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Witchcraft [UNCENSORED MAGAZINE VERSION, yay !, English, 216 pictures], by Yamatogawa

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Uncensored english translated free hentai manga : YAY !!

Here is the COMPLETELY UNCENSORED version of the masterpiece Witchcraft, 216 pages of hentai bliss, by the genius Yamatogawa :D

I DO hope you’ll like it :twisted:

Back in august 2008, I suggested we started an uncensored version of Witchcraft, remember ? Well, a few heroes dedicated themselves to it, sharing the work and ways to uncensor better (I uncensored only 2 pictures, I’m a bit ashamed :oops: ), and the final result is here :)

If you want to be grateful, that will be to Merlin12, Weirdomancer, Sadley, Tivums and Pervert1, my thanks to them !
It was a LOT of work, and a brilliant work :)

For MUCH more stuff by this artist, cf. The List of All My Shares by Yamatogawa
And of course there’s My Yamatogawa Total Pack =)

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(95 MB, 216 pictures, English)

(please, is there a chance you can use the depositfiles link ? That will generate a tiny bonus for me, thank you very much if that's possible for you ! :)
A bonus for you, the coupon '6qdw0f5bsz8o3pmunr8t7u7fvucb1jw6' gives a 10% discount on Depositfiles 6-months and 1-years accounts.)

Or you can also use the Alternative :
Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2

To compare, these are original censored pictures :

I really hope you guys will enjoy this uncensored version. It took a lot of work from the people who made the uncensoring, and they gave it their best. Merlin12, Weirdomancer, Sadley, Pervert 1, Tivums, once again, thanks a lot for completing this great project together :)

UPDATE with relevant info : another version of the Witchcraft manga exists, based on Tankoubon scans. I still recommend to leech the present version, but if you have no idea what I mean with the term “tank”, or if you want the best pr0n suiting your tastes, you should definitely read the explanations I write on the page of the Witchcraft Tank Version. Who knows, you may prefer the tank version to the magazine version :)
In short, the images in the tank version are technically more “perfect”, but in my opinion they’re lacking compared to the present magazine version, with less satisfying contrasts, weaker lines, poorer greys levels. The present magazine version’s images have much more impact and please the eye better, I feel.

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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24 Comments on "Witchcraft [UNCENSORED MAGAZINE VERSION, yay !, English, 216 pictures], by Yamatogawa"

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Honestly, along with Yuria 100 this is one of my favorite H mangas! Thanks so much for the share everyone :]


this is epic thanx oliver ^^

Dick Ryder



Huge thanks to those who translated and uncensored it.


thanks for this!
by te way in the gallery some pics are missing


One of the first ones I ever read. Wonderful in every aspect.


very fuckin nice ! thx a lot every one.
Just one little suggestion : megaupload


YO Oliver, mind reposting the other filesharing websites again, only depositfiles working, thanx


plop, le lien n°2 est mort :)
(celui pour dl toute l'oeuvre)
Joli travail en tout cas, bonne continuation !

The amercan jap

Same opinion as pretty much everyone above. One of my favorite h mangas. But some pictures are missing from the galleries. Nonetheless, it is still one of the best out there, and being uncencored just adds to the awesome sauce.

I checked. . . they didn't have it. . . =(


I want to see this animated!!! xD<3


"I want to see this animated!!!"
I would soooooooo buy that.
BTW megaupload link is dead (others still work)


That was fucking awesome! Such a great manga. Thank you


will download both just in case :D

thanks oliver ^^


Alternative mirror one is down


Never saw the cover for this until now, loved this manga("I'll get you plenty wet" stuck in my mind). I can never finish the story because the beginning is too fappable.

Thanks for the upload.


I re-read this just now, and I noticed something that I didn't notice before. The main dude (idk his name, who really cares, anyway?) is wearing an Oregon State sweater when he gets bullied. Thought this was interesting, because Corvallis (the home city of Oregon State U) is practically my home town. Interesting.


Oliver, there is a problem with the alternitive zip mirror #1:,I get server can not be found from Firefox,thought you should know about this so you can fix it.

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