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A project I’ve been thinking of… Your opinion, please ?

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Hello guys,

There’s an internet project I’ve been considering for a long time, I’d like to have your opinion about it, to see if you find it interesting… If you’ve got two minutes, I’ll appreciate it :)

First, let’s disappoint you : that project doesn’t even consist in sharing more porn on the internet :D
To the contrary, this is a very “serious” project, a bit boring if you wish to stick an easy fap-and-forget life.

My project is to publish your essays on how you imagine our future. No less.

I started this a few minutes ago, you can view it on – you’re also welcome to contribute or beta-test ;)

I realized, when I spoke with friends of mine, that none of them imagined the same thing, some of them were optimistic, lots of them were more pessimistic than me (holy cow !), some of them spontaneously thought thousands of years ahead, while some others, when confronted to the question, saw no point in imagining farer than the end of our 21st century…

More than that, discussing about that with friends was really interesting (and the beer was good ;) ), giving each of us a sharper look on how our present is developing, and a few of my friends have become more concerned about their lives, the politics and the community we live in, that has grown their sense of responsability.
I think it would be VERY interesting to widen the discussion, to allow people from various places and countries to expose the way they imagine our future.

All opinions are welcome, all time scales are welcome, pessimistic or optimistic, 20 lines pure text contributions or 4 pages contributions with graphics, as long as you put your heart into it :)

I first imagined a discussion board, but it requires moderation, porn bots will always find a way to register and spam their crap, that’s not worth it, and inactive forums always look dead and scary, while I don’t want this project to be forced to “publish or perish”.
On second thought, I turned my thought to a blog (yeah, that’s also because I suck at webmastering, and wordpress blogs are the only website platform on which I have become really good and at ease).

Whoever wanting to submit his contribution could easily do it, it would be reviewed (just in case, making sure it’s not porn adverts or other unrelated waste, freedom of speech is the rule), and, alone or with the help of volunteers (if there are many contributions, help will be welcome), I would click the final “publish” button.

There would be a relative interactivity, newer wordpress blogs allow threaded comment for a good discussion.

I don’t plan this blog to be super-active, but I believe it can become interesting. Launching a blog making zero traffic would be useless (why bother posting if you know nobody will read it, heh ?), but since hentairules is read daily by more than 50k visitors (thank you guys !!), I know that if I place a link to it, it will reach every day an audience large enough to keep that blog alive in the long term, with lots of visitors.
Your contributions WILL be read, and who knows, they may change the lives of other people reading it !

How about it ?

Do you find the idea interesting ?
Improvement suggestions, opinions ?

You’ll be most welcome ! I started this a few minutes ago, you can view it on Of course, some elements may change, but at least, you’ll have something to comment ! – and you’re more than welcome to contribute or beta-test ;)

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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27 Comments on "A project I’ve been thinking of… Your opinion, please ?"

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Sounds good, It would be fun. Now do you mean where the site will be? The Human race? or us personally will be in the future?


I think this is a great idea. Lots of people like to share their thoughts on the future (If only you knew! XD )
I think you should go ahead with it.


I’ll start working on mine ;p.


I’m a bit disappointed to see that I’m the first to respond to this since I don’t visit this site to often. That being said you’ve always posted good material and good ideas, this one in particular I would like to encourage but you probably won’t have much motivation if MORE PEOPLE DON’T START SAYING SOMETHING.


I would like read some intelligent stuff ^_^
Give a shot!

Paulo Guilherme

I’ll start working on mine ;p. (2)


well, while its hilarious that you should suggest this on this kind of site, why not?


I’ll share my essay soon!


I like it, I’ll be sure to post on it.


The future would be so horrifying and torn apart that there would be no point in trying to imagine a better world. Once there’s no more gasoline, we’re goners.


congratulations! a very interesting idea. the stupid politicians should do one of this kind of exercises to se what people think. i`ll hope to contribute very soon. soory for the bad english.


I would write an essay…but it would consist mostly of sharing more porn on the internet, lol!


Very interesting idea. You’ll have the opinion of a young and depressed stubborn man who loves hentai.
I suggest telling a bit of who we are when we write (Age, country, social class) will help to understand others’ point of view and/or see if they’re biased or not.


mmm, think about futere, sounds interesnting but if i wrote a ensay about that, i don´t think it will be a nice future, aniway a like the idea there is no many place were you can talk about this.


My feelings toward this idea of yours are neutral.


Yup you should do it oliver…


I think this is a wonderful idea and I would be more than happy to help with anything you need, may it be essays or graphic design for the site itself. Just let me know!


Noooooooooo please don’t start a project that will divert your attention from sharing the best hentai on the internet. But in all seriousness I hope your new site succeeds as well as this site has! I’ll get cracking on my own personal musings.


You got me thinking

This is an interesting project, who knows where it could lead.

I would certainly be interested in looking in, even to contribute.

The openness is cool, it coud be about you me next week, or mankind next millenium.

I think long essays should have a brief summary to begin, or peeps will be put off by walloftext.

You are full of surprises!


As much as I like the idea, they really need to change their website presentation. Not only is it not easily accessible [pale grey on white? O.o] But from the first glance its difficult to understand where you have ended up on.

Sadly on the net you could have the best project, but if your website doesn’t meet the needs of a viewer you are tough out of luck.

Ill try to see if there is a way of contacting them easily, if there is hopefully they can apply some simple changes to make their site more accessible.

Otherwise it is a good idea, and should be brought out to the public as much as possible.


sounds good to me
i will check it on the weekend – have to get up early on friday :(



Superbe idée !
Pas étonnant venant de toi ^^
(j’aurais bien voulu raconter ma version de l’avenir mais “i’m not that great in english you know” :( .)


To be honest, I think it’s a good idea.

However, good ideas that lack heart or
motivation wont last long…

*If you’re willing to dedicate the time
to this project and make it more than just
an idea. Then I’ll be sure to give it my
all too!

I’ll prepare my first sub later in the week.

I’m also a designer.
*note that, if you’d like to give this site
or the other a more unique look; I’d be happy
to help.


Finally a chance to show that we, constant readers of hentairules, are not just simply pornsearchingsorryexcuseforhumanssickotakus :)) but can actually form couple of logical sentences. Let me get passed the next wave of upcomming tests and I’ll get to mine. Hopefully that new project will be as successfull as this one.


Ill be sure to read it oliver


It’s always good to give people a place to voice their opinions and your chosen topic is an excellent one. I believe it will be well recieved. Good luck with it.