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When you let go of my Hands PART 1 [English], by Takenoko Seijin

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That is the first chapter of a nice hentai manga, that Tripbear started translating into english. Expect japanese schoolgirls with very large tits (also called bakunyuu)and, from what it seems, a real scenario :3 – I offer a rapidshare mirror.

(Remember to view the updated list of all Takenoko Seijin’s works on

UPDATE : I now share the COMPLETE When You Let Go Of My Hands serie. It is available here :)

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13 Comments on "When you let go of my Hands PART 1 [English], by Takenoko Seijin"

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the second chapter is called “Youve said it now” and is translated here is a link to download it


I have mixed feelings about this one. The girl is being used by her ‘boyfriend’ and driving away the guy who really cares for her. I don’t see too many hentai that are such downers.


The newest chapter came out in Comic Megastore for September in Japan. No Scanlations yet. Said 4chan, anyway…

Oliver AKA The Admin

Thanks for the info and links, guys :)

As for me I don’t have mixed feelings for that story, it reserves itself the right to be a real manga with a real scenario, that’s cool, to the contrary :)


saw the raws for this story, seems like there is going to be a part 4 too


i read the second part. both the girl and the guy are idiots. if you like the girl and she’s your friend then it’s only natural to fight for her. and that girl doing every stupid thing asked of her. not yet seen the rest of the raws yet.


Good graphics.

Lala, could you post the link to the third part.

Many thanks


How could the girl that stupid?
I’ve only read the first and second chapter..
I’m looking for the rest..
Can someone help me?
Thanks before..

Oliver AKA The Admin

I’ve read up to chapter 3 (gotta upload them ^^), and you know what, that girl is EVEN WORSE THAT SHE’S NOW.

I mean, if she didn’t have those marvelous tits she’d deserve a slapping in the face.

There are some anime and manga characters that directly go to your nerves. I remember watching Escaflowne, thoroughly enjoying it, a great anime, with that slight problem : every time the heroin opened her mouth I dreamt of strangling her. And all those sessions where she’d end up crying helplessly… VAAAAAN HIIII ! ALLEN HIIIIIIIII !! Roar, I still want to strangle her.


well post the link for the third chapter pleeasee.



It’s tough finding any type of manga where you basically hate the characters for being such complete idiots. You come close in revenge h-manga, but it usually ends up the same.

I just wish there was a long h-manga like was like the manga Salad Days….


*remembers the True Blue incidents all throughout hentai forums*

Boy, this manga is turning out to be like that. Except the male protagonist is even worse for not doing anything.


WEll I just read the translation for the third chapter and it looks like this is going to be over in four or five. I actually like this one. With the exception of the uber niavity (sp?)