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Sarashi Ai [English], by Shindo Eru (also known as ShindoL)

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a TRUE exhib girl, that's nice :3 This is a Setebos Party tonight, this is the second time I’m glad to have to thank him for bringing us some new hentai marvel :DSarashi A is the very pleasant story of a TRUE exhibitionist girl. Not only does she get super hot at the idea of being caught without panties, masturbating in class or walking the street wearing only body paint, but she also doesn’t feel the slightest bit of (annoying) shame about it ! And, even better, she finds love, with a boy accepting and loving her as a whole, it was lovely :)

(For MORE works by this genious, Cf. The list of ALL of shindoL’s works !)

Good news! There is now more to this story! Grab the whole thing here!

A precision, maybe… Originally, in fact, this work was not published under the “Shindo Eru” name, but under the “Shindo L” name. These are just pen names for the same artist, but there are style differences. Shindo Eru publishes consensual sex. Shindo L – until the present work – published super hardcore shocking immoral works. That may be the reason why I already skipped two or three translated works by Shindo L, they were too immoral and shocking for my taste (and, from my personal hentai-meter, they left me flaccid, which meant they were of zero interest.)

Update : I forgot to mention the other pen name of the artist : Da Hooch. While some ShindoL works are OK, all the Da Hooch are fucken, scary, disgusting. Imagine a girl aged 12 starting to look clother herself like a whore and getting pregnant just because she’s stupid and has fallen for the lies of bored westerners ganging her and her friends, feeding her drugs and alcohol, this is one of the works written as Da Hooch. Yikes.
Thanks for you guys in the comments, without you I’d have forgotten to mention it :)

Hello ! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the Zip links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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Sarashi Ai translates literally as “Exposing Love”. an apt title. ShindoL is a great and unique artist, a great guy that is deserving of much acclaim. He is one of my top favourites and one of those whom I will have all their work translated.
Thanks for posting this, Oliver. It was a labor of love spanning many weeks and much work by DesuDesu and Fated Circle to bring this one to fruition. I hope it’s liked.


Shindo Eru also publishes doujinshi for the circle DA HOOTCH. One of his was VERY popular recently on 4chan: Four Leaf Lover.

It’s about Yotsuba (hence its popularity on that website), with her friends and some hard nigger rape. It’s NOT loli, btw.

The guy apparently was born in NYC and speaks a decent English, according to some e-mails by him posted on that board.


Thanks to DesuDesu and Fated Circle for bringing this doujin by the great Shindo Eru/ShindoL!

also Oliver, if you think his works under ShindoL was bad you probably should steer clear of the doujins where he calls himself DA HOOTCH. Because that’s when he draws his most demented and insane stuff.


The drawings kinda look like something between DA HOOTCH and Tsukino Jyogi, and I just so happen to like both group/artist, so for me, it’s a great share! Thanks Oliver!


That may be the reason why I already skipped two or three translated works by Shindo L —> May I ask what those works were? The titles.


FYI, since I’m an insufferable know-it-all. It is ShindoL without a space, there is no Shindo Eru. Shindo Eru is based on a misunderstanding from the start, his name was the English styled ShindoL and translated to Japanese, not the other way round. Translating ShindoL from Japanese to English gives ‘Shindo Eru’ which is incorrect. Da Hootch is another nom de guerre and not a cicle name of ShindoL, his work as such is hardcore as was his early work as ShindoL. His appearances in Comic Mujin have been very mellow and pleasant, he’s a top favourite of mine from here on.
I will be having a Da Hootch doujin translated soon, and yes, I warn the faint hearted before hand.


It’s basically a Japanese misconception of the english language XD lol


…Wow. Oliver, please add this artist to that list of top artists. This is the best one I’ve read in a LONG time.


@ Unknown
those said works would most certainly be
Fukou Kishi (ff tactics)
Seidouyuusha (dragon quest)
Four Leaf Lover (yotsuba)
Playthings of the Apes and Slave Worm 1&2 (Original)

all translated and fairly easy to find

a fair warning ahead this stuff ist mostly hardcore rape, impregnation and pretty freaked out mindfuck (and frodo)
so consider yourself warned (or turned on)


another work by ShinduL thats pretty good


“Super Hardcore Shocking Immoral Works” would be a great name for a hentai manga.

The Question


Is frodo a term for some hentai thing, or do you mean the character? Cause if thats the case… EW!


@ The Question
hahaha i’m afraid it’s the character
comment image
that would be a part of a page from Seidouyuusha
shindo is really damn crazy
but i like that


Hhehe – what a lovely ending ^^


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