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Nihonomaru, or an example or the “asshole way”

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Some of you guys may know a place called Nihonomaru, a small hentai board with only a few shares, an average design, and occasionally some quality shares posted. Well, here’s the scoop : many of the good posts in there are unauthorized rip-offs ! Which means the admin of Nihonomaru copies the html from good hentai blogs, from pages where the author spent days uploading and making links, transforms it into BBcode and makes a post in his board with it.

That’s a long story, but to summarize, here’s the whole thing in two lines : In that story the admin of nihonomaru sucked so far, it harms both nihono and the website of the person who first uploaded everything, and you would be welcome to spread the word.
Now, for the details, please click the “open the complete post” link ! :P

Thanks for clicking. If you saw no “open complete post”, that means you directly opened the full post, don’t waste time searching for it ;)

Here’s why this copying sucks :
( 1 ) That is made without authorization, ( 2 ) that depreciates the work of the original webmaster who did that all, that his work can be found anywhere without even a single “thank you” or credits, ( 3 ) that steals traffic, because then, why go to the original blog if you can find the exact contents on another thread, ( 4 ) that kills google pagerank, since google detects this is exact duplicate content and punishes both the original blog and the forum thread where this is posted, and the original hentai webmaster loses many visitors… And alas, when google punishes because of 1 page, it’s the whole website that is punished.

You want an example ? Compare the original page (one of my fav websites BTW, heh) and the copy.
Fast update 2 days after writing this : it seems the copy page was removed. Thank you Google Cache :)
I make more additions, cf the bottom of the post, just before the comments start.

About abusive deletions, too, my 2 replies in that thread, to tell it was a copy of the above link, were deleted without explanation within an hour. The webmaster of h-zip made a new thread saying “please dont’ steal my work, you may share a part of it but then make your own texts otherwise google will punish us heavily, and please say where it comes from” : his post was deleted one hour later without explanations too.So please, let us not allow that to continue :
– if you are a webmaster, don’t cooperate with them, remove your reciproqual links if you have some, and check that they don’t steal your contents already unless you want to lose PR and visitors.
– if you are a simple and merry leecher, after you followed my link to them, don’t ever go there again, there are better places to leech hentai, with friendly devoted hentai-loving webmasters, and also better forums, Cf my links section :D

I may edit that post if I get replies or explanations from the concerned persons, who knows, I am open to discussion. Feel free to discuss and reply in the comments :)

Additional notes and follow-up two days after the post was written :

I was IP-banned for the second time from there (ouch !) with the message I made a whole forum look bad because of one user. I have then to say the evil user had admin powers : deleting my replies and already banning me once, and that anyway Nihono’s admin had been told of this before and did nothing. Wrong choice : once notified you ARE responsible of your board contents if you do nothing, and as soon as the wrongdoer has admin powers, the management is responsible, and who’s head manager ?

I also saw that one of my posts too had been copied, heh ^^ Now this is not only about defending fellow uploader webmasters :lol:

Last addition, I’ll copy what I wrote in a recent comment, forgive the lazyness ;)
A visitor, SeizureDog, said : I always find it bitterly ironic when sites like this complain of stealing when thats all theyre doing in the first place :/ Its not as though Kaoru Hazuki or any other manga artist authorized for their works to be translated and distributed on the Internet.
And I replied that some matters were to be taken into consideration :
– credits for the work. Contents that make gigabytes of stuff to upload, thats always the kind of stuff stolen. Carefully named files, additional info, galleries. There is no copyright to respect unless you drew it yourself, but the minimum is to say where it comes from and show gratitude and respect for who made all the work. A bit better than the minimum is to say heres a decent pack, the rest is available at that link.
– a perfect copy without one single word of difference means pagerank punishment, because google who can’t tell who is the cloner (70% of the total number of blogs on the internet are automated copies trying to get visitors from search engine to show them ads, so google takes punishment very seriously to try to discourage that). That nihonomaru loses pagerank doesnt bother me, but that the original uploader of a page sees his whole blog punished, that is totally shocking. Yet it would be simple, paste the code in the notepad, control-H, and you start searching-replacing a few words, and next you add a few lines here and there, easy. But no, not even that.
– the loss of visitors : there are many posts copied from websites on nihonomaro forums, always posts that required a TON of work, and it sometimes happens that google will first show the link to nihonomaru before the link to the page where to contents were uploaded first.
Once again : unless you draw it you cant claim copyright, sure.
But respect and not-being-an-ass, that should be given too.

Final note : i’d love to say that the staff of nihonomaru has chosen a new direction, to punish people doing harm to both nihono and the original uploaders’ websites (starting with a massive copied thread deletion, so far I can find dozens in a few minutes without effort), when that is done I’ll put an end to all that mess. See, i’m open to discussion, anyone can make mistakes, trying to fix them or not is what makes the difference between a good person and an asshole.

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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Thanks a lot for your words! Previously I tried to persuade nihonumaru to stop doing bad in a private and polite way. However its admin disabled private message somehow. And then its admin deleted my formal and polite warning announcement of the duplication issue in their forum and he didn’t answer me any message.

In the past month Nihonomaru has simply duplicated most (maybe all) of my content pages without my permission and didn’t show a correct manner to respond my announcement.

We shouldn’t visit nihonomaru anymore, as its contents are the most simple duplicates of other sites. And remove its link from your affiliate list if you’re a webmaster, as it doesn’t worth you to send traffic and page rank anymore. Nihonomaru may do the same shit to your sites one day!

Administrator of H-Zip


WOW those assholes! I shall spread the word! btw u and admin of h-zip are awesome. thanks for all ur hard work and great hentai! >: D


ok, now that is totally fucked up


those fucking assholes think that they can do whatever they want

i’m gonna spread the word too man and lets see if we can make a difference

Admin of Hentai 4 Free


Thats fucked up. I thought dlld was putting his links up on his own. In that case, I’m taking all the stuff I contributed off their site. I had made my own thread.

