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Redirection Page : Shiwasu No Okina’s (師走の翁) Works on HentaiRules

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THIS is the page I will update with the list of all the works by Shiwasu No Okina that I share on HentaiRules. That means more than 6 GB of hentai mangas by this artist, the biggest part of it translated into English, and all of them with free zip download links and complete pictures galleries !

He is also known as Kairaku Yarou G Team (快楽野郎Gチーム) and Ngo Hay Yappunyan (我係日本人) and is in the Okina Keikaku (翁計画) circle.

  shiwasu no okina english zip hentai          Free Image Hosting           shiwasu no okina english                                                         sei so tsui dan sha  shiwasu gimmixi  shiwasu no okina            

Shiwasu No Okina is one of my top-five favorite hentai artists. First, his stories are always funny, thanks to a well-tuned scenario, and thanks to the always cheerful heroines, filled with merryness (and sooner or later filled with cocks, simple remark). Then, the drawings are always incredibly well-drawn, great body curves and breasts, lust on the faces, gigantic male dicks. That’s the only artist I appreciate even when he draws futanari (a.k.a. dickgirls).

Before the list beings, an interesting info for you, I repacked EVERYTHING there is, in English and on Hentairules, by Shiwasu No Okina. And when new releases come, give me a few days and they’re added to it, this is a constantly updated pack.
(I don’t promise I’ll always keep this updated as soon as a new Shiwasu No Okina release comes, though. It take a lot of time, allright)
This is a fuckton of work, but hey, I love it :D

The Shiwasu No Okina Total Pack can be found HERE !

Some notes :
– If you’re searching for Musume Side Story, Musume In A House of Vice, or Haruyokoi, they are now located in Shining Musume volume 7. :)
– If you’re looking for Heisei Sexual Education Reform 1-3, Utage No Mannaka, Nerusen, Triple H 1-4, or Blindfold Game, they are located in JC Ecchi. :)
– And Shining Musume Act 16 can be found in Shining Musume volume 6.
The Case Of The JR Group is part of Nosewasure.
This Kind Of Job Exists Too is part of Mukai Takumi’s 95cm Bust, Oikawa Shizuku’s 105cm Bust.

And now, here comes the list :

Aibuka! Club Activities As An Idol chapters 1-6 [English, Complete]

Chupachari [English]

Camii Dock [English, Uncensored]

Daasan No Tame Ni Okita Kyouko 32 Sai B107 AKA Okusan
Wo Namadashi Nikuana Choukyou Shiteoite Ageyou [English]
(an Okusan hentai doujinshi)

The Day Before The Saint Cherry Blossom Festival [English]

This is a short sequel to JC Ecchi, which is linked below.

Erobare 360 Doubutsu-sha [English, Uncensored]
(Dead Or Alive hentai doujinshi)
Note : This new version is uncensored and re-edited.

Girlfriend Boyfriend Girlfriend [English, Uncensored]

GTT Ganshago Tea Time [English]
(K-on! hentai doujinshi)
Note : This is a new version with final edits
and cleaning in the second part of the doujinshi.

JC Ecchi [English, 255 pictures]

Note : Chapters 1 and 2 are uncensored, tank scans.

K-On Bo Chou Eroi Hon Ga Dekimashita [English]

(a K-On! hentai doujinshi)

Live Broadcast Tsumugi Mariko [English, Uncensored]

Mukai Takumi’s 95cm Bust, Oikawa Shizuku’s 105cm Bust [English]
([email protected] hentai doujinshi)

My Wife is A Highschool Girl [English]

(an Okusama wa Joshi Kousei / Hiyoko Brand hentai doujinshi)

shiwasu no okina english zip hentai shiwasu no okina english zip hentai shiwasu no okina english zip hentai
Nosewasure [English]

Panty [English]
(Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt hentai doujinshi)

Panty [English, Colorized version]

Peace Hame! Ge Tokusei Shousasshi [English, Uncensored]
Warning: Contains lolicon.
Note: This is the graduation book described in “Pisu Hame”.
Note: Part of a pack of four other Shiwasu No Okina mangas.

Peace Hame! Jou [English, 260 pictures, Uncensored]
Note: This is the first half of “Pisu Hame”.

