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Agnes Cleans House [English, Sister-Incest], by Millefeuille

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Here’s a fine English short story by a great artist called Millefeuille, translated in english, watch out this is not an actual translation but a rewrite, about sister-incest. The artist has made maaaaaaaaaaany other works, if the fancy takes me I will upload them some day :)

Note: This was a rewrite, it’s been removed because of that. You can get the REAL translation here.

For MORE Millefeuille Goodness, Cf. the list of his Works !

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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27 Comments on "Agnes Cleans House [English, Sister-Incest], by Millefeuille"

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this manga is disgusting, dont post anymore, no offense


if you dont like it, dont read it. It takes a lot of efforts to upload these, and Oliver also happens to have very good taste when it comes to drawing. Thanks for your work and please keep it up!


re-writes… *sigh*

what will we do with them


I highly doubt this is a translation, anyway you look at it, especially the names, it’s clearly one of those crappy rewrites made by lowlives. I got nothing against you, I really like this site, but like roger said, please don’t post stuff like that anymore, it’s gonna blow your reputation.


im surprised that this great manga got some negative comments…

i guess, art appreciator/artist and readers have different reactions hahah

great share sir thanks! :D

(P.S. sorry for my crappy english)


Funny replies here o_O

For the people it disgusts : I wish you could read the mails I sometimes receive because I share stories with incest.

Or with dickgirls.

Or with girls that might perhaps be under 20.

Or with false rape (“oh please don’t rape me PLEAAAASE DO ME HARD”).

Or with unrealistically huge tits.

Or with sado-masochism or domination.

Or calling me a copycat stealing links to make money (hell, if all the time I spend on my site daily, I spent it working even more for my company, I’d have won 40 more dollars per day, instead of the 10 max dollars my site makes per day, more likely 5$ most of the time just dig it in, I appreciate the money bonus but i’m not after money)

Or, once, a freak sending me by mail verses from the Bible to explain his opinion that i’d be going to hell :D

To conclude, you guys are totally free to like the manga or not, but please just remember that sex is the best when it is off-limits : bear in mind that the limits you love to cross have no reason to be the same limits other people will love to cross :)
I respect almost all opinions, I would expect my readers to do the same ;)

Oh, and thanks for learning me it was a rewrite, I had no idea !


Hi Admin,

Love your posts. I like the diversity in drawing styles and post, keep up the good work, or I’ll send you another bible =P

also, this was a pretty interesting Manga since the main role was “full bodied” instead of having usually petite or Barbie-body.



Don’t tell me it was you, the mail with the bible verses to explain i’d go to hell ? XD

I might slow a bit down my postings because my new graphical card chose to start diying at once, and a freeze every 45 minutes makes it hard to work on my company, and hentairules passes only second after the company.
I’ll have to have it fixed, but now, before I send my new GeForce for fixing, I’m busy finding an older GPU to place instead of the current one.
Hardware problems just suck <_<


need more quality manga! need more anime and less cartoon


stop posting untranslated manga!


Hahah, no. But i thought that was pretty funny… makes me wonder why were they on this website in the first place anyways… but if you really want a bible… i guess i can get you one =P


??? Disciplinz ???



Why did you by-pass the fact that this is a re-write? That was the most important point here. Especially with the fact that it’s presented as a Translation, while it obliviously isn’t. I do not mind incest, in fact I pretty much love this stuff, but when the original content of a manga gets butchered like this (since it’s pretty much the case with every re-writes, I can only assume it was the same with the story of this one), it’s sad.


@ Disciplinz : I upload what I like first and I don’t take orders, only suggestions – that is, if they are polite…
Besides, there is one thousandfold more hentai untranslated books than translated books. And it would be a shame to miss the great art of plenty of japanese-only works.
Read most english stories, are the stories thrilling, the scenario entertaining ? You don’t miss much anyway.

@ Hellion : the whole point is that I didn’t know it wasn’t an actual translation.

@ Usagi : I’ll skip, no need to send me a bible :D I don’t even know if I’m had a baptem, and if yes, in what religion it could have been :D


I see lol. Well if I made a full post on this is because of the 3rd and 4rth post.
Anyway, I’ll tell you because I’ve been dealing with those a lot recently, to recognize a re-write when it’s not tagged, you’ll see it’s pretty easy,

1 – The names won’t be japanese, it’s a given, the re-writer just impose his fantasies to the public, so
2 – Really, but REALLY unprofessional text.

Again, sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you, like I said, re-writes are ALWAYS a butchering of an original story. Like, there was that manga that was about incest and a smart guy re-writed it and changed all the context, the mom became a teaxher, ad stuff like that, pretty lame story at that =/.

I’ll try to look for the original of this manga here, and keep up the good work.

And to the bible-guy: Sorry but if things really goes like this there will be just a few rejects going to your paradise with the majority of people on earth who are deviants like us will go somewhere else. xD


Heh ^^
No prob Hellion, I wasn’t upset.


screw that, this manga was AWESOME!


Re-write or otherwise, I really don`t care. I think you`re doing a hell of a good job providing us with free down-loads and I don`t see where anyone should be complaining.
Keep up the great work.


yeah why are they complaining. those are just too s2pid

why are they giving orders? do they pay you?
damn i hate morons

btw thnx for the ups


Quoting Baistosh : “do they pay you?”

-> Hmm, well, if they want to do it, I won’t refuse ;)


love it


I love this artist! :) And the incest! :) If you can find anymore, please upload! :)


wait..why was there so much discussion on this? its FREE HENTAI…FREE! so what does it matter?


All links are down! PLEASE re-up


Al downloads links are bannned for

mike mike

can you get it back for us? i'm trying to collect all of this artists' work.


Links are still broken

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