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Hana’s Holiday Season 2, Chapter 1 [English], by Saigado Comics

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free hentai manga by Saigado, Hana Holiday Volume 2 in English

Freshly released by the excellent Tonigobe, here’s the beginning of the second volume of Hana’s Holiday, drawn by Saigado Comics :)
The storyline hasn’t changed, our dear heroine, Hana, leads a boring office lady life in the week, and becomes a sex bomb every weekend, fucking whoever she likes. The stories are always funny and well-written, and this new part is as good as the rest ! This time she helps a boy lose his virginity, and is confronted with a “rival”, from the same department of her company as her, looking as dull as her in the work hours, and becoming the same kind or horny predator in the week-end :twisted:

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Hana’s Holiday COMPLETE volume 2 is available HERE !

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