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Tail Chaser volume 3, 4 first chapters #17-20 [English, 103 pictures], by Johji Manabe

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Studio Katsudon rules ^_^

I don’t have much time this evening, so let’s make it fast, here’s a “halfway” translated version of the final volume of Tail Chaser, a superb hentai manga. I suspect several months will pass before the complete version, so there you are for the moment :o

There will be excellent uncensored (yay ^^) drawings, 4 girls having sex so far, an incredible hero (hyper-obsessed, ready to have sex anywhere, anytime, no matter what happens around), and the cuuuuuuutest ( 8-) ) creatures since Ragnarok Online’s Deviruchis :D

(I share lots of works by the artis behind it t, cf My list of Studio Katsudon shares)
Shortcuts : Tail Chaser vol. 1, and Tail Chaser vol. 2 ;)

UPDATE : I now share the COMPLETE VERSION, in a post I published later on. Please refer to the Studio Katsudon Redirection Page, linked above, for a link to it :)

Before the very last picture of this pack, I was getting scared we were heading toward a situation in which the male hero would solve all problems and get rid of all enemies by fucking them to death until they gave up, phiew ^^;;

Final remark, at least, that male hero may be just too much, but he says quite true stuff too ;)

Well said, lol ^^

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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the links to both photo galleries are broken


Since you don’t receive my emails Oliver, I was just wondering if you could get a translator on these works:

Oh yeah, guys, check these out if you’re into gangband and double penetration.


does everyone play ragnarok omg! i love that game and i have a pet Deviruchi


Its a shame that hentai like this is now illegal. Why did Japan have to give in to all the BS?


Many thanx Oliver


I hope this wouldn’t be the last hentai featuring nekomimi in the interwebz :(


I don’t seem to make it through either.. :(

I’m trying to finalize the layout for the super torrent of everything on HentaiRules. You sent me an email and I’ve been waiting for a response to my reply. Hope you’re getting my email..


Ooops..just saw your response on the Hatsu Inu post. FYI, I got your first email, but not the second one (your reply to my questions and suggestions). I dont plan on renaming any of the .jpg or .png files…but the .CBZ files will be named to the standard so that people can find/sort/choose what to download properly. I will leave the credits in all future dowloaded files (which will include quite a few of the older posts once the links are working). Going back to add files to the .CBZ files I’ve already created would be too time consuming. Fear not, though, the header directories will contain credits and it will be mentioned a few times in the TORRENT .nfo.

Don’t know why your 1st email made it through, but not your second. I’ll do my best to keep things in place w/o too much extra effort on my part, hopefully you will find this to your liking.


Hey Oliver

I Have a question so I thought I’d ask here… umm you know for, appearently now they have cancelled their bonus program, so does that mean that they won’t pay us anymore? or what does that mean now?


Right-o Oliver, who’s the person who usually translate the Ogawa works? Maybe I’ll ask SirC…


Thanks Oliver for uploading this even though it’s only half done =D
Well, now I really wanna know what happens afterwards >___>


i love this guy’s drawing style.
i want him to draw a title with little scenario and more fuck scenes!!!
that would be terrific. :)

i cant help being perverted on this one.
his art is such a turn on for me.


the links aren't here ç.ç