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Redirection page : Saigado’s works on Hentairules

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THIS is the page I will update with the list of all the works by Saigado Comics that I share on Hentairules.

jennny 01   saigado english color hentai saigado english color saigado english color ah my goddess english hentai saigado english um uncen 01       
Here are the covers for the works that I share, keep on scrolling down for the links :D

Saigado Comics Publishing is a sort of “mangaka circle”, composed of various hentai artists, each of them tremenduously talented. Their specialty is doujinshi about King of Fighters, and additionally, some of their works contain futanari and shotacon, some of them even contain yaoi (but I never bothered to download the yaoi ones). For an explanation of the words, please refer to the Glossary. Great realistic drawings, uncensored, very hardcore, this is no surprise that many Saigado works are translated into english by fans !

jennny 01 jennny 07 jennny 14
Yuri And Friends Jenny Special [English]

The Dispatch Of Muuko-San volume 1 [English]
(“Haken No Muuko-san”)

Haken No Muuko-san volume 2 [English, 224 pictures]

Two fullcolor uncensored one-shots [English]

(Soto Kataku Naka Ururu and Female Boss, Section Chief Erika)

Hana’s Holiday Season 1, Complete volume [English, 230 pictures]

Hana’s Holiday Season 2, Complete volume [English, 223 pictures]

Yuri And Friends Color 1 [No language, english or japanese]

saigado zip spanish hentai saigado zip spanish hentai saigado zip spanish hentai
Yuri & Friends Color 2, Uncensored version [Spanish]

saigado english color hentai
Yuri & Friends Color 2, Uncensored version [English]

Yuri & Friends Color 3 [English, Uncensored]

saigado color hentai free zip
Yuri & Friends Color 4 [English]

saigado english color saigado english color
Yuri & Friends Color 6 [English, Uncensored]

saigado english color saigado english color saigado english color
Yuri & Friends Color 7 [English]

color 8 16 color 8 04
Yuri & Friends Color 8 [Uncensored, No language spoken]

Yuri & Friends Color 9 [English, UNCENSORED version

ah my goddess english hentai ah my goddess english hentai
The Sport of Fortune [English], drawn with Chimatsuriya Honpo

saigado english saigado english
Left Eye [English]

saigado english
Right Here [English]

Mary Special [English]

Yuri And Friends 2008 [English]

um uncen 01 um uncen 10 um uncen 02
Yuri & Friends 2008 UM [English, Uncensored]

Yuri And Friends Color 10 [English, Uncensored]

Yuri & Friends 2009 Unparticipation of Mai UM [English]

Two short works : That’s Not Like Hibiki-San + Stepmother [English]

F-Nerd [English]

F-Nerd Extreme [English]

F-Nerd Color [English]

Yuri And Friends 2000 [English, Uncensored]

The COMPLETE Boku No Seinen Kouken Nin volumes 1-7 [English, 318 pictures]

This is a repack with the best versions available, from tank and from original volumes, with each time the highest resolution versions available, with additional color and levels correction.

Uncensored and High Res version of Yuri And Friends 2001
Uncensored version of Athena And Friends 2002 [English}

Yuri And Friends Mai Special [English, UNCENSORED VERSION]

Asuka28 [English]

Ayanami28 [English]

C-Freak [English]
R-Lab [
English], by Saigado

Self Help [English]

Part Time Manaka-san Wakazuma Enjokousai-ki Vol. 1 [English, 183 pictures]

Part Time Manaka-san Wakazuma Enjokousai-ki Vol. 2 [English, 182 pictures]

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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this is Yuri & Friends Full Color vol 3 and 5 English version

actually vol 5 is like vol 8, no dialogs or whatsoever so i reckon it’s okay to upload


btw i have bunch of saigado’s work but most of them are in japanese, just contact me if you’re interested


I feel like sharing so here:
Saigado – Yuri & Friends Jenny Special [eng]

Saigado – Sakura & Friends Quince Jam [eng]

Saigado – Yuri & Friends 96 [eng]

Oliver AKA The Admin

YAY, more cool stuff I didn’t have yet, thanks guys =)

About the raw stuff I think I roughly have it all, but translated materials, that’s very great, every time :)

Deepthroat Junior

OK, this is great..

but all i can see is Yuri and Yuri again..
where the hell is Athena and Friends?

hope to see them soon!!!

but great thx anyway…


I know the Yuri and Friends franchise has been around for a long time, but I noticed you don’t have the Mai Special. A translated, uncensored version I have not been able to find. But if it does exist, could you share it?


my #1 favourite !!!


oliver you forget this, the uncensored version of youri andr friends


Hey Oliver can u re up the old set of saigado collection plz =D


Would also appreciate a reupload; Yuri 6 is dead. I’d also like Yuri ’96 from an earlier comment and the Sakura & Friends Quince Jam (?) if it’s different from the Sakura edition, Yuri 4.


Anybody have Yuri and Friends 2000 in English?? I have been looking for it all over the place.


love saigado


most of your saigado yuri and friends works links are not working, are you going to fix them, please.


Wow that's a lot of tiles, ran out of space on my tab bar. Thanks for the upload


Yuri & Friends 2008 [English, Uncensored],…it's gone, does anyone have this?


hey thanks love saigado um could you post that one suite of my sweet…if you could in english?


It miss Yuri and Friends Mai Special


could make a complete pack of this as well?


The link for the full pack with the 7 parts of Boku no Seiken Kouken Nin is linking to one of the pictures instead of the post, nothing that using the search box won't solve but you may wanna fix it ;)
Thanks for the site, Oliver.


What are the differences between the censored and the uncensored versions other than the removal of the censoring?
Why is the censored version up? Is it so that people can grab the doujin in their most original form?

English –
English uncensored –
Japanese –

English –
English uncensored –


Hm. I read now some of Saigado
TY Oliver
But I must say there are several lacks in his Artwork
Scenarios are good – but there are too much fillers to blow up the amount of pages – most of them are previews and not tank, or nothing but framed text
Main Point – Shadow and Light, as the scenes have it the pics doesn resemble – they are all dim (afraid of black) and could have some more greyshades. They look somehow pale!
The coloured ones make that point (a little) better but they lack still -> contrast
Well generally I must say that orient-hentai hasn't developed well the taste of shadow/keeping things (partly) in shadow, to make suspense (more suspense)
?Do you have an orient-manga/doujin that plays with this – at least a bit? I'm curious if only western art supplys that.


Merci beaucoup, un des mes artistes préférés ^^

Je poste en français histoire que ça change un peu de d'habitude ^^


Mais oui, ça fait pas de mal des fois. ^^


have any plan on putting all the **** and friends all together ?!


any chance of putting all in 1 mega pack??


it's a great artist and is too cool compare the initials doujins until recently. some evangelion's doujins there isn't on the list, like R-Lab. Thank you!


Maaaaan.. I wish you'd post the big pack instead of per series :D

Herr H.

Thanks a lot for all these links. Hope you'll continue to share their recent & missing work.

Death Jr.

Some links were dead, dude….


A shame quite a few of these have been removed on all mirrors. Time for a megapack :)


Most of the Yuri and friends links are dead. Plus Saigado has so much work, he/she may be approaching Mega Pack status.