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Mai Favorite [English, 155 pictures, better picture quality and less censorship], by Gunma Kisaragi

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Gunma Kisaragi RULES, fuck yeah !! ^_^

Today is a great day, thanks to Saha, I can share the complete Tankoubon version of Mai Favorite, by Gunma Kisaragi :)

The “tankoubon” term (meaning officially published comic, and not the prepublications) implies the pictures are of much better quality than the magazine versions previously available, and contain less censorship :twisted:

UPDATE : I’m now sharing the ENTIRELY UNCENSORED version…

on THIS page :)

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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24 Comments on "Mai Favorite [English, 155 pictures, better picture quality and less censorship], by Gunma Kisaragi"

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Yay. Less censorship!


First of all, awesome share. Thank you for this.

But I forget, does James have a website or anything? Because I would be willing to donate some money towards getting this uncensored if need be.

Oliver, if you decide to uncensor this on your own, you really need to include a tip jar or something where I (and others) can give you cash for this.


So this is basicly the same as SaHa’s release? Both in picture quality and censorship? Good to know so I don’t download the same release twice.


Mant thanx Oliver


Nice share once again, Oliver. But if I’m not mistaken, this is still missing the last three or so unrelated chapters that finish up the book. Chapters that you already have. Two of which are the Positive Reaction to You chapters and the other being Newlywed Wife. Just thought you should know.

Order should be:
Mai Favorite chapters 1-5 + EX
Followed by Newlywed Wife and both Positive Reaction chapters, the Sunday Edition being the final chapter of the tank.

Just thought I oughta tell you, since you’re boasting the COMPLETE tank. Cheers.


Is there somewhere on the net I can buy hentai manga ? As Aqua bless and others ?


LMAO Life IS unfair if you equate it with hentai, but then, your just kinda lame if you do…

But then again, most fantasies are just that…

Epic shit BTW. Oliver, all good translators, and artists like Gunma, should be loved for their epicness.


yeah i think the last 3 chapters are missing but its already translated so there’s no need to worry about

Eyeshield 21

i just wish that this one should be made into a hentai movie. just like love selection.


joli :)
thanks Oliver and keep up the good shares


A friend of mine just confessed to me, that he really likes maid costumes. So I wanted to show him Mai Favorite. Perfect timing indeed Oliver.


This is so beautiful I want to cry…

Unfortunately, crying with a boner doesn’t really make sense.


it seems that link to first chapter of positive reaction to you is missing(non sunday editon one)


Yes. Now if only we could get some Amatarou (specifically lesson to you) without that annoying white-out censor.


Well done, Oliver. No, after reading the Table of Contents, the only chapters in this tank are the Mai Favorite series, the standalone chapter Newlywed Wife and both Positive Reaction chapters. :) Everything’s tip top and squared away now. Sorry for being nitpicky, but it was for the sake of those of use who like things complete. ;)


Hey there,

Nice release! Hotfile and Deposito keep freezing with large files though for me, at say 80%, it’s probably due to a brief second of loss of connection.

Anyway, I’ve wanted to raise this topic for a while now. For the past weeks, I’ve been reading hentai, rather than fapping to it. I download much less, mostly either excellent fapping hentai, or what I see more as erotic stories. For a while now I’ve enjoyed simply to read stories, sometimes there’s huge cliches yes, but sometimes there’s complex psychological situations with a host of different personalities and characters, with genuine relationships which may face hardships and consist out of many emotional facets.

Anyway, you catch my drift. I’ve noticed you also enjoy storylines (and lush faces, haha). I’ve seen you stray away from Hentai in the past, which I’ve always experienced as joyfully refreshing. Sometimes links to other websites, sometimes funny pictures, stories about your personal life, but also sometimes great mangas.

In conclusion, I would really appreciate it if you could share with us some of the better mangas or ‘erotic manga-hentais’ you’ve come across in the past years.

Take care, and thanks for all the great stuff!


Deposit files going @ 38kb/s when my max connection is 700kb/s, sucks, rly. Hotfile link doesnt work.


abc-man i totally catch ya drift its the same for me id rather read the story then use it to calm my sexual desires. man i guess men do get impotent through age but i hope it doesnt get to me lol. maybe its stress, yeah lets keep it that way (blame it on external factors)


Yeah, me too. I’ll wait for the complete version of this Mai Favorite because it’s MY FAVORITE..hehe. I’ll download it again after it has been updated. Good Job Oliver for desensoring this one. XD


holy shit!

thank you, this is one of my favourite manga.


I have an update on why your web sight seems to be freezing the crap out of my mac.;c=2459;s=3156;d=8;w=120;h=600;p=3156
this item in my activity log seems to be the one that consistantly cozes the crash of my system. If I cancel it in the activity log. then the page seems to be stable. but its a tuff bugger to stop, with its jumping around like that.
I think that it has 15 sub filals associated with it, but I don’t know for shure, I’m not a net officeanado. I just happened to catch it in time. eanyways I hope that this hellps. I would really like to be able to axes your sight with out having to wory abought things like software crashes.

uncle sam

merci pour la décensorisation!