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Pretty Virgin [English], by Rico

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Mother of ZBOINGS O_o

With art that pleasant, the blur-mosaics censorship is a real shame, that the only negative remark I could make about this share ^^ Otherwise, it’s all good, we watch two highschooler lovebirds becoming lovers (I thought it would take a chapter, it took two pages, /GG Rico), and then having sex at school, outdoors in a park and in a love hotel. And it’s not just sex, they feel love :)

There was something disconcerting, but in a good way, about the story. The two characters were spontaneous and candid, and yet that went towards sex, they were spontaenously and openly horny and sexual. No false hypocrisy about being reluctant or shy… that was nice :3
Thanks a whole lot to NecroManCr for this great read! ^_^

By Rico, I also share Hacyechi chapters 1-2-3,8-9 (in their uncensored version), Koibito Doushi, a must-read too, Chiisana Ai No Monogatari and Sexy Lingerie

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100% Off Ni Suru Houhou (“How To Get A 50% Discount”) [English], by Meme50

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Glorious walls of meat, eh ? :D

A cheerful busty and slightly plump sexy woman wants a discount on bikinis. Her enemy: the sales cleark, a young man bursting with lust: that was an unfair fight, lol, she got out with two models and us we got to enjoy a great sex scene, first paizuri and then vaginal time ^^

So, yeah, it’s white-censored, but I didnt’ care, the girl was just looking too great to complain, and her cheerfulness made everything allright :D
Credits are for my dear CellTF, with Dammon, MrWayne, Axalon and DerEX, thank you very much! :)

By Meme50, I also share Sakaki Sararare (213 pictures), the EXCELLENT Chome Chome Otome (212 pictures), Limit Break!! (212 pictures), Shizuka Na Toshokan No Kanojo, the awful Sunny 18 Sai, Somerare Himegoto, To Steal or To Be Stolen, Tomatte Moushon + To Steal Or To Be Stolen Double, My First Lover Hatsuzumi Cherry, To Soap Or Be Soaped, Metori X Metorare 1-2, Momasete, Nikuhitsu and Ryouko No Oshigoto.

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Harpy Saimin Choukyou Keitai chapters 1-2 [English], by Yokoyama Naoki

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A huge WTF, but, boy, that girl was HOT

Hypnotism, this time. An idols company’s president uses a phone app that instantly make girls obey his orders without realizing this isn’t their own free will. Sexual orders naturally, and of the simplest nature, it’s normal and obvious to fuck him good. Chapter 1: three girls (warning, one of them, supposedly of age, looks like a loli), chapter 2: one girl (supposedly of german lineage.)
Positive side: at least, we don’t have factual mindbreak, the girls don’t tell themselves they’ve fallen, are not “broken” (as in: the usage of force to destroy something within them), they’re not even humiliated or treated like cattle.
Negative side: hypnotism for sex is still fucking ugly, no way around it :lol:

Scenario aside, the art is REALLY good, and hardly even censored, a little half-transparent bar here and there.
The chapter 1 was so-so, for the story, the art and the translation (packed with poor grammar and whatnot). But the chapter 2 shines, a good translation, a worthy plot twist and awesome art, HNNNNG!
Credits are for Naxusnl (chapter 1) and sailor1980 who commissioned Desudesu for it (chapter 2), thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Zettai Fukujuu Ousama Game to Rin-chan Now, French Kiss chapter 6 (which made me appreciate gender bender, to my great surprise O_o), Seiren Gakuen Saimin Keitai, Sleipnir Kyousei Suimin Keita, Yokoyama Naoki Ni Yoru Yokoyama Nao No Eroi Hon and Yokoyama Naoki also drew 2 bonus pictures in Eternal Love.

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Eiyuu Shigan [English, retouched version], a Danmachi hentai doujinshi, by Kaiki Nisshoku

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Sometimes, an image without penetration is even more arousing than another image with hardcore anal pounding. Look at her face!! O_o

Hestia, from Danmachi is both glad and infuriated: she found that Bell faps at night, so he IS human as far as his meat rod is concerned… but he still won’t touch her even though she’s only waiting for it, why, FFS, why ?
Time to take things into her hands. Or, more acurately, his dick into her feet. We’ll have foojob, total domination (with a dick around which a certain blue ribbon will be tightly wrapped, would you think it counts as femdom, or we’re not there yet ?), and, at long last, vaginal and anal sex, woohoo ! \o/

I loved how intense the drawings were, the pace is fast, the action powerful to behold, it was good :)
Thanks to Cgrascal for this release!

