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Naked Self [English], by Sanbe Kei

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the first hentai palindrome lol “Step on no pets”… “Rats live on no evil star”… These are palindromes. Would YOU have imagined you’d see a hentai-style palindromesome day, a story that could be read from the end as well as from the beginning ? :lol:Apart from that, that’s a nice fullcolor work, deep despite its short length, enjoy :)

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(2 MB, 9 pictures, English)
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8 Comments on "Naked Self [English], by Sanbe Kei"

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Well, the fact that it’s a palindrome might be nice, but it didn’t really impress me. Since it has no real evolving plot, it’s like looking at pages of artwork, but I guess it would have been pretty hard to make if it had.

What did impress me were the nude pictures of the girl. Especially those where she isn’t in a sexual pose. You rarely see naked girls in a hentai without having one or more holes getting stuffed <.<


Many thanx Oliver. Happy birthday.


Useless Fact: Sanbe Kei has also done non-hentai works such as Kamiyadori, published by Tokyopop.

Just.In Case

I think it’s about the love the male shows, even when there’s no sex in here, I give it a 5 stars. It moved me.


All links are broken. Please reupload.


For those who’d be interested, the author has also made a manga :….

In my opinion, it’s interesting. :D


The Author has some similar themed work in the “Robot” anthology (available in english):

And Kamiyadori, which is also available in english.