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Kumikyoku Mitsunyuu [English, Complete, 213 pictures], by Yumisuke Kotoyoshi

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don't dream, you won't see this in the real world ;) UPDATE : thanks to H9E, I now share the UNCENSORED version of this manga, on another page :)

To find it, please, follow that link :)

(For MORE mangas by this artist, please refer to the list of ALL his works on Hentairules !)
(to be frank, I prefer these other works to Mitsunyuu)

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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25 Comments on "Kumikyoku Mitsunyuu [English, Complete, 213 pictures], by Yumisuke Kotoyoshi"

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Tsk, tsk, tsk…

Seems like you’re putting up some bad shares as of late. Whats up with that?

Compared from your shares in the past few days, Everything from Black Dog and Yumismisuke Kotoyoshi is on my blacklist over artists with detesable content.

Show me some more works from JingRock, MG Joe & Haruki & others…

I dont mind nonexistent plot and weak storyplots. i just want the action and the visuals, thats all.

Any more of this filthy sh1t, ill gonna admit myself to a mental institution and undergo some rehab for this.. X’D


I liked it. =P


I don’t know whata say…
Guess somehow i liked it…guess it was the stroy of the guy…now i wanna know about it.

Thx for the Share oliver!!


I hope you don’t stop posting things like this based on your own opinion about them. Things like this and Rate’s work and Type_90s work etc. Are a bit extreme. However this is fantasy not real life. I like these works because you can indulge you’re so called cruel and sadistic fantasies. In my opinion being able to do that is fun. So please don’t be dissuaded by yours or other peoples opinions on works like these. Sometimes I want lighthearted happy sex stories that express love and caring. Other times I like stories like this. That is the beauty in manga. We can have both!

Oh and GhostLord you are entitled to you’re opinion. But do not act like its valid. If you don’t like or want things like this simply don’t download it. But don’t try to persuade him not to share things like this!

In closing this site has quickly become one of my favorite adult manga sites. Thank you very much Oliver for taking the time to bring us so many quality releases. I’m truly a fan of you and your wonderful site!


This is a Masterpiece :
Great art and only light censoring(gray shades).
It would look even better uncensored.
Do you have any more works like this?
Thank you very much for the upload,
and keep up the good work.
This is awesome………..


While I don’t read these types at all, I like the fact that you will post material that you don’t like just to bring in a larger audience and try and please everyone. Just make sure to put in the description the types of stories they are(Like you have been) so I don’t accidentally download something like this and I am set.

Thanks Oliver.


Post whatever you want to post Oli. I’ll still love you <3

And yes, this has become a site (possibly only adult site) I visit daily. Thanks for the share.


Rape is rape is rape. It’s disgusting in manga just like in real life. Rape stories are exactly like sad stories. We know that sad stories are pure fantasy, but we still cry. We know that rape stories are pure fantasy, but it’s still disgusting. Really disgusting.

Oliver, there must be a reason why the most popular mangaka on your site are Yamatogawa, Bosshi, Distance, Yoshu Ohepe, Amatarou etc. The reason of course is that most of us prefer fascinating stories with interesting scenario, and above all – love and happy sex.

I trust your taste Olver. It almost never failed till now. I really hope that we won’t start to see this disgusting stories on your site.


Well, as the commissioner on this I’m a little prejudiced, but I agree Charnal on this issue. The vast majority of the time I like sweet and happy with lots of love and sometimes I like to walk on the wilder side of human nature.
There’s no rape or mind control in this, Naoya is just a dick. The girls are willing, if not happy about it. Kotoyoshi Yumisuke should be one of the most popular mangaka anywhere, even his darker stories like this one end well for the ladies, unlike ‘Rage’ manga. To each their own, but there is more to this one than meets the eye.
BTW, the complete “Glamorous Roses” in all its glory will be finished soon and released in its entirety.


Setebos, I am with you on this one. It may seem like rape/mind break, but really, the women here have many opportunities where they could end things, but they don’t. I still wouldn’t really call it “happy sex” due to the darker themes, but the women *do* enjoy the sex, even if they don’t want to admit it to themselves. The guy may be an asshole, but the women still crave his cock and are quite willing to have sex with him.

I understand that this may not be to everyone’s tastes. But one of the great things about Oliver’s site is that he shares such a wide variety of stuff. If you like it, great, if you don’t like it, then just wait for Oliver to share something you *do* like. It won’t take long. :-)


I liked it.


Oh brother. Look, personal preferences, you can keep what you want. But anyone who thinks to criticize others preferences because rape hentai is “disgusting” (and granted, ehud there only implied that-maybe I’m just reading too much into it) is completely missing the point. I guess you can make the argument that sad stories are still sad, and we enjoy them because of catharsis, which is part of the human condition, and that rape probably isn’t something we want to try to involve in our catharsis. But by that logic, you really have to also be against violent video games, or you’re a total hypocrite.

Granted, if you’re against those too, then by all means-I certainly don’t want to piss off an army of FPSer fans, and I like my “disgusting” hentai too. IN ANY EVENT-

I’m surprised Oliver shows us things he dislikes. I myself found an untranslated version of this earlier on and thought “Yikes! That’s a keeper!” Interesting to see a translated version.


@TheyCallMeTomu, just that there won’t be any misunderstanding, i like this story (Kumikyoku Mitsunyuu). I dl it from FC site during the translations. I don’t consider it as “rape” story. I think it’s much closer to “happy sex” more than to anything else.
When i wrote about “rape”, i had in mind Bai Asuka and alike, guys that i simply can’t deal with their works.
And i surely agree that everyone entitles to his opinion and taste.


