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P Total Bio-chemical Laboratory [English, Dickgirls, Anal, 180 pages], by Rate

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dickgirl free zip english translated complete hentai manga

I did it. Oh no, please, forgive me, O Great Pastafari, forgive me, I did it. I am truly sorry, but there were so many requests…

OK, pervs, now all of you guys who asked me more futanari (dickgirl), just give the emails a rest, allright ? That’s it, I finally made up my mind to upload a long quality uncensored complete dickgirl hentai manga :twisted: … even if that’s not my taste at all :(

Now, I consider my deed is done, next is finding a long Yuri (lesbian) translated hentai manga of quality to share… OK that will NEVER be as good as Maka-Maka, but I promise, if I find quality stuff, I’ll post it too !

By the same Artist, Rate, you can also find lots of similar stuff.
(Remember to view The list of All Rate’s works on Hentairules)

Open the Complete Pictures gallery (or the backup gallery)

Download the Free Zip English Manga
(29 MB, 180 pictures, English)

Or you can also use the :
Alternative Zip Mirror #1 – or – Alternative Zip Mirror #2

I may as well precise it : I REALLY am not a fan of futanari style, I don’t understand at all why so many men and women like it, and sometimes that disgusts me… but I don’t pretend it is possible or logical to understand the sexual preferences of others (as a Terry Pratchett character wrote in one of his books, it is perfectly natural for sexual tastes to be unnatural, if you see what I mean), I can respect it.
But don’t ask me to upload dickgirl comics every day, that is beyond my force ^^

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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19 Comments on "P Total Bio-chemical Laboratory [English, Dickgirls, Anal, 180 pages], by Rate"

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just in time before I head out of town for a week… nice to have something different to look at XD

Personally, I don’t understand why futa always means oversized tits and dongs… but I suppose I shouldn’t complain


I don’t know if this would help but you may want to try a series colled Shoujo Sect by Kenn Kurogane for a nice long Yori manga. last I checked otenba translated the first five chapters of vol 01. vol 2 is untouched. you may want to go to Saha to have the rest completed

David A.

Thanks a lot. I lost this a few months ago and have been looking for it again. Thanks for catering to our perversions even when they’re not your own. :)

Personally, I think of dickgirls as girls with built-in strap ons. This manga in particular has a great plot for a story about dickgirls… Two women sell and demonstrate designer penises for women. Pretty funny, too.


i loved it thank you for uploading that i understand if you dont like to but thank you it is great


Thanks for a great futanari! Now I can onjoy reading and realxying before my exam ;)

Since it’s not your taste I do hope it will be shorter than a few months till you find and post another great one. (muahahahaha)


P.S. Thanks again – I was looking for this one for a very long time and now – thanks to you – I have it!!!!


THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS MAAANNGAAAA!!!!!!!!!! I have been looking for this book for the past six years. Now that you’re looking for yuri manga, think that you can post something from girls bravo or from ai yori aoshi again?


Thanks for the post. I’ve had this for a while but, not at this level of quality.

As far as futa goes, yes, I love it. It combines ejaculation (mostly facials, which I love) and women (mostly bakunyu, which I love). No dudes needed! It’s win-win for me. Thank you again for supporting my perversion though it’s not one of yours. You are a saint and deserve your own holiday!


thenx very much i always searching for quality futa but ther aren’t so many good quality and long scenario i am looking forward to your next futa

Oliver AKA The Admin

@ vesper_nova : I’ll take a look, thanks for the hint :)

@ All others : glad you guys liked it ^^

Personally, I dont’ like futa for two reasons, first it wastes the pleasure of seeing women (I’m strictly heterosexual, when I fuck I want that the only penis around belongs to me, and I love women the way the are without additional members), second, I think that I feel sort of threatened by women equipped with a dick, what if they targeted my ass ? The only one worthy of using a penis, when I’m with a girl, ought to be me. Don’t laugh, I’m certain a psychiatrist would be able to write pages about that :D


I happen to be one of the crazies – one of the best shares i’ve seen. Thanks!


Oliver, I don’t see your reasoning. If you don’t want to see other penises then it’s going to be hard reading manga. My thinking is, why look at another man when you can look at another woman?
Thanks for sharing.


so Oliver, i guess u belong to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

Oliver AKA The Admin

Yep Hydro, that’s the most logical and convincing religions theory there is :P

@ Christian : I never pretended I was rational, I just tell things the way I feel them, there is indeed a huge difference…


I'm not a fan of dickgirls as they are called, but this is an exception for me.


p total bio chemicak kaboratory was the very first hentai i read ( only 2 chapters ) . . .i was looking for something else and i found was a very good surprise…thanks a lot


I'm a teenager, fan of futas, an I think that you're doing a really great job by uploading a style you don't like and making it downloadable. I hope you'll continue providing us daily orgasms, god of fap!

Jen H

Dick girls (futanari) are all well and good, but where are all the slit-boys at?
Has Japan not heard of the short-lived porn career of Chance Ryder?
Is it too much for the fujoshi's to bear that a couple of ikemen can find love with opposing genetalia?
I've read a mainstream work called 'Sekrei' which kinda approaches the (omekonen?) concept via a cool, short-haired chick with a mannish handsomeness to her features, but otherwise it is virtually unknown. Chromosomal mutations like futanari cannot by nature be more common than them!
I dunno – maybe I've been giving my male underlings too much of the lash & have lost touch with the core of masculine desire & sexual motivation…
(timid male voice) "Well, if you ask my opinion…"
Perhaps futanari is in essence a way for guys to get in touch with their feminine sides while not completely ignoring their machismo – in which case I say 'Play on MacDuff'!