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Redirection page : Hellabuna Giant comics’ works on Hentairules

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THIS is the page I will update with the list of all the works by Hellabuna Giant Comics that I share on Hentairules.

These are the covers of the works available on hentairules, scroll down for the list ^^
hellabuna english hentai
hellabuna english hentai zip

hellabuna translated

The girls in the doujinshi by Hellabuna Giant Comics are far from the usual thin (or should I write famelic) schoolgirl seen in most hentai doujinshi. The heroines have big tits, big hips, large thighs, they are, if I may use the word, “plentiful”. Not fat nor chubby, mind you, simply, your hands would be quite happy with lots to grab if you could have those girls for real. Panties artistically surrounding a bulging pussy is another specialty of the house. As for the works, it’s mainly doujinshi about DOA and Soulcalibur, and a few other series as well.

Tiger Dance And Dragon [English], To Love Ru hentai doujin

Tiger Dance And Dragon [English, Colorized and Uncensored version]

(dead pictures, argh)
Rei Slave To The Grind 1 [English], DOA hentai doujin

hellabuna translated hellabuna translated
Rei Slave To The Grind 2 [English], DOA hentai doujin

hellabuna translated hellabuna translated
Rei Slave To The Grind 3 [English], DOA hentai doujin

Rei Slave To The Grind 4 [English], DOA doujin

Rei Slave To The Grind 5 [English], DOA hentai doujin by Hellabuna

Rei Slave To The Grind 6 [English], DOA hentai doujin by Hellabuna

Rei Slave To The Grind 7 [English], DOA hentai doujin by Hellabuna

+ a BIG hentai pack with Rei Slave To The Grind volumes 1 to 7

hellabuna english hentai hellabuna english hentai hellabuna english hentai
Secret Student Meeting Room [English]

hellabuna english hentai zip
Mao Level 5 [English], Kimikiss doujin

Everybody’s Super BJ [English, Uncensored version]

flash hentai
Flash Animation (animated doujin, let’s say), Super BJ 1 & 2

IMPROVED version of REset [English]

This is an improved version, it contains 2 versions :
– Uncensored Grayscale version
– Uncensored Full Color version
+ a few added bonuses !

Chance Exposure [English]

Syoku-Gan [English, Tentacles – alas]

Syoku-Gan [English, Colorized and Uncensored version]

Orz [English], DOA hentai doujin

QB [English], Queen’s Blade hentai doujin

Boin Attack 2003 Xtreme Showtime [English, Uncensored], DOA hentai doujin

Seven Force [English], Super Black Jack doujin

Incident [English, Uncensored]

Pack of 6 fullcolor works by Hellabuna Giant Comics :

– Fighting 6 Button Pad [English, Colorized, Uncensored]
– 5 other untranslated natively full color artbooks or short works

The End Of The Century Is Coming [English]

For that one, I manually adjusted the pictures to make them good-looking grayscale pictures, with good contrasts.

Inu Murasaki [English, Uncensored]

Inu A O Preface + Inu A O Posterior [English, Uncensored]

Inu Sequel [English, Uncensored]

Mio-Mugi Densha Shikan [English]

Inu Intimacy [English]

Uncensored version of A Housewive’s Temptation [English]

Useful note : this one is unique for a Hellabuna creation, it displays non-rape humorous happy sex !

Uncensored version of Inu Incident Side C [English]


Hello ! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the Zip links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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here’s a french site with information about most of Hellabuna’s works

and also another link:
a forum where most of the works listed in the first link are available

Oliver AKA The Admin


I’ll leech it all and share as much as I can in the future, thanks a lot for the link :D

PS : you may see I’m not a bitch like other webmasters, your comment was in my moderation queue because it might have been spam, I publish it ;)

Thanks for the link, Dafen :P


no problem

even if you hadn’t published the link, you’d have leeched and republished it all on Hentairules ;)

and I’ve got all I need in regards of Hellabuna material


I notice you don’t have Gung-Ho on here (a Guilty Gear doujin), you can’t find a link for it either?


As a loooong-time hellabunna fan, I'd like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


Thanks for the upload, I agree with the admin, good drawings, but not always the nicest scenarios. Still, worth a look.


zellgadis rules pleeeeeaseeeeee colorize the doa boing attack 2003


i have a cuestion why the inu series is not here because there are in english so i was wonderirng why


I'd love a Hellabuna complete pack some day.


I love the super pillow boobs and the hot rough sex action, the raep…not so much.

Thanks for the upload.




Oi! I got some more uncensored Hellabunna doujins for you in a nice little 3 pack.

Tsuma A + Tsuma B(K-on + Oblivion)
H.SAS 3(DOA + Tentacles)
Inu Intimacy(You already shared this one but this is uncensored)

All 3 are in English and as said, all 3 have no censorship. May you all enjoy them.


Forgot to paste the link XD

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