But what they did is disgusted and I have no respect for that

Guys, first off, I think all the webmasters should ONLY use easy share or depositfiles. Yes I know it will annoy alot of people. But this will in effect get use some of our $$$ from the files nihonmaru copies.

Unfotunately, the fact that dlld’s site is so well organized has worked against him in this paticular case.


well thats both very rude and stupid from their part
i guess they either don’t care of the consequences
or just want to ruin other peoples hard work. any way keep up the awesome job u have here


what’s ur point? ur doing exactly the same thing, only waiting for a bit before posting and not in the same order from different sites/ppl/irc/etc… in a way ur stealing visitors from h-scan groups! 0.0…


Nihono is the devil’s site!
Too bad we cant give it negative digg raitings or something…not sure that might help but least its negative feedback to the site.

Nihonomaru Admin

Hello, first off that assumption you made transform html to bb code ? Did you just made that up cause that is plain lie.

And that Meme is a user not an Admin. Memembers rank are in the annoucement section if you want to check what each color of a user mean, currently I am taking my finals and I am extremly busy that is why my pm is closed, Second it is stated in our rules ” We are not responsible with what user post, if he/she took your stuff, go talk to them, don’t spam the thread with he stole and all that.”

Every site has their own rule and it gets too hectic if I am going to receive a pm about someone saying this guy stole my upload plz remove his/her links, There always leechers, there always ppl who would post other ppl’s link, that is the net, you can’t really change a thing. U just have to do what you have to do so that ppl appreciate your work.

Nihonomaru rules:

Direct Linking. NO! Bad! Direct linking or hot-linking is one of the most horrible things you can do to an individual. This is where you take an image directly from their site and post it on the forum for everyone to see. This method of linking will eat away the bandwidth belonging to them and them alone. If you want to post an image, upload it to Photobucket and post! Although we do not encourage hot linking but if a member came to us complain about someone else stealing their links, we won’t be responsible for this action, and u better deal with that person if u can’t, sorry we can’t help it. We can’t babysit random ppl on the net that decides to leech/steal links. So don’t spam the staff pms to complain about someone else stealing your links.

Best Regard.


That’s the fate of every digital work. Someone comes an copies it. Music Industrie has the same “problem”, exactly like the people making ero manga XD
So I think you have to live with this, even if it’s sound sad.
What I would recommend you: With a bit of PHP-Code (I don’t know how much possibilities you have for this site’s code), you could at least protect your links. I think there are even companies offering this service (don’t know what and if they charge though). This way copying might not be that easily (still not impossible though)


Defintely, I’ll never going to that kind of website.
Hope they’ll die or something.

My condolences for dlld Administrator of H-Zip


An admin of course can create a common user’s id to do whatever he wants and always say: “hey, it’s not admin, it’s a common user, we have rules blabla…” Let’s forget if Meme is a user or admin. It has been the fact that you admin haven’t moderated your forum for over a month and disabled contact. In other words, nihonomaru has lost functions. You said you were very busy, but how come you deleted my posts and oliver’s posts so quickly without a message, while you never moderated duplication for over a month? And here duplicate contents means text and it has nothing to do with the codes, no matter it’s html or bb code.

Nihonomaru admin, It’s your responsibility to moderate forum in time. Placing a page of rules doesn’t make you out of case. Otherwise, why don’t we just create another forum, place a strict list of rules and just use (or don’t forbid) a common user id to duplicate all your forum posts? Copy & paste is very simple. It can even be done by bots. lol…

Anyway, let’s see the facts in my eyes. Your forum has duplicated my contents of many pages for a long time without my authorization. I can’t contact you to immediately moderate. I placed a post to request to stop duplication and your response was only immediately deleting my post. So everybody knows what a shit your forum is.


this is unacceptable… even though I didn’t know of that website before, I’m sure I’ll never get back there again. Well, ok, just once to make a small post in their main section, but that’s only after the website comes back online (weird that it goes offline minutes after my reply in that thread O_o).

oh, about digg, they’ve got 2 diggs for site and 1 digg for forum so probably no point in lowering it

Oliver AKA The Admin

Thank you for your replies, guys, and thanks Radamenth too :)

@ Nihono Admin : of course it is very tempting to say this is the fault of a simple user, but then, how do you explain my total of 3 replies in the Hazuki Kaoru were all deleted ?
How do you explain that my account was simply banned from Nihonomaru ? All cookies removed I can browse Nihonomaru, otherwise, as soon as I login with my old account (a new one was created, heh), board’s not replying.
That, this is an admin’s or a mod’s doing, and thus that makes the management responsible.

The best would be you officially condemn such behaviour from users (and implicitly from yourself as well, but you can save your pride and not say so, why not), and remove all posts stealing contents. Even in terms of pagerank that would be better for your board.

Heck, Dlld even suggested that you could sometimes steal a few works and edit the texts so that this is no more duplicate contents for the search engines, and even that was too much :lol:


I’ll just add to what Oliver said as I am in the very same situation as far as acc/posts are concerned. Post deleted and cannot browse Nihonomaru after logging in. And there I was, all nice and polite in my post. Total lifetime of that post estimated to be ~5 minutes.


Nihonomaru Victim

Nice post on this one Oliver.

I have the same issues with them. I can understand jacking links from sites but exact posts and texts? That’s just low. At least give some credits goddamit.

@Nihonomaru Admin: My problem is not with a user but with an Admin named Rain. He or she is the one carbon-copy my uploads and descriptions. Heck even my images were jacked. We only ask that you give some credits to where you got them. But as you said, this is the net but if you’ve taken time to build rules around your forum as proper net etiquette, why not do so with those link jacking as well. Oh wait, you guys are the one jacking them!

