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Mamazuri [english, incest], by Masumi Murasame

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Here’s a nice old-school incest manga. Not much of a scenario here, plenty of big breasts, no noticeable censorship, sister-incest + mother-incest.

By the same artist, I also share Innyuu [English, 204 pictures], take a look !

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Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(114 MB, 195 pictures, English)

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Or you can also use the Alternative :
Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2 – or – Zip Mirror #3

A simple note, BTW, I know from my stats that as soon as I write “incest” there will be two or three times more downloads. Honestly : WHY ?? That doesn’t excite me in any way so I can only try a bit of guessing… I discuss this a bit in the Glossary, but if you have your own idea or explanation, that could be an interesting discussion, i’m open for comments.

By the same artist, i also share Innyuu [English, 204 pictures], take a look ;)

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14 Comments on "Mamazuri [english, incest], by Masumi Murasame"

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Yes it is a re-write, and an old one. The translation haven’t started yet but “Dirty Translated Manga” are planning to work on it in the future.

At least now you know why the “Not much of a scenario here”, re-writers don’t make scenario. lol.


Thanks for the confirmation Hellion :D

But honestly, given this is an incest manga, don’t expect there will be a real scenario even if this is a real translation :/


I don’t, I have it and I know it’s a sex-fest, and it’s alright like this =D. I’m not expecting most changes in the stories, but what is certain is that the dialogs will be better. (because in re-writes they’re always lame) Usually they suck because there is not really anything, but in this one on the contrary it’s weird because it’s pushed a bit too much =/


Do you realize you’re writing “a bit too much” about a manga with mother and sister incest ? :D :D :D

If we take two minutes to consider, that’s almost mad :D


Do you realize you don’t have to reply to me if you don’t want me to keep talking?


lol at the conversation


Nah seriously, I mean you say “mother and sister incest” how can you be sure? I mean it’s a rewrite, it’s not because the re-writer says its about sisters and mother incest that its actually the case, who knows, maybe theres more to it?

The Adict

That is so true. It could just be sex between a couple, or between dad and daugher or whatever.

As for one of the main question. Why does incest makes a manga instantly popular. Well maybe not popular but more successful then others of the same quality. One they’re hard to find, second there is nothing more perverted then a women having sex with her son/brother/father and loving it.


Hi! The links are useless, and are as follows:

Download the Zipped Version (48 MB, 193 pictures, English)

Download Part 1 – and – Part 2 – and – Part 3


delicious :D



Fantastic blog post, saw on…


well congrats u finaly found a server ( with a decent dl speed now only to remove that irritating url of urs from every file and u jump from a 2 to a 7 in my scale


I know it is an old share, but there is a proper translation by Sei-Jin: