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Firefox 3 is now available, try it :) — And a firefox3 weird question

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It has been two days I’m annoyed by enthusiastic guys saying by mail “hey, you’ve got a big blog, promote firefox for the win”, to summarize. At first I was reluctant to promoting it : my IE visitors are already displayed a big “get firefox” banner anyway, and second, I tested firefox3 the day it was out and was utterly pissed that 60% of my addons weren’t compatible with the newer version. But things have changed ! Now, my addons are 100% compatible, two days later :P So, I’ve got no problem anymore, so go on guys, try firefox3, it’s nice ^_^
Even the very ugly adress bar proves very cool once you get used to it and understand how it can be easily used.
If you never installed firefox before, if you want, download firefox with that link, google pays me 1$ for each new firefox installed with the google toolbar, even if I find that a waste of money on their behalf ^^

(update : I had asked help about a problem with local pages not loading, it was caused by the TorButton addon, case solved)

Conclusion : get firefox 3. Or don’t get it. Do as you wish in fact, as for me I feel refreshed, first time making a non-hentai post in quite a while :o

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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17 Comments on "Firefox 3 is now available, try it :) — And a firefox3 weird question"

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Sorry, i stay on safari, i’ve tried FF3… still too much CSS bugs and Saf. is still faster.

But all IE user have to switch! ;)


Well I’ve been using firefox 3 for 4~5 month (thanks to Ubuntu ^^) and I didn’t see any problem at all..

All IE user: SWITCH!!!!!!

(And to all MS user: SWITCH TO LINUX!!!!!! ^_^ )


Switch to Opera, that is ;)

Exiled Gundam

Seems okay to me… BTW, I use “Web Page, complete” option when saving the page.
But I did encounter a problem in which ff3 cannot open page in local virtual server(in my HDD), like Appserv (Apache) when the network is not connected


seems ok to me theres nothing wrong when im veiwing it through FF3

Oliver AKA The Admin

@ Exiled Gundam :
So, for you, Exiled, the page works locally, the thumbnails are shown and open in a new page.

WTF ?? (yeah, I know, I’m repeating myself ^^)

@ Kuma :
I try to promote nux too, but sometimes one must not be dogmatic. I had been a seven-years long user of linux, but in mid-2007 I had to switch back to MS-Windows as everyday and every-use OS, simply because every program I had to use for professional reasons had no linux version nor linux compatible equivalent – it sucked :(

Oliver AKA The Admin

addendum : except the gimp and openoffice ^^


I stay on Opera.. I love this browser


Try to run your programs with WINE, it may works

btw i still got a ms-windows to run my games and some programs for my studies


I agree with Axe-ant: Opera is better suited for image gallery browsing. and once you get the hang of it, you’ll want to use it on every page (damn you flash, DAMN YOUUUUUU!!!!!!111ONE)

as for the offline gallery not working, maybe the content is linked relatively instead of absolutely. relatively would be “/img/img1.jpg”, absolutely would be “”

Autumn Fox

Maxthon FTW !

Better AD handling (read: blocking) and seems to me to have a wider range of addons. And, as having the same rendering engine as IE, the likelyhood of a page being shown inproperly is lower.

Oliver AKA The Admin

If you want to block adverts, just learn how to tune Adblock with firefox, Autumn, and you won’t ever see an advertisement twice :P

About my Firefox3 problem, I finally solved it, it was caused by the TorButton addon, removing it removed the problem, weird, huh ?


Definitely Opera. Ooh, since there are other Opera users here, does anyone else have trouble with viewing the galleries? I mean, when it gets to the redirection page, Opera 9.50 Final won’t redirect to the usercash page automatically. I have to go to source code to copy-and-paste the URL to the hosted pictures.

Funny thing with Firefox… Beside the add-ons, the dev team is as complacent as Microsoft, so much so that I deleted FF in favor of IE7. I never thought that day would come. But still, cool add-ons.

Oliver AKA The Admin

What is it, about the FF development team ?

I don’t know about your opera bug, could you provide more details ?
I’ll transmit them to the usercash webmaster, with hopes he can fix it.

You’ll have noticed I gave up on adding redirections with usercash, in favor or direct links, but my old posts still contain UC links, so it’s good to know :)


Hi Oliver,

Thanks for the direct links. It’s only the newest version of Opera that has this problem, all previous versions and all other browsers work fine. When I click a gallery link (here and on doujinland) with a usercash redirect, the page is blank and loading stops. Everything from cookies to javascript are enabled.

But this isn’t really a big problem, since it completely arises from Opera’s compatibility issues. Hopefully the next version fixes it.

By the way, does Firefox 3 let users drag-and-drop links to any panel on the screen to create a shortcut? Screenshot here:comment image&srv=img28

The Speed Dial feature is also really indispensible to me, where every time you open up a new tab or window, up to 9 links of your choice are displayed as big thumbnails so you can visit your favorites really quickly. Alright, enough glorification of Opera. Gone to see more operas lately? :)


Fixed the “AwesomeBar” feature in FF3… I didn’t like it as well.

Download the OldBar plugin:

Makes the URL field work exactly like FF2.


Oliver you seem to know firefox more than I do, I been using it for a while, almost as much as I been coming to this site. I respect your advice so I got the new version, ever since I can’t use it anymore. Has this happened to you or is it some weird anomality.