Anyway, the least I could suggest to uploaders who were victims of this behaviour by NHN to label your files and put passwords (if in archive) directing to your site. A good password would be “Nihonomaru = shit”


I always find it bitterly ironic when sites like this complain of “stealing” when that’s all they’re doing in the first place :/

It’s not as though Kaoru Hazuki or any other manga artist authorized for their works to be translated and distributed on the Internet.


ill spread it on some of the bigger forums where people are looking for hentai and other stuff.

lets see what can be done ^^


I’ve found I’m also banned by nihonomaru. I got this message when I went there to check if those duplicated posts have been really deleted or not:

“You have been banned for the following reason:
I don’t like what u did and I won’t tolerat with it giving this site a bad reputation. Your thread were deleted + that other user thread who leeched your stuff were deleted, u have no bussiness in here cause your not wanted.

Date the ban will be lifted: Never”


Oliver AKA The Admin

Well, SeizureDog, there are two matters to take into consideration :
– credits for the work. Almost 2 gigabytes of stuff in the present case, and that’s always the kind of stuff stolen. Carefully named files, additional info, galleries. There is no copyright to respect unless you drew it yourself, but the minimum is to say where it comes from and show gratitude and respect for who made all the work. A bit better than the minimum is to say “here’s a decent pack, the rest is available at that link”.
– a perfect copy without one single word of difference means pagerank punishment. That nihonomaru loses pagerank doesn’t bother me, but that the original uploader of a page sees his whole blog punished, that is totally shocking. Yet it would be simple, paste the code in the notepad, control-H, and you start searching-replacing a few words, and next you add a few lines here and there, easy.
– the loss of visitors : there are many posts copied from websites on nihonomaro forums, always posts that required a TON of work, and it sometimes happens that google will first show the link to nihonomaru before the link to the page where to contents were uploaded first.

Once again : unless you draw it you can’t claim copyright, sure.
But respect and not-being-an-ass, that should be given too.


Well done =D
keep going
this world need more ppl who think this way!!

Nihonomaru Victim

@SeizureDog: It’s seems you haven’t tried your hand at serious uploading and sharing.

Every stuff on the net is a repost from somewhere. What makes it different is how the uploader or sharer reuploads it to a file hosting service and makes a description so downloaders would know what it’s about.

What happened in NHN was that the guys did not even bother to change the description or reupload the files. Meaning the only work they did was copy-paste and claim it is their work (because it has no credits).

Since I don’t run a site and just a freelance sharer, I’m cool with carbon-copies as long as they give credit on where it’s due. Webmasters like Oliver however, has a more complex issue with this.


Sad, never been there before and wont go there again, got better sites then that one, im happy on this site and others like this one.

Thankful for all the work done here and at other “good” sites


Yeah, I was pretty surprised when they started linking to your site, especially without giving any credit. They seem to link to some other sites without bothering to say where the source was from.

Never going there anymore! Thanks for the reminder


That’s horrible. Those bastards!

Really, I’d like to be anonymous.


I am also a admin on a hentai site that is also a forum not unlike niho. I have actually had many dealings with Katie — Rosie — Vadel — Ariko as she is known on her forum for the moment. She is the one who deletes and bans you — she is the admin. She has deleted people who were once her friends supposedly and anyone who bitches about her copy paste policy. I knew of her on Badjojo before she made her site, she frequented the forums there and was known to steal people's links even then. Her old site Montreal Otome got hacked because she was doing the same thing on Niho. She stole a bit of posts from my forum after i had already banned her and her friends who constantly tried to advertise on our site even though we have a no advertising policy.

Believe me she bitched and whined when i warned her to keep her stuff on her site. She also tried to get uploaders and posters to her site in any way possible — ie pming people to come to her site as well as spamming the hell out of bigger sties. She was banned from a bit of them a person told me.

The problem you are describing is rampant on her site and it is mostly just her– she has in the psat made numerous accounts through her different IPs and pretended to be others for the money – she has also had people pay to be admitted into sections in the past — her pay pal account — her service account (pay to download faster etc).

I will say this — going to the site and writing anything on this subject will not stop the stealing. If i were you — just protect yourself by writing a text in the files saying that if you got this file from any other site then the one upped to originally . It is all you can do.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Interesting info, Gustav, thanks !

Well, it’s good to kill a reputation too, after all, but it’s true I can’t do much.

I still did one thing, though : I contacted every ad company that had a banner or frame on nihono, giving them links to every loli share on the boards, and saying they had their adverts of pedopornography pages. I hope that one or two of the ad companies might not appreciate it…
It’s a small thing but better than nothing, it won’t stop nihono but it was funny to do :lol:


OH god you made me spit my eat out. Thnx for making me laugh soo hard this new year. Happy New Year to ya!


I’ve found the asshole Nihonomaru continues doing the shit by the same user called Meme (maybe it will rename to other id soon), after its admin claimed it had removed my content as per my previous requirement.

Here is one of the many examples:

My page updated on Dec 16:

Asshole Nihonomaru duplicated on Dec 19:

Nihonomaru has proved itself as a really asshole that should be permanently banned by all sites. :D


I don’t really know what to say but when I read this article I though that site was filled with bunch of assholes but it has proven to me that I was totally wrong. From my experience, I don’t want to say that link stealing is some made up bullshit but also that site has great people there , either Members, Staff or even the Admin.

Everyone is really friendly, and no flames, daily updates, I never see a site with these amazing banners and skin. I pmed the Admin once for help about reputation system to get to know what type of girl she is and she was extremely nice. I wouldn’t say she is a bitch at all. a Bitch doesn’t update her site nor care about her members, I daily see contest to access free renders, they bough 4 skin for the site, an rpg that is just awesome by itself. She cares about people either new or old members.

