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Shiawase De Aru You Ni 1-2 (“Wishing You Happiness”) [English, 68 pictures], by Sasagawa Hayashi

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UPDATE : this wonderful story is now available inside the complete “Koi Koku” manga, 220 pages long, and definitely worth reading :)

Koi Koku is available on THAT page, enjoy ! ^_^

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
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8 Comments on "Shiawase De Aru You Ni 1-2 (“Wishing You Happiness”) [English, 68 pictures], by Sasagawa Hayashi"

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Good and interesting story, but too sad.


Unfortunately, something similar to this happened in my past. I had a girlfriend in college who I loved very much, we had even talked about getting engaged. Then she died from a ruptured brain aneurysm, just like that. *snap* I was heartbroken.

I eventually started dating again, but the first few girls weren’t “good enough”. They simply could not compare to my memories of my dead girlfriend. It took many years before I stopped being so critical of women, and realized that I was never going to find someone who had the exact same qualities that my old girlfriend had, and that I should just look for someone who is a good person in their own right.

Sorry for the sad story of my past, I just needed to get that off my chest. But I do want to thank you Oliver, for sharing a story that although it is filled with sadness, it ends with the one thing we all need. Love.


Way sad, but I want to read it again…
It doesn’t read like a hentai… oh the sex parts do, but the whole while something was tickling me inthe back of my brain saying ‘something’s not right here’

Now I know, and I’m not sure I can Un-know…

Wow, nice comic…

Mr. Anonymous

Wow. Very sad. I hated the ambiguous ending. So the dad was having sex with his daughter?


Zathael – I Know how you feel. I have a similar one but I got over that. Wish you good life


…Funny thing is, I found this to be one of your most enjoyable shares recently <_<


Thanks for sharing this – guess some of us really can enjoy the scripts in hentai :) Looking forward to checking this one out !


Thanks for the share :).

Isn’t this part of Koi Koku? Perhaps most of your recent SH shares were a part of that.