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Doutei Kaikin [English, 204 pictures], by Juan Gotoh

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shota incest illustration, heck, that looks good ^^;;

My thanks to Raoul, from Brussels, who sent me the link this manga. Complete english hentai mangas are so rare, I’m grateful :D
Let’s warn you at once : Doutei Kaikin is a 100% shota hentai manga, and more than 50% of the scenes are incest-based. Logically, there is no scenario at all, sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s just useless chat before the fuck begins… Fortunately, the graphics are nice, as good as ever with Juan Gotoh, if you like that artist :)

(For MORE of this, Cf. The list of ALL Juan Gotoh’s works on Hentairules)

UPDATE : I removed the download links, because I now share better, THE UNCENSORED VERSION :twisted:

Just a small bonus, this nice “after sex glow” picture… I dont’ find the proper words, an approximation could be that I was moved by the sort of “tenderness” in the way it was drawn, that felt like the picture  closest to reality in the whole manga…

beautiful after sex glow

All right, I think that almost nobody will have given a fuck about this picture that moved me, that leaves some hope for the people with enough consideration to read the posts till the end, who don’t jump to the zip links while they’re preparing the tissues and the heating lubricant (guys, if you’re lonely without a woman and you don’t know about Durex Play Heat, you’ve missed a teenager-saviour, it costs much less than cigarettes, doesn’t shorten your lifespan and gives more pleasure !)…

I wonder how many people will have read this post till that part :twisted:

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errr…shota=loli=child p0rn=bad


Thanks for the account, will be precisely used ^^


thank 4 the gold


Oliver, you mention you have five favorite hentai artists in one of your old posts. I am curious about who they are. Thanks in advance.


Oh, by the way, I did not get any codes. I did not even notice the offer until the codes were all gone.


I see your point Oliver and in a way I do agree. lol I don’t think a guy would say no to being “raped” by a girl but i am just saying be careful it’s still considered child porn and i have seen notices posted on forums before because of that and it would suck if this happened since it’s my main hentai site lol.


btw thanks for the depositfile gold membership :D.

NeoHentai Blog

Thank you very much for the manga man, keep it up. by the way I noticed you don’t have the manga of boys’ empire, may be you want to share this too.

check it out =) Cheers & good luck 8)


the last story was for gays!!


This is kind of a sequel of another story, that one was about this guy and his aunt and cousin, and it was almost the same story: This guy came to live with his aunt and cousin, which surprisingly were nude and lived like that. Aah, lets not forget, they were horny as hell because the uncle died and they hadn’t had sex in a while…

Which was this ‘prequel’ and can anyone tell if it really is a prequel or something like it?


Juan Gotoh has a very nice art style. It isn’t exaggerated and is never (completely) forced. I do not really care about it being a shota manga. I haven’t even downloaded it yet and I already figure I will love it.

By the way, what is “Durex Play Heat”, or do I even want to know?


Let’s not forget to credit SirC for his work (who, btw, translated most of Juan Gotoh’s work so far) and his website


people that says shota HENTAI MANGA and loli HENTAI MANGA = child porn need to re-educate themself or just keep it for the sunday church. Thx, juan gotoh only do 2 type of drawings..and the other ones are much much worst then incest/shota haha

Hentai Fanatic

Virgin White Book and Doutei Kaikin have almost the same Main display Art image… nice co incidence.


Personally, I think the justification for shouta being okay and loli not being okay is rather insipid. But I’m not against either-if I was, I’d be a total hypocrite for not being against, say, violent video games.


i agree with u completely oliver..shtamanga ROCKS.. coz they always act like they’re forced.. but always ready to bang like minx..and believe me.. it’s shota manga is not the same as loli manga..i’ve seen some loli manga.. and.. well if ure child lover (i mean u love child in a non erotic sense.. not some kinda phedo) it can destroy ur me..:D they’re really2 bad,sometimes i wonder that the aouthor did have a research with the actual underage girl.. which result in maybe child prostitusion or’s really differ with the shota manga where i think at most u’ll think that the author just wanna have this kinda situation.. i mean shag with somekinda lonely milf (mom), silf (sis) or ailf (aunty)

but mr.blargh did get a point..i wouldn’t want this site to be torn down because of some kinda child porn policy because of this.. so i think it’s really up to you oliver..tho i do hope more juan gotoh releases in the future

btw.. juan gotoh rules!! yanagawa rio rules!! yoshifumi yamamoto rules!! (some artist i know that’s well known 4 their really hot shota works)..more plz..