I can’t say this site is bad at all, I appreciate what these guys do for their members. True I don’t agree with link stealing but this isn’t a site, it is a forum mostly, every forum experience these kind of stuff + it is not like they steal you guys private server links , they are Rapidshare links etc. That is what forums are known for, sharing contents, not if that was a site, and I don’t want to mention names, of such sites that are being assholes but personally nihonomaru isn’t one of these site that I would describe as the assholes way. Want to prevent link stealing , put it on your own server or put a password protect, or link to your site in the archive of file that you upload.

But blaming this on such an awesome site, isn’t fair man. I see a personal grudge here. Few don’t like this forum but most do. Quality, Community , and Activity.

If you got banned from that site that is because you did something wrong, I know they are very restricted with people ruining their reputation because they try hard so hard to make their site good, you can see that in their announcement sections.

Man you need to lay down a little and try to chat with the admin nicely, I am sure she is too kind to change things but this way or posting an article on your site isn’t going to solve anything but hatred. Don’t get me wrong, hentairule is cool site , I’ve been downloading from it for months now and also that nihonomaru site is also cool if you get to know it better.


Matt, as you lack of experience as a webmaster, you are totally fooled by nihonomaru’s beautiful disguise. Here are a part of the solid proofs of what shit is nihonomaru is doing:,GGGL:2006-13,GGGL:en,GGGL:2006-13,GGGL:en

Ranked higher than my 5 newest updated pages:
as listed in my homepage .

That user called Meme is actually admin itself, duplicating other blog posts by most simply copy/paste, somehow ranked higher than original posts or even #1 in Google and cheat visitors from Google to sign-up in their forum to see those simply duplicated contents.

Three months ago Nihonomaru affiliated with a lot of sites including my site H-Zip. At that time its admin account was duplicating posts of many blogs including my blog. At that time I was pissed off and warned its admin to stop it and remove my content. At that time its admin listened to me and I forgave him. And I was ever very kind enough to allow it to use no more than 50% of my contents to help its growth, considering the difficulty for a forum in the beginning stage. But one month later, in October, Nihonomaru suddenly removed most of its affiliates links without notice. As result, it cheated a high page rank as many sites are now still one-way linking to it without knowing Nihonomaru had dropped their links without notice. In November I found all my pages had been duplicated without notice or permission. I most dislike the sort of cheat that makes promise like trash. Nihonomaru is exactly an example of over-greedy asshole.

In November, before my account got banned, I actually had contacted that user Meme (it is renamed from an old id I’ve forgotten) to stop duplicating and it said it wouldn’t duplicate. And nihonomaru’s admin said here that Meme’s posts were deleted and meanwhile banned my account without logical reasons. Now we’ve see taht meme is still duplicating, successfully. And I’ve found nihonomaru didn’t delete all of contents at all.

Maybe nihonomaru is good in some sub-forums, but its admin is really a shit and asshole, 100% proved by what it has done. Nihonomaru is a forum simply duplicating other site contents, cheating links and traffic from other sites and uses its interface to keep cheated visitors and get some more moderators to build some original posts in its forum. Because Nihonomaru duplicates all quality stuffs of other sites, it always has more quality contents than any single site. Common leechers of course will visit Nihonomaru more often than other sites duplicated by Nihonomaru as they don’t really care about credits. And Nihonomaru actually forbids leaving credits. That’s the way how Nihonomaru grows, different from many other famous and honest community sites.

Maybe we should create a new forum simply duplicating the whole Nihonomaru, using same free forum scripts that Nihonomaru is using. Copy & Paste just costs seconds. And then we create some original posts in order to say “Hey, we have more contents, better than Nihonomaru! “. So you’ll support such a new forum then? :D

No matter how much content Nihonomaru has, Nihonomaru is actually doing the shit frustrating original content makers. It doesn’t leave any credits in stolen contents and it ignores others’ objection and simply bans accounts that objects to it and even has told lies here. That’s exactly an asshole that should be removed from Internet.


Matt, limited by my time, I can’t list up all the details of my communication with Nihonomaru admin and my friends. What I emphasize here is that: I never did the bad to Nihonomaru and actually contacted Nihonmaru in a kind and reasonable manner, but Nihonomaru just simply disabled contacts and it continues to do the bad. Nihonomaru is successful in just building a good-looking website interface and actively copy&paste other sites all best stuffs by different user ids, and now, after it has grown big, it still continues to do the same shit in a way that few people can see. It only appears well for common visitors, but meanwhile it’s actually very ugly to other sites.

This post is actually for webmasters to get alerted and I highly recommend all sites to ban Nihonomaru. We can’t technically stop Nihonomaru’s deliberate duplication, but we should at least simply stop linking to this shit. Sites with quality original contents should well link together and share traffic. That’s the best way to share best contents in the Internet and eliminate malicious sites like nihonomaru.


Matt, I’ve contacted admin to terminate the bad. But he just deleted my post and that user is not banned at all but continues to be able to duplicate without being moderated. Nihonomaru’s admin knows this post and he had posted his comments here without logics.

If that’s really a common user’s activity, why he was not simply banned after my previous request sent to Nihonomaru? Why my contents are not removed from Nihonomaru at all? Why am I simply banned while I didn’t violate any forum rules there at all? That user was only simply renamed to “Meme” from a previous id, after I sent message him to stop duplication. It’s a common sense that a normal forum user doesn’t have rights to rename id. Only admin can do that! That proves Meme is actually admin, or a user fully supported by admin.

Nihonomaru’s admin actually has known all about what happened but he just simply deleted my post and made no actions and didn’t send any reply to me. All is just because such duplication actually helps Nihonomaru and it’s exactly what Nihonomaru has done since beginning. We have called this “abuse of administrative power”.

I actually left a lot of chance to Nihonomaru to save its reputation. It’s Nihonomaru admin who was stupid enough to drive me to be against to it and disclose all the ugly that it has done. This post was created by oliver in Hentai Rules, not me in H-Zip, just because oliver is a good friend of mine and he couldn’t withstand Nihonomaru more than me.

So far only Nihonomaru has been deliberately duplicating my contents ignoring my warning. And it duplicates all.

Matt, to be honest, I’m suspecting you are actually the admin of Nihonomaru. As your logic is exactly the same as what he has ever said here before. And Nihonomaru’s admin has been good at using different ids to disguise his identity, which oliver, I and many of my friends have seen too much. :D You repeated that I should contact admin, same as Meme ever said to me. But it’s the solid fact that: 1. he disable PM, the only contact, before I got banned; 2. he deleted my post of request without reply to me; 3. he banned my account so that I have no way to contact him by anyway. Now I can only find duplicates via the honest friend Google, not able to find directly via its forum. Again, I’m suspecting you are actually the admin of Nihonomaru, as all your message here looks very like what I’ve seen during my contact with Nihonomaru, Matt. :D


Man, saying that all sites should not link to nihonomaru is showing you're having a personal grudge against it for whatever personal reason.

Like I said before try to talk to the Admin nicely, I think she is too kind, plus dude why really blame the site's Admin if a user is posting your stuff, do you really want to tell me that you look at every forum and see if your stuff is being posted here and there and want to contact the admin of the site for it and if they don't do anything about it, then you put that site in the black list.

I personally, think you're totally being wrong, a simple user causing this shouldn't be blamed for the whole site. Man the site isn't just about the look , it is about the members and the staff members and the updates they show in their announcements.

You have the right to hate that site but not the right to say every site should not link to that site. I've been in it for 2 weeks so far, and i really enjoy staying there, the chats are interested, help are provided instantly and it isn't a crappy site that i would hate coming to it again. People just need to get a long.

If you want me to talk to the admin for you, I could show her that link to this topic and let her know, but this topic itself is what is creating more hatred I believe. Stuff like these should be carried threw msn, pms , and so on, not to public because then there won't be a solution. You will keep hating and they will do the same, since no one like to receive bad reputation.

To tell you the truth, if a user did that *stealing your content* that is who you should contact not the site Admin or protect your content and move on, I can't believe you guys are making a big fuzz about link stealing , because this is known across the whole net.

I would say blame that user not the whole site, doesn't make much sense to no one.


Man , wtf is this bull shit. Are you going to say that everyone who pulls up a good comments or facts about such site is in fact the Admin of Nihonomaru? You’re being bias here, you only want to hear comments that suits you aka bad comments about the site only. I am no Admin or any shit, I came here to this site to download what I like from Hentai, saw this topic and simply visited that forum and saw how it is.

Live it up.


hmm, interesting, you put you stuff on the net, and expect no one to dl it and use it?….. little childish.

personally i dont see the problem here, well i do, but its not what your saying.

your just pissed cuz your not getting as many hits as before.

if you dont want your stuff used on other sites dont put it up, simple as that.

and Matt is right, why act like 12 year olds going around telling everyone to blacklist a site just because the stole your traffic, just ban the ip(s) from your server and/or do the next childish thing and hack him down xD (i have seen many good hentai sites hacked just because they got more popular then older sites, RIP hentaiaddict).

really, unless your a paysite you are using copyrighted material (well most paysites dont copyright infringe, some might though xD) so really, unless you personally created the mangas and crap your hosting (or your staff did) stfu and get over it, otherwise then yes, you are certainly allowed to try to get the site blacklisted.


It’s common sense that originally input text is copyrighted for every site by default. I don’t mind how others share my downloads urls or reupload to others hosts for their own credits. Simply duplicating texts of my site is prohibited. You can always feel free to place urls like http://……. anywhere in the Internet, as urls are never copyrighted, but use your own creativity to describe it. Those zip files are not hosted on my domain, but text is and it’s originally organized by me. I have rights to order nihonomaru to remove duplication and write a formal mail to Google to legally remove the whole nihonomaru’s index, if duplication extent is severe enough. Don’t mess up the points, you childish. If you are nihonomaru’s admin, read more on Google’s TOS and you’ll know your site are on the way to get eliminated.


To nihonomaru’s admin or anybody who supports nihonomaru:

My account in nihonomaru was simply banned and actually I had no way to contact nihonomaru’s admin before I got banned. I’m owning H-Zip’s text copyright and hereby order nihonomaru to remove text duplication. Nihonomaru admin should on her own initiatives follow my order, unban my account and go to my site to invite me to validate her site. If you are nihonomaru’s real fans, you should shut up and simply help me to let its admin know. Otherwise, all your words here can’t save nihonomaru’s reputation at all, as the fact is stil that Nihonomaru is duplicating my site’s text. All my claim is based on “facts”, not like somebody just simply blalbla some words to mislead topic.


dont get me wrong, i dont even know who the fuck this nihonomaru guy is.

i never even been to his site. all i am saying is there’s a possibility that he just copy pasted your site, but heres an equally possibility that its a coincidence.

oh and btw, dlld, if you are the admin of hzip, you should know that almost all the links from the 2nd entry on page 2 to to page 6 (as far as i went) have almost all dead links.

all of the deposite files links are dead and most of the megaupload’s are also dead and do not load after clicking on the ‘Click Here’ text link where it shows the rar passwords.

I tried to direct url them but the 9hz domain registrar came up instead of the page with the downloads.


I had announced those links were temporarily down because of’s problem, on homepage right side bar. Now they’ve been fixed. All download links are working now.


The guys from this site and H-zip have a right to bitch Matt. More cause they want to know where their stuff is goin, they spent hours getting and uploading their stuff. You also fail to realize that with all the stuff that is copied Niho gets tons of traffic and makes money off of the people who go there. It is a money prophet business for some and especially for them. I suspect if you go up to Katie — or meme — or Aiko — whatever her name is this week — and just say two things — Remove this guys stuff plz, and why do you the admin allow people to copy paste stuff after it has been prove to be stolen — you will suddenly find yourself banned. And of course you wont do that — becuase your writing looks exactly like ITs (her, he — it changed gender to annoy people on badjojo.)

The guy from H-zip has a chip on his sholder cause he was mistreated so you using the logic that he is biased is total BS — he has a right to be. You try spending hours upping and working at getting people to share with and work with — community building is hard — and of course IT (admin) did a short cut so you saying that dlld is sore for the lack of hits is almost ironic.

Respect people who want to spend their time sharing and taking time — you can respect the Niho Admin but atleast rethink what you are saying to some one who takes time to give you something and it gets ignored and abused.



Here the person you ALL steal from. Hentai Group owner Numbus, which you all happily leech from and have NO problems giving 0 credit to my sites WHAT so ever. You guys are such freaking huge hypocrites for badmouthing another site for something you guys do the same?

Why are you stealing traffic and google ranking form my site Doujin-World? Got an explanation for that? Every person here H-zip, Hentairules and Hentai4Free and many other bloggers steal my Translations like it’s the most ordinairy thing to do. Some give credit by saying who translated it but don’t give a link to my original site at all.

All of you guys just go “HEY here you have a zip download on my download account where I get download credits for which I can cash in for money”!!! Leaving me, the person who actually worked and paid for those translations (in total more then 10,000 USD in translations ALONE, that excludes hosting and bot costs). Yet you have the guts to stand up to another site and say “look they steal MY hard work” I can guarantee you that 99% of that work you did, was leeching from a download program or other forum and dumping it on your site in a zip. That is not work that is being a lazy ass leech with the abillity to run a site.

Given I give you all credit for your frequency in updates, It’s still so insanely hypocritical from you people to even comment on this matter. I am absolutely not defending nihonomaru as they are in a way competition for me so I really have no need for it. I am merely commenting on the horrible behaviour by some blogging webmasters that think they rule hte Hentai World.

When you guys actually start paying for your own mass translations I will listen to you guys. Oh and to do your the favor, I will steal all your release and put them on my site for free, easy download so everyone can grab them. Even when you ask to credit our work. Or like me NOT to release our stuff on other sites other then our own, we provide free downlaods for people already as it is. I guess some people can’t read or listen.



To be serious for doujin-world, I can’t even find reasons to begin to help you:

Doujin-world’s terms are stated in this page:

It says:
3) All material on this site was found on the web or donated by various parties. All copyrighted material holds the rights to the company or animators holding the copyright.

My comment: I can’t find any claims on the copyright that you own. “2004-2005 All rights reserved” at bottome of doujin-world website only effects for the contents that its domain hosts: text and banners, which is not leeched by H-Zip or Hentairules at all. And you are reminded that now it’s year of 2008. All translations claimed by doujin-world seem to be hosted on another paysite: and it’s funny that hentaikey doesn’t claim any content’s copyright or authorization of redistribution for doujin-world or hentaikey at all.

It also says:
8) You will only refer people to this website to this link, not to any other part of the website so the person can read the terms.

My comment: Why do you get other pages indexed by Google and get Google violates your own term?

Hentaipalm seems to be doujin-world’s partner forum but it links to doujin-world’s homepage, not your terms page as it requires. Doujin-world is linking to hentaipalm and hentaipalm is linking to sites as partners including nihonomaru (doujin-world’s competitor, linking to hentai downloads of English translated mangas claimed by doujin-world) in this page:

So what the heck are you claiming for “copyrights”?

When you claim your copyright, you should validate your own copyright first. Otherwise we can’t even find a base to support you.

Nihonomaru is duplicating large amount of dedicated text hosted on That’s absolutely violating text copyright as stated at bottom of every page of H-Zip.


Hentai Group’s website says: “HentaiGroup, HentaiPalm, DoujinDomination, Doujin-World, DoujinAlert, MoviePalm, HentaiPyramid, HentaiSha, and MangaPalm are all sites owned or controlled by Hentai Group Inc.”

But its weird that some of those sites don’t respond those info at all. Who can feel safe to believe your words are true? If H-Zip simply self-claims “Hentai Group is controlled by H-Zip”, does that mean all Hentai Group’s contents belong to H-Zip?


I own the translations alright, I paid for them to get done. The original Doujinshi is obviously owned by the original artist that created it. I didn’t claim that I owned that content.

I was merely calling your and other webmasters completely hypocritical way of thinking. You blame others for stealing form your site while you do exactly the same thing. Yes I don’t own the copyright to the art, but I DO own the copyright to the actual translations. As I actually did pay to get it translated and took the time to edit the doujinshi (or Saha did) to put the english text in. Then you and other webmasters come along, take the file and slap it on your own site “ENGLISH DOUJINSHI HERE!! OMG DOWNLOAD NOW!!” how is this different?

Don’t try to counter me with “oh but you don’t own the content” you don’t either. I actually have more copyright over the translations then you do. As I actually have the translations to them. Giving that the original text is right to the owner, a free translation on it’s own is copyrighted to the translator.

So all in all, you entirely missed the point of my post, I was lashing out at you and the other webmasters about your way of claiming content. NOT about copyrights.


@Numbus: You receive donations from your doujin-world, but doujin-world doesn’t share any of your stuffs for free, just placing a link to a paysite called hentaikey which doesn’t announce to admit doujin-world’s copyrights at all. It actually works like an ad-farm blog or a scam (why don’t you host doujin-world’s stuffs on domain? Your dedicated server has no problem to do that.) to promote a paysite. And your stuffs are not licensed in US or Europe. That’s no wonder why your works resulted in even worse situation than the original art in many hentai forums/sites. Nobody can have a base to help you so far.


Then you should learn to fucking read first. Master the English language, ALL Doujin-World releases are offered for free to download. If you actually took the time to freaking read.

It’s all there, all 256 releases we did (which is the biggest Translation Group on the net currently) and you can freely download them from our IRC bots at high speeds, faster then webdownloads most of the time. We don’t let people use stupid shit like deposit files and megaupload. The GT Area is Solely for the people that want to donate to our translation services. And seeing Paypal banned adult content, we use Hentaikey.

