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Sailor Moon doujin, Pearl Jam, by Black Dog

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No, really, Black Dog rules.
Hentai Rules, remember ? Yeah ?
Well, Black Dog rules too, he’s one of the greatest hentai comic drawers ever, ever, and I mean it.

(Remember to view the updated list of all Black Dog’s works on Hentairules)

UPDATED : now that I share the ENGLISH version of Pearl Jam, I see no interest in reuploaded the dead zip links for the japanese version :D

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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13 Comments on "Sailor Moon doujin, Pearl Jam, by Black Dog"

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please reupload it in other site
this sites contents virus an spywares and delete your works


hey this download doesnt work. even e gallery isnt working

Oliver AKA The Admin

Ew, the gallery doesn’t have many working pictures :(

But the zip works, though, I tested the mirrors, they work.

I’ll reupload the gallery soon, sigh :-(

Slick Rick

The download link doesn’t work.


many people complaint about many things.But i want to
thank you for this wonderful website. I couldn’t find any better free translated hentai website than this cool to catagorized by author.such a very nice feature. Thx a lot

Slick Rick

Oh no, don’t get me wrong. This website is the best hentai website around. I was just commenting that both the gallery and the download links aren’t working.

bad grrl

i don’t know how to work this!! if you email scans from sailor moon submission in english i’ll send you some black dog stuff i have thats not on your list :0)

ps the original manga was by naoko takeuchi, not Rumiko Takahashi ;0)

bad grrl

…sorry i meant submission sailor stars :0)

Oliver AKA The Admin

Woops, indeed, not Rumiko Takahashi, lol, thanks for the report ^^

I recently found newer Black Dog english works that aren’t on my list yet. What are the titles of the ones of yours not on my list, say ? :3


I was just wondering, on the link to this page (the Pearl Jam one) it said Japanese AND English, so I just wanted to make sure it was just a type and there wasn’t an English version lurking.

Also just wanted to give you a big thank you, I had never even heard of Black Dog before I came to this site, and now he’s definitely one of my favorites.

bad grrl

actually, i think i’m wrong as you probably already have these as parts of anthologies…

subission jupiter plus
submission mars
submission mercury plus
submission sailor stars

(and i remember seeing some on my pc, but i couldn’t remember the titles. After further investigation you do have them :0) so ignore me being stoopid!)

anyway, i generally figured this website out a bit, so thanks for all the ace downloads!


is there an english version of this?


Hi, you have a great site here, I can't find a translated version of Pearl Jam 2 (the one of Rei and her grandpa), it will be great if you could get it