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Love Potion [English, Sister incest], by Celluloid Acme

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Love Potion, English Translated Hentai Manga

OK, allright, this story is a rewrite. But it is blazing hot, I totally loved it, great faces, great bikinis (rather small in fact, hu hu hu), great sister incest sex ! :twisted:

And I had another reason to share it : I had forgotten the name of the artist behind it, my great thanks to Lil Lol who finally solved the riddle and remembered me I was getting old this was by Celluloid Acme :P

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As I often say, that’s something I like a lot about hentai, the more you share, the more you receive. The download link to Love Potion was emailed me with a screenshot by a visitor who also wondered the name of the artist.
And now that I share it with everyone, I hope the rule will still work, and that I’ll receive… as a reward… the bloody freaking name of the artist behing it, this his horribly annoying to KNOW you once remembered the name that was associated with that style :twisted:
Update : YAY, this was by Celluloid Acme ! My thanks, my great thanks to Lil Lol for giving me the name, I feel a bit ashamed I didn’t remember ^^;;

Bonus Time : I strongly encourage you to view the other shares I made with works by Celluloid Acme, this is first this BIG english pack of doujinshi by this artist, and also the manga Acme, by Chiba Toshirou and… guess who… Celluloid Acme.

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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9 Comments on "Love Potion [English, Sister incest], by Celluloid Acme"

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thanks for the upload. great stuff

lil l0l

Celluloid Acme. Ring a bell? You’ve shared quite a few of it’s works here.

Really, that was an easy one.

I guess it’s because you’re getting old :D

Oliver AKA The Admin

Haputaindbordel :evil:

My thanks, Lil Lol, my total thanks !! :P


You know, I think I’ve figured out why so many rewrites suck so much. They’re nearly all done by the same guy, that olddog dude. Every rewrite that guy does is exactly the same, featuring a brother/sister, son/mother, or daughter/father couple (and they always have standard English names) that has always secretly had a thing for incest, and it will end with the girl getting impregnated.

This rewrite you uploaded, though, is done by somebody else and is much better than one of olddog’s. Coincidence?


Pops, some images gone… I cant view ’em! did u hide it??

Oliver AKA The Admin

No idea Ero, they all showed for me but maybe they were in my cache, something like that…

Try again maybe ?


You can’t say “great sister incest sex” if it’s a rewrite -.-


Sorry guys, but can someone check something up for me? Just give me an opinion, because I kinda got a feeling that “Chiba Toshirou”, “Celluloid ACME” and newly “FLOOD WAVE” are all the same artist… Having similar style is something but man there’s a limit…


pic #22 doesnt seem to exist on both galleries..?