And actually some of the stuff is Licensed in Europe but we leave it at that. I never brought in the word Copyright until you started ranting about it to me.

Besides your logic is so extremely flawed, you claim my situation is worse because I actually do the translation works you USE to get traffic on your stupid little site with but also put them in a pay section. So I am the bad guy? wtf man.


Haven’t you realized that you haven’t provided any PROOF for your words? That’s exactly a fucking scam way in the internet.

You say you provide free download in IRC, but why do you put so many words unrelated to “free download” instead of showing clearly somewhere on your homepage to say that all your downloads are free? It’s stupid for a webmaster to require visitors to read through its weird web pages. It’s YOUR job to make useful information clear on your website. I clicked your web page of Web Downloads and I only find a Sign-Up link to a paysite called hentaikey which requires paying money. You member pages do the same. And all you posts are just placing a link to your paysite, very actively ask for your so-called “donation”. I never see a site asking for donation in so many pages of contents. Is that your fucking shit donation? That’s SCAM, confusing people to feel have to pay money for your stuffs! I’m surprised and laughing that here you don’t feel shame to say hentaikey is for donation.

I have no interest to read your SCAMs anymore. Your web sites already look weird enough, as PROVED in my previous posts. Your web sites have too many useless confusing words to annoy leechers away. That’s why I, like a common new visitor to your site, have no time or interest to read through all your pages and didn’t think I can’t find free downloads there.

And, I’ve found another thing is very weird: since even YOU don’t claim “copyright” for yourself, why do you have rights to mind others sites’ duplication of your downloads? What are you barking for?


Typo Correction: “didnt think I cant find free downloads there.” -> “didnt think I can find free downloads there.”



I’ve found now you are still linking to nihonomaru via this page:

Are you with nihonomaru? Or nihonomaru is also one of your sites?


You know what I am just so happy that the average visitor of my website actually has more navigation capacity and brains then you. The site mentions MULTIPLE times (even in the main news now for christ sake) that you can connect to our IRC channel and download from our bots. They even have a new archive bot up with ALL the downloads FOR FREE. That you cannot find any reference to free downloads on that site, shows that you are entirely incompetent for website surfing. Makes me wonder how the fuck you maintain one.

The Hentaikey GT sign up is ENTIRELY optional as mention MANY times on the website, as you can get the downloads for FREE. So yes it is a donation system, no need for quotations there. People do not have to sign up for it, unless they are lazy and want web galleries & want to help out the translation group. There is nothing scamming about it. It is no different then your banner infested and pop up infested website.

Seriously every click I make I get a goddamn ad for Party Poker, are you trying to scam people to sign up for it? If you ask me, you are! Atleast according to your own logic.

I highly recommend you that before you start lashing out at a person and rant about copyrights and free content you actually navigate through their sites first and don’t hold your dick in one hand and mouse in the other and randomly ram buttons in the hope something will pop up.

And last remark on your copyright bullshit. I already said, I was commenting on YOU for doing that very thing, YOU are the one bitching that Nihonomaru took “your” content, even though you don’t own any content, hell you don’t even own a real website. So it’s hard to take anyone serious for being such a fucking hypocrite. THAT’s where I commented on. Nothing else.

Also no I don’t own that website, I know the owner yes, she asked for link trade several months ago and I did. That’s all.


@Numbus: H-Zip doesn’t have any pops at all. I don’t know how you are so stupid to say that nonsense.

In short, now your weird websites can’t prove you own any copyright of your downloads or translation at all, even if you really have translated all mangas by your team as you said here. So you don’t have any rights to stop others’ redistribution of your stuffs. And, when you barked here, your own forum is still linking to another forum as partner that is redistributing your stuffs without leaving credits to your site, even after you’ve known and got reminded that here. So I can’t even find a base to feel sympathetic to you.

The problem between nihonomaru and my site H-Zip is different and clear. It’s just about text copyright obviously owned by H-Zip. All your words here are off-topic (and actually unsupported), Numbus. It’s funny that, you, a webmaster of many hentai sites, barked a lot here without getting any help or support for your sites, except your IRC channel maybe.

All my key points have been written clearly. I’ve felt bored in repeating them again and again. Ah yes, it’s your freedom to continue to waste your time in barking with useless unsupported self-claims in the most rude and ugly words like an un-educated child. I never thought that a webmaster of many well-known hentai sites is actually so naive.

Some off-topic words: I actually never used IRC before and have forgotten it even after Oliver told me months ago that I could leech a lot from it. Now I’m glad to be reminded by you, as my website visitors have been complaining that my site has too few English translated stuffs. Other sites including Nihonomaru may also feel interested in your IRC channel in future…


Okay very well I figured because you are so extremely defensive of this site you owned this as well. Then my argument still stands, you might not have pop ups, but your site is still full with banners to pay crap. This is no difference then my Pay section on the site, I am actually smart enough to own the pay section myself.

As for my own forum linking off to other people that steal my stuff without giving out credit. Hey my forum even links to your shitty ass site. Doesn’t mean anything.

The matter of my “barking” (this makes me think you spend too much time with dogs) without any support from my websites or Forum… I didn’t ask for support from there. I am perfectly capable to argue on my own. If you want I can get other people on her starting to flame you and this site, but that is not why I started this argument to begin with.

I started this argument because the original thread starter is being a hypocrite, saying that sites like Nihonomaru take away his google ranking. I say you guys do the same to my sites. This goes by content and name of doujinshi on it own, because you and the other webmaster here steal my content, I get less traffic on my sites. Even though I am the one actually putting the effort in editing and translating the doujinshi. Once again, THAT is what the argument was about. Then you drag the whole copyright bullshit in here, something I didn’t even mention to begin with.

As for the third part of your reply, I am not even going to bother to comment on that. As I didn’t start the argument to begin with anyway.