THANK YOU! I thought I was the only one who hated the “blackmail a wife and daughter to become a sex slave” scenario.” or anything remotely simmilar. I like the art but when I just hate them so much.Like some one’s gonna fall head over heels with their rapist and ALL of them just so happen to be stupid enough not to call the cops or something. I know it’s just a story but WTF?? Ok, I’m done ranting.


Honestly, i won’t dowload it, but i’m less shocked by that kind of story (for the few i’ve seen the guy and the girls are adult and happy) than by stories which involve prĂ©-pubescent girls and boys with adults or by girls with dicks.

If it wasn’t translated, nobody could tell what the story is and we could think the scenario is about one guy having sex with different girls, it doesn’t graphically look like rape or violent sex.

I believe it’s just a matter of taste, if you don’t like it, don’t dowload:easy

Thanks to Oliver for sharing good hentais, even when he doesn’t specially like the scenario.


Usually not a commenter, but I have to make one here.

First of all, there’s not a single instance of rape or mind control in this entire manga, which makes the debate it started kinda funny. It’s just a guy treating girls like garbage and them taking it. Happens everyday.

Secondly, anyone actually comparing hentai “rape” to actual rape and using that as a reason to label it disgusting is a lunatic. In reality, rape is a brutal, violent crime that is essentially non-sexual; it’s a power crime motivated by domination.

Hentai “rape” is hot girls bouncing around naked going “No, no, no” while riding the “rapist” in a reverse cowgirl.

Please stop comparing pornography to reality.


Hmmm, some of you have a point. We all can indulge in our fantasies, for sure, but I often worry about my own sanity and issues regarding some of the dubious material that often appear in hentai, be they mainstream (Last share by Yamatogawa) or fringe material (This shares by Yumisuke Kotoyoshi & Black Dog).

As long as the Admin share the high quality goods, ill get them and keep them. The crap ones get deleted from my archive, and thats it.

@Charnal,@Setesbos and others: Thanks for the lesson. I like my hentai, but i gotta make sure they’re up to high standards, in a legal & personal sense. Gotta make sure the hentai i get from this site will not bring me trouble, if i get busted from authorities. Thats my 2 cents.

In the end, the artist has the final say in what he/she wants to draw. Freedom of expression is a fundamental right for all people, right ?


FYI, i agree with admins preferences over other works by the same artist. This one just bothers me a bit, but i guess the artist has some plans in mind, regarding the last page in the book.

Your choice, your voice. =)

Change the subject, please ? =)


Read carefully :O

You should answer the question, ‘why is rape disgusting and bad?’

To me, it’s because you hurt another, traumatize her or him. In a drawing, this is not the case. As such I do not see anything *inherently* wrong with rape mangas.

Wether psychologically healthy to read such a manga is a different topic, one I think that none of us have any authorithy on as none of us have thoroughly studied the subject. But it’s similar I think to violent games. There are very few incidents surrounding violent games, and usually they deal with people who were mentally distorted in the first place. There’s more incidents with falling coconuts.

Every human being has horrible thoughts. Part of being civilized is to have them remain as just that, thoughts, thoughts that come naturally and without intention. Nobody chooses to become aroused when reading a manga involving rape, it’s involuntarily. If your brain, your hormones, your body enjoys it, and you do not harm another, then why not? As long as you read it, knowingly that in real life it’d be wrong, that this degrading depiction of women is distorted, a fantasy written to please men, there’s nothing wrong with it.


I try to follow this simple rule ro be a good member of the hentai community “Judge not another man’s perversions, lest he judge yours.” If you’re honest, you’ll admit you’ve got some. You might like some of my predilections and you might not, but it’s my business, just as yours are your business. Just respect one another and coexist, because there’s room enough for all of us in ‘Hentai World’.
I still think the manga is worthy enough to commission it, as I will volume 2 when it’s published and scanned. I try to commission quality hentai, but it’s got to appeal to me on some level and this one did. We lost track of Kotoyoshi a ways back in this thread, didn’t we. ;-)


What Setebos said. I mean, I refuse to judge people for liking rape hentai or futa, even though I myself don’t like the latter. Why? Well, I mean, do I really want people looking down on me for liking beast hentai?

Red Comet

i just hope the ending will be good an not bad/rage ending. coz its not finished yet

Rainy Day

Wow~!!! DuDE!!! child out man. Come on, can ya just shut down your F**KING word. It not nice DuDE!!! What Oliver want to say is say… so even more He’s Man in da House!!! so what!! he cant say what he dont like huh!! DuDE let him say what he want!! Everybody has their own word. So why Oliver can say his own word huh!!will ya CHILD OUT DUDE!!!

Sorry… im so Outrage status when ya poeple post [email protected]#[email protected] stuff cuz’ it really not nice…. please forgive me for my WORD… some of this post surely make me sad:-(… may GOD forgive what ya people post here… shame of u!!!

Keep the good stuff coming Oliver i dont care what ya say!! cuz’ i like the it DUDE!!!


I like mangas that are 1 on 1 or 1 guy many women. love MILFS. love big breast. love incest.

hate double penetration. hate super old guys like granpas in hentai. hate shotacon. hate tentacles. hate ugly guys fucking beautiful women. hate guro. hate futanari.

overall this manga is okay. for me.

continue the good job.


i definitely run away from rape and mind-breaking scenarios, as i get really upset after reading those. weird…
but i don't see the connection between rape and futa as some have pointed. i like futa and i like happy stories. mix them both and i'm a fan.