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Display problems, for a change : HELP !

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I tested hentairules with Internet Explorer, just look at that (click to enlarge) :


I trust you will notice the slight problem with the central column :D

Please, if you use IE, is it showing the same problem for you ? Please, even more if you have the prob indeed, report it to me. (And if you’re a pro at webdesign and you know what’s the prob, i’ll be glad to hear ;) )

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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ermm i can’t help you with the web design, but i don’t seem to have a problem at all with gap in between your page; tried both in IF and firefox( homepage and few others to be safe) everything looks fine from my end..

btw i am using : IE 7 version 20061107.210142 ; Mozilla Firefox version


helpful one

i tried with the IE (using v6.0.2900.2180) and i did encounter the prob. now i normally use firefox so for me no biggie
but maybe it has something to do with some updates in IE we don’t have ? considering ‘bluegender’ didn’t encouter the problem and he’s using v7.0

anonymous stranger

The problem you’re experiencing most likely has to do with a flaw in IE’s rendering engine that’s been around since v4 or so and only affects floating elements. Considering the above comment, I suppose the latest build of IE7 has finally addressed it.

The flaw is characterized by the following behavior:

Any element with the CSS property “float” assigned will generate an unavoidable margin of approximately 3 pixels in width on the side corresponding to its float. That is, a DIV tag with “float: left;” in its style rules will appear to have an extra 3 pixels attached to its left edge, as if from a non-collapsing margin. Layouts with tightly-constrained column declarations suffer the most from this flaw, as some columns will be rendered other than expected to accommodate this extra space.

There are two fixes for this:

1) Declare a style rule that only applies to IE via contextual selectors. Ironically, due to another flaw in IE, any rule that begins with the contextual selectors “* html” will only be applied by IE versions 4 through 6. Those versions mistakenly believe that the HTML element ‘html’ has a parent element, when it obviously does not.

2) Define a style sheet or style rules that will only be read by IE. Unbeknownst to many developers, IE recognizes certain conditional statements included in standard HTML comments and even provides special variables for use within these conditionals, none of which are recognized by any other browser in existence. By wrapping a ‘style’ tag or ‘link’ tag in these special comments, you can define a style block or include a style sheet that will only be read by IE. This _will_ affect IE7, however, which still supports this unusual behavior.

In either case, use a _negative value_ for the margin rule to get IE to play nice with your columnar layout. Kudos on the table-free design.


Hi, there’s no problem with IE 7
Try to validate the page using
W3C (x)HTML Validator
(A simple google search should bring you there easily)
Sometimes it helps a lot !


well that appears also in the top. You have your background then when you put the semi-transparent blue layer to put your news (left side) and navigation links (right side) it darkened the wallpapers. Simple as that. and of course in my browsers both appear



I already brought up that link to him in May, and he said it’s “evil”. To each his own, I guess. :P

Oliver AKA The Admin

Hello guys and thanks for the feedback :)

– Bugei : The W3C is extremist and even if there are certainly big mistakes in the code, they are lost in useless reports, alas :( Whining about center tags (yeah right, I should add even more divs that are just three times longer to write and not supported by the wordpress’ editor), or because there is no slash at the end of an img src, or because of javascript, or a href=http without “, or no alt= inside each picture hyperlink… this is a waste of time.

Just one example : “document type does not allow element “p” here;” was reported countless times, all my p align=”center” looking incorrect : WTF ???

Or border=”0″ is reported as faulty : the validator says “the document type you are using does not support that attribute for this element. This error is often caused by incorrect use of the “Strict” document type with a document that uses frames (e.g. you must use the “Transitional” document type to get the “target” attribute), or by using vendor proprietary extensions such as “marginheight” (this is usually fixed by using CSS to achieve the desired effect instead)
WTF again ???

You see, I wouldn’t hate using the W3C validator tool, but it is really to extremist to be usable, even reporting valid html (like just above) for unknown reasons :(
The validator seems to say I declared the wrong document type, but look at my header, it says ontent=”text/html; charset=utf-8″

The validator says “The document is being served with the text/html Mime Type which is not a registered media type for the XHTML 1.1 Document Type. The recommended media type for this document is: application/xhtml+xml

Using a wrong media type for a certain document type may confuse the validator and other user agents with respect to the nature of the document, and you may get some erroneous validation errors. ” -> Yeah, but HOW, for god’s sake :(

-> That makes the validator useless :(

– Anonymous Stranger : eew, evil floats ! Thanks a lot for the tip, I’ll shrink a bit the left column and give those pixels to the two other columns, to see if that fixes the problem, thanks a lot :)

– Ludoman : errr, sorry i didn’t understand your point…


Dear Oliver,

If you use Web techologies such as HTML or xHTML, you have to be aware of the web standards, these standards are defined by W3C (yep the same evil thing), each error above are reported for good reasons (content accessibility amongst other)

Oliver AKA The Admin

Hello Aavan, thanks for the reply,

The thing is I KNOW I should comply to those rules. For instance, not adding the final slash after an img src is bad lazyness, saving a few seconds of text processing.

But where more complex problems occur with yet “should-be” perfectly valid tags, the matters become impossible to manage, and I don’t see how I could comply to the W3C in such a case.

For instance, < script language="JavaScript" > means an error message, “required attribute “type” not specified.”. Illogical.

Or else, for that simple code : < p >Please, if you use IE, is it showing the same problem for you ? , the W3C validator returns “document type does not allow element “p” here; missing one of “object”, “applet”, “map”, “iframe”, “button”, “ins”, “del” start-tag.”
That doesn’t even make sense !

