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Soul Chain [English], by Ruen Roga

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Soul Chain, by Ruen Roga, English

This manga isn’t the usual stuff you’ll find on Hentairules, but a bit of variety is always good. in Soul Chain [English version], by Ruen Roga, you must expect extreme and weird sex : domination, dickgirls (about half of the manga), violence, kemono/furry, rape, and even bits of normal sex wonderfully drawn ! You will be troubled.

Even more incredible, for an english-translated manga, there is a REAL scenario with depth and surprises, good and evil in the hearts of the protagonists aren’t obvious or set from the beginning ! Doujin-World made here a great choice, thanks these great folks.

That’s a medieval history, a fight between two kingdoms, a young prince of the beaten country becoming the slave of a witch and transforming into… something else… for secret plans he has no knoweledge of… oh just read it, cmon !

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7 Comments on "Soul Chain [English], by Ruen Roga"

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A big history and a wonderfull manga, thanks my friend.


this is a great site and thanks for all the great toons


I have never seen something so gripping and arousing at the same time… this is something I enjoyed to such a great extent I actually wish to find a place to purchase it…

I found the story held an incredible amount of depth, and drama to it, holding the proper level of tragedy to make it real, and giving a glmmer of hope in the end.

If there is any way I could be given a link to a site to order this then I would appreciate it…

Also any hope for another volume of it would be great, though I’m thinking this was the end of it. and not a bad ending by any means.


my dick hurts :)


yo, god i wish there was a second manga to this XD its ending was a little desatisfying… i wanted to see what happens when that princess tries to chase him down o_o lol oh well… this was awsome though XD had a nice story, however, in some parts it made you think.. “ich O_O” lol

Jing the theif

Not up anymore!