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Berry Ecstasy [English], by Towa Hoshima

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English Hentai Manga I was very glad, many months after I had shared Love Game, by Towa Hoshima, to find another hentai manga by that artist, and even more, an english-translated one !

There is a real interesting scenario (a bit depressing, I thought, but really surprising all along !), and the sex scenes are just great :D

If you prefer romantic sex stories with cool unsurprising endings, then go for Love Game, the link’s just above.

english hentai manga

UPDATE : I’m now sharing the COMPLETE version of Berry Ecstasy :)

If you’re still hesitant as to download it or not, something important : that’s rare, this manga deals from page 1 to page 140 with just ONE story, with a limited number or characters… as for me, I like it best :D

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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14 Comments on "Berry Ecstasy [English], by Towa Hoshima"

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OMG, that one is pretty funny x). “NO, don’t open the door!”
“I have a girlfriend”
“Couldn’t you say that earlier?!?”


i think the depositfiles link its wrong
just giving the heads up
take care…and keep up the good work


I guess you’re right.

When i downloaded it the first time, i got another full colored Manga .o


yeah, i see that the depositfiles download link is not it. it a link to downloading Yui_Toshiki,_Because_I_Was_Able_To… .zip

the second link is the right one.


ah….seemed like a movie to me…


Could someone please upload a compiled version of this manga? The DF link is wrong and the Megarotic link was taken down…


Hallo, I want a right link to depositfiles, it is same as Yui Toshiki… thx

Oliver AKA The Admin

Thanks for the reports guys, I updated the link ! :)

Now, back to work, gotta pump up sales, chaaaaaaaaaaarge !

Sol Falling

heh. it’s not depressing, it’s actually pretty close to being true.

Men, women, we all want to be captivated. To find something that’s truly worth chasing after, to live for, to die for, to love. But you know, if you’re chasing after someone, then you’re giving off a pretty clear message: they don’t have to chase after you. You’ll always be there, a step behind them, and anything they want from you, they’ll get in an instant.

So that’s why saying “I love you” is selfish. It’s all good on your side, you’re happy, you’re grateful, but what about them? They don’t get to have that feeling of working for something and getting it, of being lucky to have found something rare, of purpose, meaning, of something beyond themselves. You want to give yourself to them, but they want to give themselves to something too.

Women are so desperate to be treated like nothing by someone they love. The only problem is, men are even more desperate. Just do everybody a favour and wrap your life around something else. Girls will be falling all over themselves to be around you ’cause you won’t just give them what they want. Instead, you’ll be taking what you want, and they’ll love you for giving them a chance to feel like they’re worth a shit.


thanks for fixing the link man!


for Sol Falling:
You are so damn right! I have the same experience… Thats why this is more like a real good manga than just a hentai. It realy brings back memories… wommen simply ARE like that… (thinking of ex-girlfriend)


i totally find what u said Sol to be right on the money… that hentai was like some anime where u hoped that she would return his feelings… i just cant believe how u were able to embody that emotion so clearly…


this manga has a great story, its very rare to see ones like this

bara bara ningen

Nice… Thanks

In the index is listed another story with the title of “the way of the beast”

Is it like a continuation?

see ya
bara bara ningen

ps.: i´m brazilian so I don´t write in ego very well…

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