Oh, my fucking god. dlld will you please just shut the fuck up? OK, so you made a hentai website big deal? So someone is copying your html so what? This is the internet!
You bitch and you whine and you start shit with others only to have your face bitch slapped away, so what do you do? You whine, complain and bitch some more, you make up shit just to change the subject and try to convince your imaginary friends that you are right… always.
You are the type of person who thinks they are special because of the small things they have achieved (piece of shit you call a website), you think you are better than the people around you thus stimulating your huge e-penis, you hide behind text and “laws” and make the stupidest arguments I have ever seen. When beaten and facing defeat you will always cling to the feeble straws you have left and even start making up shit. Your own logic fails you in this whole argument.
You are a complete and utter jackass and I can only hope that you get the living shit kicked out of you.

Go ahead and attack me, abuse me, laugh at my comment, delete it or what ever it is that jerks like you do. My advice to you is to shut the fuck up and stop bitching when things don’t go your way. This will be the last you hear from this Anonymous (you don’t even deserve to know my name).
Life’s tough deal with it, eat some cement and harden the fuck up!
But sadly, knowing your type, you wont…

Oliver AKA The Admin

Wow, the things seem to have gotten a bit out of control here, I should read the comments in my blog more ofen o_O

Hello newcomers.

A bit of neutral moderation here : Dlld, Nimbus, and whoever whatsoever : if you want to discuss, make it staying polite and showing respect to the other person, who might not share your opinion, to the contrary even, that is no reason to call him names, otherwise STFU instead of being rude. You’re free to hate each other, the internet makes everyone emo including me, but let’s keep our cool , right ?

About the rest, I should remind you all that unless we’ve drawn it ourselves and kept the sheets locked under our dest there’s no hope to keep any comic for ourselves on the internet. Raw scans, translations, everything finishes freely shared around.
I don’t mind, in the bottom of all my blog notes there’s a message to say I don’t object my links being shared – but not a carbon copy.
You, Nimbus, may be pissed that other blogs share your content ? Just give up on sharing it then ? Nah, of course you know it’s natural and unavoidable that your work ends shared around. I contacted a translator to have one work that I LOVE to be translated, I know it will be around the internet in ten days, and that’s that. Should everyone give up on sharing stuff by you ? As for me, I never removed a single credits file from the archives I found, I consider that enough, I’m certain that indirectly I send many people to find your own original website for more quality stuff, and that’s good.

My ranting was against systematical carbon copying, which is a pagerank killer, hence a traffic killer, and about some disrespectful manners. I don’t know about copyright, unlike dlld who is an SEO whore compared to me – and a pal, but I know about carbon copies and its negative side effects. Back to the original start of the discussion :D

Now, feel free to hate each other, but please, no flaming and such, we are not on 4chan, are we ?


@oliver: Thank you, oliver. I didn’t hate Numbus at all, as I don’t need to hate because Numbus’ sites have not done the bad to my site as nihonomaru did. I was just surprised that an experienced webmaster organized and discussed things in “that” way. And I just simply pointed out some facts to let him know. :D

@Numbus: Are you going to make things become better or worse for you? It seemed that you didn’t even consider this very basic question at the beginning at all.


Very well, I admit I might have been too rude in my way of talking, I appologize for that, however my original argument still stands.

As for complete text copying, I do disprove of that, as long time webmaster I experienced hundreds of clone sites that use Hentai Palm news articles or just the name Hentai Palm to get traffic to their site through google, yahoo and MSN Search. It's beyond frustrating.

To respect the websites owners will I will not continue this argument any futher, as I said what I wanted to say and leave it with that.


Hmm i been the staff at nihonomaru and i wont deny the fact that the admin steal links and that meme and Lulu are just bots under her name. I was once pmd by a guy to remove his links when i asked her if she really took ther links she told me its the net ^^ i added credits to the original uploader later on i again got such pm’s i knew it was wrong asking ppl to pay for something thats not even your upload so i quit the S-Mod position in her forum. I got my own blog and i dont really mind ppl taking my links it’s the net after all but asking ppl to pay for my uploads which even i aint doing is just damn wrong !

I tried talking to her telling her to not steal links but no use. She’s got plenty of uploaders on the site but the thin is she steals links from someplace before they can upload it on their own as one guy complained to me when i was in Staff there. I been tryin to make her stop but guess its futile she even banned me even after all i did to fucking help her damn site installing the damn galleries getting hacks editing the phps uploadin with pass to niho but fuck i give up. Shes really like a sucubbus u know posin as a chick gettin guys to help her n all blah well w/e i give up now ^^ jus wanted to type this :p


Guys, I think you should read this.
Looks like they also steal other stuffs.,1205.0.html


Well the problem is not only links but hentai renders/ecchi renders and anime renders as well.
As you can see someone is spamming the sitecomment image
And the admin accounts should be found in other sites as renders sites, such as planet renders and animerenders and banned!


niho admin: And that Meme is a user not an Admin
funny thing. since when are bots members. coz meme(eluma) is nothing else then a bot .


Actually that bot is the admin herself.
She’s pretends ot be another member for some crazy reason. Maybe so she can blame that member and claim she’s not responsible?


I know how you feel, check mt blog about it.


I made a blog about this, check :

nihonomaru-less.blogspot DOT COM

@Niho admin
Shut the hell up, you rules are jokes. I keep watching moderators breaking those over and over and nothing is done. No direct linking? You know that guy you made a moderator? “Maras”, he spends the time doing it, so shut the fuck up.


although this is an old post but the haters who get ban like banless needs to grow up and stop whinnying like a little bitch.

Dude heck I never liked your post when you use to post on nihonomaru.

Facts about Nihonomaru.


Got to say do you mean site. ? If so its not a small site anymore and apart fro set moderater there not too bad.

I have seen worse.

surprised not taken down if that bad or hacked.