Hey Oliver, I just want to say, thanks for taking the time to write your posts the way you do. They always cheer me up at the end of a long day.

And the comics too, of course! But reading your description is half the fun. So thanks.


I am glad to see the new easter egg, but I got one last time. Must not be greedy. Thanks, anyway. Much enjoyment from your work and some of the comments.


How is one supposed to use those free account codes if they already have a free account?


I collect all kinds of mangas (loli and shota included) so I know were your coming from Oliver. Though both aren’t perse more evil or better than the other it ultimately depends on your preference. I try to keep a open mind with my hentai collection, and that gives me more things to look at. Honestly Oliver you don’t have to justify why you post shota material and not loli. This is your site, and you do a hell of a job running it :D


(AT Oliver AKA The Admin)- [On the male side, sex takes place with the male’s consent. A male won’t become erect if he dislikes what is happening or if he is scared.]

that’s just not true, men can become erect under multiple circumstances that he may not like and even when he is scared. he can be impaired by drugs or alcohol or even physically forced or coerced by a woman. Saying that a man can’t be forced without their consent to have sex with a women is insulting to men everywhere, that’s like saying if a women got wet when she was being raped that she wanted to be raped. I know it’s sometimes hard to imagine a guy having a erection if he doesn’t want to have sex but it happens all the time, there are alot of things that can cause a man to become erect without his wanting to be.


Nice work, but why is there no easy share or megaupload any more? I cant get the sharing matrix pass and the new one isn’t any better.


i prefer to write it in french for a perfect understanding.


l’explication sur les loli et les shota est ma fois fort simpliste.

tu dit que les male ne peuvent avoir de sexe que quand ils sont pres etc….. et que donc (sous jacent) qu’il ne peuvent etre forcé.

mais le fait est que nous ne parlon pas de femelle ni de male ici, mais bien d’enfants ou de jeunes adolescents.

je suis un fervent lecteur de hentai, et je trouve que parfois le loli et le shota son a la limite. et cela reste de la pedosexualité, quoi qu’on en dise. (bien que le shota,il est vrai, soit plus souvent une projection du fantasme du scenariste sur ce qu’il aurait aimer vivre quand il etait plus jeunes)

mais je veut tous de meme preciser pour information, et non pour critiquer ou pour enerver quelqu’un, car ce que j’ecrit est un fait, que les hommes ou les femmes (enfant ou adulte) peuvent etre forcé au sexe.

le sexe n’est pas juste une question de mouille et de bandaison.

c’est pourquoi je met touts de meme le shota au meme niveau que le lolicon.

les raison qui font que la plupart du temps les personne pensent ainsi, sont des raison machiste inséré dans notre société depuis des millenaire et font penser enormement de personne de travers (et on ne peut leurs en vouloir elle on été élévé comme sa depuis plusieur generations)

Mais etant quelqu’un qui fut victime du fait d’avoir été classé dans cette parti de l’analyse, c’est a dire mure mentalement pour le sexe et presque physiquement (mais sans les poils, j’ai été mure tres vite ver 11 ans) j’etait tout de meme un enfant, ce qui n’a pas empeché certaines personne de vouloir abuser de la situation(et qu’il soit homme ou femme ne change strictement rien, ne confondont pas fantasme et realité). Et je connait d’autre personne dans ce cas.

la sexualité forcé etant une affaire de position et de pouvoir et non du fait d’etre une femme ou un homme, je pense que ton analyse
est éronné.

mais ce genre de chose on ne peut pas le savoir sans avoir vecu l’experience ou en s’intérésant a des personnes qu’il on vecu se genre d’experience.

je n’en veut a personne je le repete (je ne suis pas l’inquisiteur) mais cela doit etre su afin de casser les idées fausses et evolué dans un monde plus saint pour nos enfants et ceux des autres.


nyahahaha..bring more of juan gotoh’s artwork!! xDD i love it! & yamatogawa too :P


i dont know if its been stated and i just missed it or not but,

1.) there are MANY methods of becoming erect that dont indicate sexual arousal, inc. injury, electro stimulation, and anal play.

2.) the presence of an ass period, allows for intercourse, though im sure you were talking about female-male relations specifically


My my my Mr. Oliver AKA The Admin (I’ll just call ya Mr. Admin for the hell of it), I beg to differ on the male side. I’ll make this short but my best friend’s little brother was kidnapped and sexually abused by some 30-some year old bitch for two years and he was ten at that time. Now I could care less on how but it was possible that he was raped by her idk cause he ain’t my little bro

Now I doubt you’ll respond to this but just throwing it out there