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Nice And Wet [English, Incest], by Juan Gotoh

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english incest hentai

Yet another english incest hentai manga uploaded by request, in exchange I was given a download link I wanted :twisted:

If you like threesome incest hentai, that’s a cool story for you, end of the summary :d

Come on, we’re talking about incest hentai, did you expect a scenario ? ;)

shota english

UPDATE : it turned out this was a chapter of Virgin White Book [English, 207 pictures]

I removed the download links for this sole chapter, you’d better refer to the complete manga :)

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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Who is the manga?
Who is the mangaka?




Here’s a link to his other work shounen teikoku:


I love Juan’s work. This is the first manga I’ve actually found. Before all it’s been is single pictures. Thanks a bunch.

Oliver AKA The Admin

So, this is Juan Gotoh who has drawn the Boy’s Empire, eh ?
I didn’t know that, thanks Fara !

The funny part is that I don’t like much the Boy’s Empire serie, hehe ^^

For people who want pictures galleries of the Boy’s Empires serie (and a link to volume 8), I just made a search, please visit that link
That link is Hentai Comic Books, one of my favorites – if not my favorite – hentai blogs, with a cool webmaster to cap it all. And there is Boy’s Empire 1-8, with zip (but heh, better use your link Fara, easier download :D ) and with complete pictures galleries.


Chanced upon this prelude to Nice and Wet

btw My sister just finished (by tadanohito)


Let me ramble a little:

i find it kind of funny that you (Oliver, webmaster, admin) find lolicon disgusting, and you say nothing about this thing??, sooo its ok to have under age kids have sex with their moms as long as they are not girls with their dads??… i mean, there are a lot of kinds of lolicon and i agree some of them i dont like, but there are some that actually can be really exiting, funny and worthy of admiration, i dont know what makes you not like them but i will ask you to look at some blogs in the web (i would post the links here but i think you dont want that), i know you are not going to like some of them but there are some that i think you will definitly enjoy, (not all loli is bad, and by regulation i belive “not shure, just belive” that they cant draw rape scenes of lolis in japan, so not to “encourage” this kind of behavior if you are worried about that) its not an accusation or an immposition, but when i read in your “glossary” LOLI as in “let me trow up” i think you havent really experienced the art in those comics, just hope to expand your whole H experience… BTW: excuse my poor english, i am from mexico, and i am not a pedophile, i just enjoy the Loli concept of hentai.

Thanks for reading admin, hope no one gets angry at me… you wanna know the links??? email me!!! [email protected] just dont flame please, i havent done nothing wrong


Dude, I think you’re totally wrong bout the ‘can’t draw loli rape’ thing.
I’ve seen some really nasty things already and that includes some loli stuff that wasn’t exactly what you’d call nice and easy.

They get just as nasty in loli stuff as they do in the regular stuff.
I don’t like the stuff, but I’ve seen plenty of guro around featuring lolis. So if that ain’t rape and torture, I dunno what is.

So basically I believe you’re pretty much wrong bout that.

Still, these days lolis can’t really be avoided no more since they tend to show up in a ton of regular hentai too where ya end up with a 3/1 BB/loli combo or something. Basically lolis in hentai’re becoming more and more common and even regular authors tend to put at least one loli in their stuff more than before.

Eh, I wasn’t into loli, but let’s say I got used to it being mixed in with the rest. :roll:


Interesting. So another of Gotohs work was translated?

This is the first chapter of Doutei Hakusho.

Are there more translated chapters of this?


let’s make love


juan gokoh has great mangas, check those psycho mangas he does, and the boy empire’ are quite good


OK I JUST HAVE A LITTLE TO SAY HOPE NO ONE BECOMES UPSET BY THIS on the topic of art i think this is ok and needs some work. On the topic what you call loli (I belive correct me if im wrong srry) Is on the brink of being really messed up. Lets say a younger gentenman or lady for all u females out there was just looking. Couldnt it allow him to think that by wipping out his penis and going hey mommy look at this. That his mothers gonna turn around and give him some ass to be blunt