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Onee-Chan Sensei Yojigenme 1-4 (English, Complete, 156 pictures), by Studio Wallaby

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don't even dream you can do it for real with a teacher ;)

Trusting Studio Wallaby from my previous experiences (trivial happy sex), when I saw a 156-pages long work under this name, I directly uploaded it, zip mirrors and galleries, before I started reading it… Had I read it first, I wouldn’t have bothered to upload it ¬_¬

No mutual love here, a fucken story in which a teenager turns two adult women into sex slaves craving for his dick, using the #1 law of Sick Hentai Physics : force yourself on a woman to tame her, force her again and she’ll become your sex slave  :gfy:

By Studio Wallaby, I also share Mahou Shoujo Asuka (probably the best original Evangelion parody I know of), Hamerareta Erina-sama, Kimi To No Kiss, Servant Asuka, Charming Asuka, Trouble Musume Haruna & Ryouko, To Love Rukko Momo & Nana (a jewel, that one), Submissive Heart 36, Ayanami Rei, Secret File 5 Next 5, Asuka No Toki and Ayanami No Toki.

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(71 MB, 156 pictures, English)
(please, if you can, can you use the depositfiles links ? That will come as a small reward for me, thanks ! :) )

Or you can also use the Alternative :
Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2 – or – Zip Mirror #3

The scenario made me bloody angry against the 3 main characters, the male as well as the 2 idiotic dickhead girls, but it still stays in the limits of what I accept to share. Enjoy it if that’s to your taste. And if you liked it you’re lucky I uploaded it all before I started reading it ¬_¬

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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27 Comments on "Onee-Chan Sensei Yojigenme 1-4 (English, Complete, 156 pictures), by Studio Wallaby"

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I think I’ll like it, “even though” I’m a girl.


I like it…


This is totally unrelated to the post, my apologies, Oliver.

@P., respectfully, I’ve often wondered why “girls” feel it’s necessary to announce they are “girls”. Does that change something for you or for us? It’s been my experience that women on the internet like the anonymity and genderlessness of it and don’t want you to know they are”girls”.
Open for comment on this thread hijack…


Actually, I’m less interested in P saying she is a ‘girl’ than why she liked it. I’ve been to enough sites like this to know the whole ‘hiding’ thing is largely a thing of the past.

So, P, if it isn’t too personal, what about the story did you like?

I haven’t download it yet but am about to, to see what it’s like, and I’ll post my thoughts.


it is interesting to see that girls, too can like hentai/doujins, so i wish i could actually meet one someday. they may like hentai, but they don’t like me :(


whats wrong with some good old rape? i love h-manga with very very violent rape and sex scenes. there are not many mainstream u.s pron company make pron hardcore enough for my tastes. so i find that H-manga and jap pron do the trick. being a sadist, the super hardcore h=manga and jap bondage pron are some of the only stuff that really get me off. and as for the girl comment, girls like pron and fapp too. and some like hardcore rape stuff for one reason or another.i really don’t care what sex or race anyone here is. so i think we should just keep this about the great manga that is here. thanks to the upload and i hope i see more hardcore stuff around here and not just the soft happy sex.



I don’t know Oliver, I belong to several more hardcore and fetish oriented forums and there are quite a few females there, many in positions of authority as moderators or admins. I think women are finally starting to indulge their ‘desires’ on an equal footing with the guys and aren’t afraid to show it.

Oh, and I HATE goddamn Deposit files, my download hung again, which means I have to either reboot or wait five days until their idiot system ‘realizes’ I’m NOT currently downloading a file. It’s not just on your site that this happens, a few others I visit that use Deposit Files do the same thing to me, so I’m using Uploading.


I always wonder why people in rape stories don’t even call the cops, or stab them, or something to that nation. Instead they just become slaves. nubs.

Also superjesus, considering the site owner himself doesn’t like the rape ones, I doubt we will see a bunch more. If you do post more rape stories Oliver, please label it as so. I too don’t like to read them. Three years in a rape ward has left me with no desire to read, watch, or have anything to do with rape.


So does that mean that half the posters saying they’re mustached german males are actually girls?

Anyway, I might download it for the art later but if you get any more stuff like Sasagawa Hayashi’s Shiawase De Aru You Ni that would be awesome *hint*

Rock on Oliver ^-^


I have to admit, I don’t mind a little BDSM, but I’m not really into the hard hard stuff.

