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Circulating Notice of Swapping Wife chapters 1-2 [English], by Izawa Shinichi

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Excellent wife exchange hentai manga :)

Surprisingly, I have seen VERY few hentai mangas about swingers o_O Would that be against japanese culture ? That would be really fucked up when you think there are tons of adultery, rape, incest and lolicon publications ¬_¬

Anyway, here are the chapters 1 and 2 of a promising wife swapping hentai manga, with nice anal, acrobatic sex (lol), nice hot women.
Thanks a lot to Fayt and Kusa for this, let’s hope the rest of the manga will be even better :twisted:

By the same artist, I also share Raped Mother 0-1-2 [English, no rape inside]

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Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(13 MB, 39 pictures, English)

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I’ll also respond to the emails I got from various persons these last weeks, about the reason why I decensor the big preview pictures I put on top of my posts.
Why ? Because that’s totally sexier and I prefer it that way, simply said :twisted:
I’m a big fan of uncensored hentai, but that’s something we will almost never see because of the japanese law. I’m not good enough to uncensor full-size pictures (well, I’m getting better, I think I would have a chance with the current manga), but at least I can do it when there’s a resizing coming afterwards to hide the ugly details. Unlike an uncensorer like Skyl who is talented enough to redraw genitalia because he knows hows genitalia must be drawn, I simply adjust levels and/or re-create the missing data from the neighbouring zones – I’m jealous :D

Talking about picture editing, I’d like your opinion… I was a bit saddened by the picture quality in this manga, so I tested a small picture filter, wondering if I couldn’t use it to propose an alternative version some day.
Could you tell me which picture you prefer ?
The original picture – or – The edited picture

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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15 Comments on "Circulating Notice of Swapping Wife chapters 1-2 [English], by Izawa Shinichi"

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Almighty Zod

The second one is definately the one I prefer, much clearer.


Actually I prefer the original, the pictures look so raw, and well, unedited is the only way to say it. The edited picture loses a bit of quality, simply because the shading looks off, and when the shading is off the illusion of weight is off, and that throws the whole picture, and its effect away.
OR simpler answer: The first pic looks way hotter :D


Isn’t Japan a country of contradictions? I’m not surprised by anything that come out from there anymore…


The edited one is better if you color it, in pure b&w the original is prefered because of the better contrast between shades and light zones.

But this old fashioned style picture isn’t the best choice for tuning. Try to filter a more recent one, like a type90 or DAW, and see for yourself if it looks better. But I don’t think it will…


Yeah, the Japanese porn laws are kinda farked up. It doesn’t matter what the plot is, or what the characters are doing, it only matters if there is a little black line across the head of the penis.

I can’t complain *too* much, since I do enjoy a variety of hentai mangas, but every once in a while, something comes along that makes you stop and say “What the Fuck?”

A funny example of the WTF factor is a story called “All Alive” by Mayonnaise. It is about a guy who lives in a world where almost every object he uses during the day is in the shape of a a beautiful woman; his alarm clock is a girl with bells on the side of her head, his cell phone is a girl who writes his incoming text messages on her belly with a marker, and to use the ticket machine at the train station he has to put coins in a woman’s butt and she then squeezes a ticket for him out of her pussy. It’s really quite hilarious. I would post a link, but I’m not sure how to. I think I found it on desudesu’s website. Oliver, I highly suggest you check it out and put it up here, it is really funny.


I almost forgot; I liked the edited picture better. There wasn’t a whole lot of difference, but I did think it looked a bit brighter and not as grainy.


The original one looks better–it looks like what you see when you open the actual comic, and so it’s what the artist actually intended it to look like, whereas the 2nd one just looks like it was retouched, and maybe a bit fake.


As to the 2 images, I think the retouched one is probably closer to what the artist originally drew. The first image is just what the artist’s picture looks like after being run through the printing press typical for this material (something on the quality of a newspaper press). I personally prefer the retouched image, but I can see why others might like the first as being true to the hentai manga tradition.


I am by no means a psychologist, but I have a theory as to why swinger stories are not as common as adultery, rape, incest, and loli/shota.

A lot of porn is appealing because it portrays scenarios that go against societal standards. The more opposite the better. Rape, incest, and loli/shota are common subjects as a result since all 3 are completely taboo by most societies.

As to why you see adultery but not swinger hentai, I believe has to do with the Japanese concept of family honor/duty. The wife especially is expected to honor the husband and dutifully manage the household even when the husband is away for extended periods. Adultery goes against this cultural more. It places the person’s individual desires ahead of the family. Swinging on the other hand is consensual by all members involved. While not approved of by society, it is not the exact opposite of society like adultery is.


I agree with what Shardis said, in that part of what makes swinging unpopular as a form of hentai is that it is all consensual, and not as “dirty” as other types of sex. You are not “taking” the guy’s wife, or “having your way” with her, she has chosen to have sex with you and her husband is letting you do it. Also, I think the part where a guy is letting someone else have sex with their wife may be seen as admitting that you cannot truly satisfy her all on your own. It’s not something a “real man” would do.


Wife swapping… , the art looks really good.


Ayle said,
on March 27th, 2009 at 6:43 pm

Isn’t Japan a country of contradictions? I’m not surprised by anything that come out from there anymore…

It’s not only Japan, it’s the entire human race which is full of contradiction.

The first picture looks better by the way, the shading is better.




Will this manga be ever completly translated ? I really like but, I want to understand the story ^^


The third chapter is out, I don't know how long it has been released for, but yeah, heads up. :)