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Glossary and explanation of the words

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Update : I moved everything on THAT other page of Hentairules :)

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Thanks for the definitions! :) Very helpful. Now I just need to learn all the furry slang that’s out there. :\


haha, omg i hate gore and all but just once i would like to c that “killer panda” manga to c if ur joking…or not


Killer Panda is really on the light side guro wise actually, from what I saw. I only skimmed a bit at the beginning, because there was a random panda, and hey, fountains of blood! Honestly, I was more traumatized watching Elfen Lied. On the other hand, I didn’t bother getting to the Panda fucking the corpses.

Guro isn’t my thing, but it certainly is hypocritical to condemn people as freaks because they like Guro if you enjoy something like, say, “Hentai Rape.” Just as there’s no problem as long as we’re all coherent enough to not actually consider hentai rape the reality of the world, so too is it fine if people like guro-as long as they don’t go out killing people and having sex with their corpses. It’s like the people who like loli or something, but then decide that furry lovers are the lowest form of human existence. It’s ridiculous.


You seem pretty confused yourself about real life rape. But it’s not your fault, the myth of the systematic destruction of the life and psyche of the victim is much more prevalent and widespread than the one about their secret enjoyment. It’s a social necessity.
Rape itself is not a sufficient help to maintain women’s oppression in non-religious societies. In france, there’s “only” one women in ten who has been sexually assaulted. And generally, the assault hurts not enough, as often the asshole don’t bother to kill or torture the victim.
And oppression doesn’t need usual victims of usual aggressions. It needs absolute victims. An usual victim is allowed and encouraged to change its condition : justice is done and the victim disappears. That is not oppression.
So there is a need to separate the social meaning of rape from its individual realisation. There is a need for a myth. The sexual aggression of sexually dominant human (a man) on a sexually dominated human (a woman or a child) can’t be escaped. By time first : as for murder (but that depends of another oppression system), the “life and psyche” of the victims are expected to be utterly destroyed. By physical means also : many rapes are perpetrated without any resistance from the women, not because they couldn’t, but because they didn’t even thought of it.
This means the myth is not just a idea : it has consequences on the reactions of implied people. The judges and juries, and all those people (family, close friends also…) from which the victim expects support apply always too often the reverse of their theorem : “if she isn’t destroyed by what happened, she must have been somehow consenting” (and then “she must be a slut” / “she deserved all that”). Many of the rape victims who are still sane and living a normal life (yes, they exist), there is a real shame for being strong enough to cope with it, and with the shame of the sexual abuse itself, it is the reason of the silence that cover most of the aggressions.
Women are natural-born victims the men have to “protect” or unsubmissive sluts who have to be silent about their insolent sanity. That is oppression. And that is the relief of many an asshole (rapists in a case and judges in the other).

Oh, and I rarely speak english, sorry if i was not clear enough.


Hi there!

Belive it or not, in México we love Hentai, at least I do. Thanks for the space n’ all the definitions, all of’em r’ totally helpfull, with this I can understand a little bit more of what I read n’ see. Thnx again.



nice use of ablation :)


What an useful topic this is!Thanks now I feel more wise about the Hentai world! :D


Forgive me, but I laughed so hard reading through your definitions and comments, especially the Nekomimi one. But they are very accurate to what the word means, so kudos for that!

saikyou no hentai

Perhaps you could add terms like Paizuri or Nakadashi


Thanks for the link to OM, that manga sounds interesting.


Personally I love incest, but it got nothing to do with family bonding whatsoever. I just LOVE MILF! Mature not that old women are the best! but i do like a lot other genres as well.


Personally I love incest, but it got nothing to do with family bonding whatsoever. I just LOVE MILF! Mature not that old women are the best! but i do like a lot other genres as well.


From following the link under "tankoubon", I started reading Bakuman , and I seriously could not stop reading it for at least a full hour. I finally had to tear myself away from it.
Awesome suggestion. It is certainly one of the better mangas I have read (although I have to admit I am not *extremely* picky…though that only means I have a fair amount to compare it to).


@ Saikyou – For noobs, this is just more of the manga world

Oppai – Boobies
Paizuri – Boob sex
Nakadashi – Creampie or cumming inside (approximation)
Manko or Ma*ko (Often used as censorship) – pussy or cunt (approximation)
Chichi – Boobies (this is used as a variant)
Nyuu – Boobies (this is used as a variant)
Onee-san/Nee-chan – Older sister
Kaa-san/Okaa-san – Mom


First you say that incest themes are not your cup of tea and its probably some kind of fantasy sex nerds with no social life have…

then about young sisters you say Imouto : younger sister. Hot by principle. Also something that caught my attention:

"OLs are reputated for not daring defend themselves, and suffer humiliation in silence. Why doesn’t it work like that in Europe or America ? :-("

So you seem to really appreciate rape even if disguised in manga as some sort of "they really are enjoying it"


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– Censorship : Until this decade, japanese law prohibited showing human hair and female sexual parts.

You might wanna fix that (^_^); should be 'Japanese law prohibited showing human PUBIC hair…'.


wow… at last i figured out whats the abbrevation NTR means… thx alot


Thanks a lot for your explanations ! Now I know I want a “yandere” GF ^^;

[troll]About “Rewrite” : <> : I can’t help thinking about the infamous Hokuto-No-Ken anime’s French dubbing[/troll]


i cant believe your going to tell me that i am not going to see what there are going to be anymore yaoi or sis this coming to an incest affection of cute chick wearing nurse, teacher, or paralegal costume i will do what it takes to pull one and drop her panties with a sheer exposure of a naughty hand shake. smh this…where's the yaoi

Shadow Shaman


Not really, its more about depicting then the intent. A video game is a perfect example there. You might actually shoot a person but if you are more interested in the Blood spilling out and organs popping out then its something different. The same is the thing with "Killer Panda"

Its not the act, its the intent. If the gore is focused, then you're into that kind of thing. I play a lot of FPS games but not for once do I ever feel the need to rip someone's head off. No matter how pissed I am. That's because I'm never into shooting and killing which is basically the stuff inside the virtual world.

There's this gore.
Then there's this depiction of it.
Two different things.

Just take a minute to think about it. I'm sure you'll see the difference.The rest is up to you. :p

the Hentai

You missed tentacle.


"Fill in the gaps, that adresses the two main problems for the average internet-using teenager, japanese or occidental : lack of experience and difficulty to find a girl willing to have sexual relations with a good for nothing nerd sitting before his screen instead of having social relations."

Really? Last time i checked i was a pretty average guy,i go to college,work and practice martial arts as a hobbie,how that classifies me as a "good for nothing nerd with no social life"?

PS: I like loli too,so?


Pick 6 Leak Strategy

Glossary and explanation of the words | Hentai Rules: Free Zip English/translated Adult Mangas, Online hentai reader, Pictures, Movies and h-audios !



Glossary and explanation of the words | Hentai Rules: Free Zip English/translated Adult Mangas, Online hentai reader, Pictures, Movies and h-audios !