And Superjesus, if you want western style hardcore BDSM, check out Dofantasy and DevilsPen, they should have what you want, for a price (you have to purchase each comic). For me personally, they are way too hardcore.


Just read it and I have to say I kind of like it, in part because it reminds me of one of the first girls I had a serious sexual relationship with. She was more experienced than me, and had a strong need to be dominated much like the Suzu, and was also a bit like Kazumi, willing to totally give into anything and dominate if it was called for. She was also very vocal and loved the crudest sextalk, the cruder and more depraved the better, and loved being called a whore and a slut and… well you get the point.
And, I have to say, my experience with her did leave me with a bit of a taste for a woman who says what she wants in no uncertain terms and even better when she says it when sexually aroused and at the top of her lungs.
Oh, and it didn’t work out in the long run because being that aggressive isn’t me, although a little quieter version of that sort of sex is now to my tastes.


I don’t come to Hentai Rules to get a guilt trip, ya know!

Fiction is fiction. I mean, rape is bad in real life, and so is murder, but you can still like murder mysteries without being a murderer or anything.

‘course, the flip side to that is that if rape stories are a turn off for you, then there’s really no reason why you’d wanna claim otherwise. Ahh well.


I think people just misunderstand the sex slave, mind breaking thing. It’s not about the sex it’s about the mind.

That’s why a manga (yes not a hentai)like Nana to Kaoru…is one of the most popular manga in that area, while having absolutely no sex scene. It’s consensual,no force what so ever, without sex, and still very good!


Yeah, don’t pay for stuff at Devil’s’s comix readily available either to purchase or free from places that Oliver has linkshares with (i.e.

DOFantasy was OK for a while, but it has been hijacked by some really creepy perves who aren’t just happy with BDSM but need scat, watersports, and disgustingly hideous doms/tops as well. I don’t buy their stuff anymore or even download it, even though its free on torrent


ah, fck, this is an Ah! My Goddess Doujin >.<


Wein lach Schlein… Heil… oh bugger that…

Screw the German…

If it is of any explanation, I’m gay so I enjoy this stuff. But that doesn’t explain my love for gangbangs… I don’t enjoy it but why do I enjoy it when it happens to other girls?


everyone had opinion, let me make this simple.. enjoy it if u like it, n keep it if u dont, coz sometimes when u feel bored in the usual “way”, u’ll find this “way” intresting too.. :D


normal stuff gets kinda boring…so i liked it


I want to know how many females come here. Is it possible to do a poll?


Of course people who say they are girls are girls.. They like to point out their existence, be the center of attention, and obviously have no penis. They also eat a lot and get fat, so that is why they are in our series of tubes. I figure they are all married to men, except in California, since it is illegal to be a woMAN married to a man.

*cough* Im calling you a gay man if you point out you are a girl. *cough*

Are there exceptions? Could girls be viewing this right now? YES. Does this mean you have a chance with one? No… As they say, “Tits, or GTFO”


I’m just on of those guys coming from the point of view that women don’t exist on the internet, unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
I know, of course, that real women out there may be saying right now as they read this, that there are no real men on the internet(or at hentai sites). To that I say ‘Ouch’ and touche.
I like women, I know some, some of my best friends are women.
Rock on ‘Girls’! :-)


It seems like I have some serious moral issues. I don’t mind it when in Hentai and guy turns females into sex slaves for the sport of it… but when its personal and never sharing it get this feeling that says “close this right now, that guy is a doushe.” Am I wierd? lol



I noe that girls do come here, since I am one. But I wanted to noe how many? And we were born with more fat cells than males. Don’t be a meanie. And if I was a guy I wouldn’t be gay, I would be bi.


Not like it matters. If the rape game ban comes into anime and manga, material like this will be gone anyways.

Now on the chopping board for banning in games is non humans. Elves, catgirls, aliens, etc. are all up for banning in hentai games.


I’m a girl and I like Hentai and Ecchi. <3 So cute. Probably because it's kinda creepy watching the real thing… the men seem so… gross looking. Sad to say. -.-''

Besides, real porn acting look so fake. Tsk tsk.


sooo awesome :D


The title sounded so interesting. I imagined something like a cute onee chan. Maybe a kid's parents remarry and his step sister is a teacher that still lives at home.

The description is a let down but I havent' tried it yet. Well Now I'm not in a rush.

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