Peace Hame Ge [English, 307 pictures, Uncensored]
Note : this is the second and final half of “Pisu Hame”,
now in tank version

Perverted Body Measurement And Sex Check-Up [English, Uncensored]
([email protected] Cinderella Girls hentai doujinshi)
Warning: Contains lolicon.
Note: Part of a pack of 4 mangas by Shiwasu No Okina

Nudist Beach Ni Syuugaku Ryokoude [English, Uncensored, Tank scans, 255 pictures]

Voyage Scolaire Sur Une Plage Nudiste chapters 1-2 [French]
Yeah, this is the same series as above.
But this time, in French, in a vibrant translation.

Sei So Tsui Dan Sha [English, Uncensored]

No kidding : this manga is one of my ALL-TIME SUPER FAVORITES

sei so tsui dan sha
Shiwasu No Okina Motion Comic (flash animated) : Sei So Tsui Dan Sha part 1

shiwasu gimmixi shiwasu gimmixi
Shiwasu No Okina Motion Comic : Sei So Tsui Dan Sha parts 2 & 3

shiwasu no okina shiwasu no okina
Shaimusurakugaki [Japanese, Artbook]

Shining Musume Volume 1 [English, 225 pictures]

Shining Musume Volume 2 [English, 218 pictures]

This is a new improved version, graphically and translation-wise

Shining Musume Volume 3 [English, 188 pictures]

This is a new improved version, graphically and translation-wise

Free Image HostingFree Image HostingFree Image Hosting
Shining Musume Volume 4 [English, 188 pictures]

Shining Musume Volume 5 [English, 223 pictures]

Shining Musume Volume 6 [English, 227 pictures]

Shining Musume Volume 7 [English, 281 pictures]

This volume contains a bonus, as one of its chapters is uncensored

The Shining Musume Character Pack Version 2 by Overlook [English, 107 pictures]

shiwasu no okina english shiwasu no okina english shiwasu no okina english
Shiwasu No Okina [English, 166 pictures]

Tsuika Oppai X2 To Anastasia [English, Uncensored]
([email protected] Cinderella Girls hentai doujinshi)

Yuu Can Do It [English]
(K-On! hentai doujinshi)

One of Shiwasu no Okina’s works has been turned into an h-anime!

Pisu Hame Episodes 1 – 6 [Engsubs]

Boku No Bokki Penis O Rokuga Shite Ikina Yo chapters 1-6 [English, Complete]
(“Go Ahead and Film My Hard Penis”)

Enkou Ojisan episodes 1-5 [English]

Pack of 3 works [English]
– Gimai Himari
– Hitozuma Saimin Conveni Nikubenki
– Pochaco Kawaii Kawaii

Shiwasu No OKina English Hentai

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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63 Comments on "Redirection Page : Shiwasu No Okina’s (師走の翁) Works on HentaiRules"

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Thx 8) He’s my fovourite one


all hail king Shiwasu! :D

Im too a great fan of this artist work, I have plenty of material in spanish, mostly futanari, but if you dont mind I can give you a couple of thinks.

great site keep on the good work!

sorry my english im from argentina
from the forum mangashentai

Oliver AKA The Admin

Why not, not everyone speaks english around, there are some who are better with spanish :)

If you want, you can paste here your download links (megaupload, depositfiles, rapidshare, whatever you like), and if I hate time I’ll make them official posts, with the pictures gallery and all :)


anyone know were i can get all of the translated Shining Musume chapters.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Translated, all of them ? They don’t exist, alas :/


Im getting disapointed in translated dialogues lately, maybe it would sound better in spanish?
I mean they all sound so… cheap and fake/macho.
(take this baby…yeah…get my load blah, blah, blah)

So…where are those works hombre from Argentina?
And futanari is just fine i say, especialy if its from Shiwasu. :)

Nosewasure was a bit short on that department…


thx alot dude


great thx a lot

Also, anyone knows if it is possible to get somewhere the complete Shining Musume trading cards collection?? They’re amazing!


someone please upload/translate the rest of vol 1 (chpters 5 and above)… i can’t find them anywhere and so the story has a gap between vol1 and 2!



