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After School Stranger [English], by Yakiyama Line

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schoolgirl sex

Those pencil drawings really give Yakiyama Line’s works something unique and very original, very likeable :shock:

Scenario-wise, as long as you don’t mind the stereotyped “schoolgirl who actually really loves loves being raped” theme, I think you’re really going to like that one ;)

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(8 MB, 26 pictures, English)

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4 Comments on "After School Stranger [English], by Yakiyama Line"

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oooh! i liked this one but it’s a pity the guy was so gross and hairy ;__; kinda turned me off orz.


I really like the art work, it has nice clean lines. not a bad story either


After School Stranger [English], by Yakiyama Line

Link is down. Please upload. Thank you ;)

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