One thing, though, I retouched the scans. They were in reddish taint with plenty of artefacts everywhere, that made the images lack impact and readability, and sometimes I got the impression the manga was printed on cheap toilet paper :(
I could have chosen a preview picture on which the original scans looked uglier, but I prefered a cute image, see for yourselves the kind of difference it made: BeforeAfter!.

By the same artist, I also share Rider Or Die 1-8, Holy Infinite, Villetta Sensei Ni Moeru Hon and Oscilloscope.

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Reika Wa Karei Na Boku No Maid [English, Retouched version], by Gustav

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She almost makes a heart with her feet!

Don’t trust the preview picture above, the manga isn’t about foot fetish, you’ve only got two pages of it… but I couldn’t not pick that image, huhu ^^
As for this share, this is about a maid and her young master, he is in love, she is highly devoted as a maid, and he wants to break the social status barrier between them. How will it end, the answer could be in these two words: “vanilla hentai” ;)

Look, to be frank the art is “only” good, the sex fully white-censored and there are as many plot pages than sex pages. So, graphically this isn’t great shakes, I must be frank. But the story, it has a really pleasant vanilla-flavoured fragrance, it felt original enough to feel refreshing to read, at least. Me, I loved it as it was :)
So, thanks a lot to This Shouldn’t Have Happened for this release! :jap:

Side note, I made minor retouchings: Before / After!.

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4 Full Color Translated Works by Landolt Tamaki also known as Root 12-hedron

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Free Image HostingHello troops, it your dear Uncle “J”…Ooops!!! Sorry, wrong script! Let me start over. Erhm! Howdy Folks, it your resident Perverted-Cat-In-Heat, DeltaOblivion! And I’m back to post shares yet again. I bet you are going to ask: “Where were you!? You said you’d post more shares after you Platinum Arkham Knight.” Well to tell the truth what happen was this; let me start by saying if your company or workplace holds contests, lotteries, giveaways and such, please, by all that is holy, always, always take part in it even if you think the prizes are crappy; always participate. I didn’t do so and my boss and a few other won free trips to this years “E3”. SON OF A BITCH!!! Since they left, me and a few other got stuck with their workloads. Even though I platinum the game in 1 week time, I still got to do the extra work.

Anyhoo, to make up for my time away I will be posting not 1 or 2, but 3 repacks of hentai. Today I’m sharing 4 full color futa doujins from Root 12-hedron. The problem with full color stories is that they are short and the stories leaves you asking for more. Many thanks to Usagi Jun for the translations. Enjoy!

Free Image Hosting Free Image Hosting Free Image Hosting Free Image Hosting

“I’ve always kept this a secret, but the truth is, I have one” Picture Gallery

“Phimosis Girlfriend” Picture Gallery

“Sex Practice with my Futanari Best Friend” Picture Gallery

“The Blindfold and The Lie” Picture Gallery

81.79 MB, 72 Pictures

Mirror #1   Mirror #2   Mirror #3

Mousou Kareshi Triad-hen [English, Retouched version], an Idolm@ster hentai doujinshi, by ReDrop

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Bikini hentai ? Yes please :3

Hojo Karen, Shibuya Rin and Kamiya Nao are drawn having happy sex with their (imaginary) boyfriends, each of them separately, two of them wearing a cute bikini and Rin her school uniform. Simple as that, without complications or pages “wasted” on a scenario ^^

The graphics are good (as expected from Redrop!) although thick-black-bar-censored, there are two girls in bikini, the only feelings are of love and care… Hey, that’s good enough, I say!
Thanks a lot to KFC Translations! :)

I also retouched the pictures, I felt they really lacked impact, and required us to “work our brain” to get every detail of the situations and positions. I fear I may have been heavy-handed, but, still, in my eyes, that was for the best. See for yourselves.

Fore more ReDrop, Cf. The List of ALL his works on Hentairules !


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