Great epic work

I like a translate version

Thanks a lot


please… when i try to extract, it asks for a password. what is it?


OMG! WHEN are we gonna get the rest of volume 1? Its like missing a couple of chapters of translated!!! Ur killing me here cause volumes 2, 3, and 4 are staring me in the face!!! PLEASE FIND AND POST THEM!!!! PWETTY PWEEEEZZZZZ???


Can you put volumes 5 and 6 in zip format?


Tadanohito released chapter six of volume 1 of Shining Musume, thought you might like to put it up :) No idea when the remaining chapters of vol 1 will be translated, though.

Shining Musume Volume 1 Chapter 6 (English)

Oliver AKA The Admin

@ Pandakwee :
You rule, Pandkwee :)

@ Blackwolf :
they are not available yet in english to this day, and I already share the japanese versions

@ Klased :
I’m a middle man, not the translator, don’t ask me for more translating work, lol

@ kendi :
read the “help and information” link on top of my blog, there is an explanation and a solution, pretty obvious when you read it, there are NO passwords on

@ dryZ :
yep, the complete trading cards collection would be nice !

@ Marayn :
this is very rare, a hentai manga with real nice dialogues :(


that’s alot. :D

i enjoyed his shining musume’s though. very nice.


seriously. what i would give to fuck maki goto even for a day.
throw in double-you(W) and i’ll give my left scrotum.

wait, afterwards. :D


One Motion Comic one from Shiwasu No Okina:


Dear Hentairules,

thanks a lot for your great site. I’ve just discovered Shiwasu No Okina and was hooked – great artistry with a love for detail and a sometimes hilarious humor. Hope there’s more material from this artist, even if it’s not translated.
All the best and greetings from Germany,


Oliver AKA The Admin

Bleh :(

I just woke up from a dream where all of volume 1 had been finally released, while Overlok had changed his mind and translated the two missing volumes, 5 and 6, and announced he was working on the newly published volume 7.

I just checked, this contained 0% of truth, fuck it _

@ Michael : Thanks a lot for the link, Michael, I think I’ll share that one, it’s great :P

@ Roxton : my pleasure, and don’t worry, I’ll add more in the future :)


this guy is my idol. I love all his sei so tsui dan sha – exactly the type of hentai I like.

I wonder if his other stuff is other stuff is up to par. personally I don’t like the new heisei one but it’s only 2 chapters and the next one looks more promising so i’ll watch that. I want to try some of these other works of his so maybe i’ll check them out.


All I can say is Thanks..


I found a work by Okina called Get Or Die.

It seems old and untranslated. Is there any sort of persuasion that it can get translated?


I was goofing around on the net and happened upon Sankaku Complex. It was there that I discovered Shiwasu No Okina/Shining Musume. Although it was all in Japanese, it got me really curious because it look funny as hell and the fact that he has an artwork all of his own that is awesome. Again goofing around on the net I discovered Hentairules. Having found translated versions of Shiwasu’s work here, I was correct. His work is both hilarious and great. I would like to commend you for your website. You have made my life complete (not literally). I worked at a comic shop for a few years and was exposed to all kinds of hentai but none as great as you have here. Thank you very much for all the time and effort that you have put into this. Props.


You mentioned that Shiwasu no Okina is in your top 5 list of authors. What are the names of (and maybe links to) your other 4 favourite authors ? Is Yamatogawa among them perhaps ? Or maybe your top 10 ? Most of the works you present here are very good, so I will make a note of it next time I visit Mandarake, JPQueen, JList or Plecomi. Do you know of any other hentai sellers (maybe Eroscomix also).


Oliver, shiwasu is one of your top-five favourite hentai artist, so who’s the other 4?


Hey, well i know that his other favorites are definitely Yamatogawa, Nisemidi Doronokai, Tomohiro Kouda don’t know the 4th one though.

btw, your links for your top 5 artists still have those 9z dead links. A couple of them are Nerusen, Nosewasure, and Shiwasu No Okina [English], by Shiwasu No Okina. I know it would take you some time to fix the links, but your top 5? why are they on your top 5? don’t the top get special priority treatment?


and kensoh ogawa, there ya go his top 5


anyone gotta batch torrent or file for all his works?

