady00 and Blackrussian, from the late Lusty Lady Project :jap:

By Shiomaneki, I also share the great Toppatsusei Inkou Shoukougun (158 pictures), commissioned and decensored by yours truly, and there’s also Desperate Neighbour, Public Training, Dr Gal, Makinami Mari, Hanmen Kateikyoushi – The Tutor, a pack of 2 works and The Power Of Swimsuits + Kouzen Waisetsu Kanojo chapters 2-3.

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Yahaginist [English], a Kantai Collection hentai doujinshi, by Hakone Odawara

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18 April 2014, by Oliver

«Doesn't matter, had sex» ©®™d

I’ll be frank, I gave up on understanding the scenario, because it looked like it was “very” kantai-collection related, and unless you’re a history of battleships kind of nerd, well… I just didn’t care, there, sorry. But if you’re into that and you have the courage to read the TL;DR full-page of explanations in the end, you’ll see a dramatic note.
Me, I’m sharing it because, for some reason I can’t really explain, the drawings pleased me a LOT !

So, enjoy if you like, feel the drama if you’re into this, and let’s express many thanks to the Himahimaseijin team, made of Kouya913, Zeroblade and Hacaplus :)

By the same artist, under the pen name Vista, – Jebus, that was already four years ago ?!? I remember that one well O_o -, I also share Tonpuson Shimai No Are.

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H-ERO – Sei No Kyoushitsu chapters 0-1 [English], + the Complete Japanese manga (239 pictures), by Takuwan

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16 April 2014, by Oliver

A mix of Banchou, GTO and porn ^^;;

I can tell I am IMMENSELY going to enjoy that story :D This is a sort of mix between Banchou-based stories, hentai, and Great Teacher Onizuka :lol:
Here we are with a class overpowered by women, most of them delinquents. And then their new teacher comes. With a long mane of wild dark hair, overly virile manners, a chivalrous mind, a manly spirit blocked somewhere in the seventies. How long will the bad girls manage to stay bad ? ;)

The drawings are quite good, overflowing with sexual energy and enthusiam, and it’s impossible not to cheer for the male protagonist, GO, OVERMANLY HE-TEACHER, GO, THOSE DELINQUENT GIRLS NEED YOU ! :D :lol:
Thanks a lot to Mikakunin for this release, really ! ^_^

By the same artist, I also share Honor Student Ooshima Yuna’s Neglicence

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