You see, I wouldn’t hate complying to the rules, I could fix about 30-40 errors in my page, but for the ~170 others, at some point, there is a conflict between common sense of coding and the validator’s prescriptions, and the deep logical reason behind that (there certainly is one, of that I do not doubt) is beyond my reach :-(

Oliver AKA The Admin

(oh, and I say it just in case, the comments supporting HTML, this is the reason why I insert spaces between < and > and the code they contain)


OMG, so much “pro” shittalking, i didn’t even care to read.
INFO for admin: Go and edit this file:

Go to line 205, and add under #sidebar{
this statement: vertical-align: top
That would be all


No problem for the spaces ;)
Well an erroneus might probably means that the paragraph is not placed in a block section ( e.g. a “div”, etc…)
But here that error occurs because you’re making a paragraph inside an other paragraph.
( ‘I tested hentairules […]’ )

This is not allowed because it makes no sense. (Have you tried to write an paragraph inside another ? It’s impossible in a natural language !)

The problem with the “type” attribute for the javascript is some browsers don’t support the “language” attribute(it’s a minority) so if a script tag is used, you must not only define what it is (language=”Javascript”), but also the mime-type (type=”text/javascript”) in order for them to properly understand that damn :)

PS : Sorry for my bad english, my mother language is french, I had no english training since many years :)


OMG so much “pro” shittalk.
Just edit your style.css. GO to line 205 and under #sidebar{ add this statement: vertical-align: top

Oliver AKA The Admin

Arse, your attempt to help was appreciated, I applied it into the css, but here is what the site looks like with IE6 with your style edit :

Not much improvement ;)


Rhalala, il fallait le dire, moi aussi j’ai du mal à m’exprimer en anglais :D


what do you mean you dont get it? lol. its like you use a rectangle to put your news and stuff and that darkens the background of the page and because in the middle you didnt had anything to put there the background of the page has its original colors if the rectangle hadnt a semi-transparent background you wouldnt even see the brackground of the site,you would see a blue rectangle. well if you dont get dont worry. but just try to see if before the middle isnt just darker than the middle. thats just it

Oliver AKA The Admin

Yeah, good trick, isn’t it, the semi-transparency ? That’s what I love most with the Dots Dark theme, i don’t regret the time I spent adapting it to wordpress (originally, it exists as a two-column-only blogger theme).

Actually, these are just two different background pictures repeated indefinitely defined by CSS. No transparency at all.comment image
andcomment image

So, Ludoman, even if I didn’t understand (again), I wonder if that will be pertinent ?


When i checked css on your serwer it that line wasn’t added, or did u delete after checking ?
When i check on my disk it works finecomment image

That box appears because i don’t have flash player installed on IE, but still it is at top.


Ok, i see u added it, something wrong with my refreshing. And i found the problem which is “;” after this line, just delete it. Lol i didn’t suspect IE to be that much fucked browser.


Omg, sory for posting so much, join them together id u ca. I just checked that not only “;” is the problem but also the position-it must be placed on first place exactly like on my screenshot. IE is hilarious.

Oliver AKA The Admin

OK Arse, IE is really hilarious :D

I just tested your suggestion, to put the vertical align top first in the sidebar css properties, without the ” ; ” in the end.

It worked.


Then I posted a new blog note containing flash embedded elements, and BLAST!, the center column disappeared to reapper UNDER the left main column :D

I added the ” ; ” back, the center column came back, and the IE6’s bug was back too.

You know what ? Screw IE (anyway, everybody should use firefox with adblock, I sometimes think), and when I have more time i’ll just grab a few pixels here and there to give room to all the columns.

And that’s hilarious !


Yeah I think you’re right Oliver screw IE6, everybody should have Firefox… And those who don’t like firefox should have upgraded IE6 to IE7… (well, that’s what Microsoft wants you to do ;) )

PS : Je me doutais bien que tu étais français Oliver, j’ai vu quelques adresses de chez Free en farfouillant le code source ;)
Moi, suis belge enfait… Que le monde est petit… Je ne pensais pas que je trouverais un site aussi bien fourni dirigé par un fan français !


well its afterall 2 pics like you said oliver (at least now,didnt notice before,lol). I said it was semi-transparent because it looked like it but now it shows looking at the bubbles that are two pics one more brighter than the other. So the only way to put it is if you could put the darker image as a background of the site and be able to put in the actual darker backgrounds a transparent background. Well I guess i’m not much of a help,more like a problem,lol. Good luck with it


je suis webmaster et je sais où il faut regarder le probleme: le css
ce n’est pas parce que Mozilla firefox répond bien qu’Internet Explorer defaille: c’est l’inverse!
en fait, Firefox ne reconnait que les bon scripts respectant la norme W3C alors qu’IE accepte tous les délires cad qu’a la moindre faute, c’est plus visible avec le navigateur de MICROSOFT alors que le panda roux lui metra des valeurs de base PAR DEFAUT

ainsi, celui qui est principalement en faute est l’id #carrepub
deja, il n’est pas configuré dans style.css

j’ai cherche longtemps et j’ai vu qu’il fallait aussi configurer le code omtu fait appele a la fois a deux menus de pub!
je parle du menu de pub avec les liens (la colonne)+ le tableau your ad here
une chose a faire est de rassembler le contenu du body dans un tableau


(a éditer)

ensuite, modifer #left; #right; regarder #content #header; #footer

j’avoue que c’est la 1er fois que j’échoue pour aider un webmaster debutant mais c’est faute a cette disposition de cette pub
cela reste possible

bon courage!