The Last Spartan

Just wondering if you have been able to get the complete shining musume series? At least the English translated ones? Just curious. Thanks for sharing what you have.


sorry, i have a question: why some shining musume translated vol. are shorter than the japanese version?


In Japanese Shiwasu no Okina means “Old Man of December.” I wonder if that is a reference to the famous author of Ghost in the Shell (among other great manga) Shirow Masamune, whose pseudonym translates to “Young Man of November?”


are you going to place all of them in one zip file or should i try one volume ata time
thanks if you respond


hey Oliver I think you must re-arrange your Shiwasu no Okina work’s man….


Can you put in volume 6 ( english )? i only have 1-5 and 7 in english.


Is there any way you could compile all of these doujins into one link?


Downloading all of them right now, going to take long time thought as depositfiles only lets me get one file every 30min :(

Shining Musume v5 C1-2 don’t appear to up anymore btw.


I’m looking for a shiwasu no okina h-manga, last time i saw it, was around 9 years ago, it was in japanese, but the stile was shiwasu no okina 100%.
It was about 3 girls with a magic ring that made them grow, and after growing, they were going having sex with classmates (there was also a final orgy in the classroom with all the class and the teacher)
There was another one, maibe from the same manga, with 2 girls with majokko style powers, and a mission to have sex with their magic friend
I know it’s little information, but i’d like to see it again, even in japanese (images were better than wrote scenario XD)


About my previous post, i’ve finally found the manga i was speaking of, Love December Girl by our adored Shiwasu, i hope there will be soon a translation (but with Shiwasu’s graphic who needs translation? XD)

French guy

Do you think the events of Shining Musume will happen ? :D


i took the Sei So Tsui Dan Sha motion comic and converted it the psp compatible mp4 video, here's the link if anybody wants to check it out:


Oliver, I couldn’t hel but notice that “Triple H” wasn’t on the list :o


ok, i've subbed the first part of the Sei So Tsui Dan Sha Motion Comic and i'm looking for opinions on what i could fix for the following parts, any constructive criticism is welcome, just keep in mind that i'm new at this and i'm just learning how to use aegisub. heres the link: the video is soft subbed but i also include the sub file separately.


"First, his stories are always funny, thanks to a well-tuned scenario, and thanks to the always cheerful heroines, filled with merryness…" Seriously?!? I just finished reading shining musume 1-2 and also deleted the entire pack afterwards.Rape,gangrape,13 year-olds etc I always read your comments before dling anything to save my eyes from tentacles,futa etc but this time you really dropped the ball.You're still aces in my book though,keep up the good work.


I always looked for a translated version of Enn, and considering how shitty are some of the hentai mangas, I can't understand why that one wasn't translated so, far, the sex is usual shiwasu no okina, but the history looks quite interesting too, but as I'm saying, it was a manga totally fogotten.

Shit, I can do the editing, the cleanup, etc etc etc, everything! If only have the translation… I would do it by myself :(


In e-Hentai the Guy is also called 'Okina Keikaku'. Never saw You mentioning that Name(alias). So I tell you that just in case to verify other Artwork that belongs to this ruler-artist, which is one of my top10 too. ;)


That's one of the circles he's in.

Ikuru Sagawa

Aaaa ^.^ Shiwasu no Okina is my favourite artist !!! Thanks for this All in 1 Pack :D


I saw the work [FLASH] Gimmix Shiwasu No Okina SEISO-3 on a website, and its some 3-part flash-voiceacted-animated Shiwasu no Okina thing. Is this available in doujin form under another name or so?


Shiwasu No Okina has new stuff–

Comic Aun 2012-08 Hokeniin Survival

translated here:

Comic Aun 2012-12 “You’re my idol”

translated here:

Comic Aun 2013-01 (i don’t know the name)

couldn’t find translated:

Comic Aun 2013-03 kanojyo kareshi kanojyo

also untranslated:

found last two here:

great site!


I didn’t think the last two would be considered loli; my bad, I thought you were posting everything of his.


aaaaawwwww there are 2 k-on doujinshi….how could i have missed them???
so glad i checked today…




i’m very thankful of your effort in this page, i followed for years and still is one of the best hentai manga source