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Mom’s Art Class [English], by Naomi Nekomata

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Fuck YEAH, more Nekotama ! Who cares if it's incest ! :D

UPDATE : the present post is now obsolete, I’m now sharing this work inside Futanari Relations, a COMPLETE manga by Naomi Nekomata, entirely translated, and entirely uncensored, enjoy !

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well, it’s pretty popular cuz it’s a taboo


didn’t get the gold but thanks for the daily dope anyway!


I think incest is popular because it is taboo, but more importantly relates close to Japanese history. Due to sexual repression, many different things are twisted. This was seen in the west during the Victorian era, and the reason many weirdos come from backgrounds like Puritans. In Japan, however, the family unit as a whole is a deeply respected thing. Incest is either born from the fact that it is something that is beyond taboo in Japan, as a fundamental breakdown of the family concept; likely the basis of Mother/Son Father/Daughter relationship stories. Alternativly it could come from a deep love for the family, witch makes sense for Brother/Sister storys in many cases. Usually, it seems that stories involving brothers and sisters involves some form of family issues. Something like incest could come fourth from a desire to keep the family together in some way.

As for “stepcest”, its either because they dont like their new family (domination and “rape”), or like a normal relationship, as they aren’t blood, they are allowed to fall in love too right?

Real life incest is generally due to lack of gene pool (Small villages and tribes, secluded from other peoples.), spiritual tradition (ancient Egyptian higher class comes to mind), traumatic experiences, or mental disorder (likely rape)

The reason incest isn’t normal is because the human mind has an automatic “find new genes” system that makes people normally want to find someone different in appearance or other identifying factors to members of your genetic family. This is to broaden your genetic structure, allowing for your offspring to have a higher resistance to disease you may not be, or physical traits that can improve survivability. This is also because incestuous birth is prone to genetic deformities, because of recessive genes are prevalent in both parents.

This is just my theories…


Agreed with Axier.
I think that incest isn’t morally acceptable in most cultures simply because it’s basic biological instinct to reject it. Similarly, most people may frown on sex with a huge gap between parties (60 year old man + 20 year old woman) not because it’s wrong or illegal, but instinct dictates that it’s unhealthy for the species.

As for the rise of fetish towards incest, it’s probably a psychological/cultural issue, and that is up to one’s own interpretation of it. I personally have a fetish for school uniforms, probably because I have never had a love life back in school, and it kills me to see people who do.

And I realize that I probably have no life for typing this much on a hentai blog. Please kill me, gentlemen.


*Kills rawr*

Well, I also have a fetish for uniforms and haven’t had any in high school. Your theory sounds correct.


This is just something a friend of mine told me, because he was wondering just like you Oliver, he did some research^^

Most of you know that the pressure to get into University or Highschool is heavy in Japan, actually it is so important, that some mothers have sex with their sons, so that they wont be distracted because of sex. And this seems not to be just some side issue, it is culturally accepted.

Well I have no idea if that is false or true, could be that some idiot was just making a joke, but as messed up japanese are in relation to sex, i could imagine that it is true.


Andy:”Most of you know that the pressure to get into University or Highschool is heavy in Japan, actually it is so important, that some mothers have sex with their sons, so that they wont be distracted because of sex. And this seems not to be just some side issue, it is culturally accepted.”

Whoa!!!! OMG!!!! This sure stunned me abit.


I think too that it is mainly because Japanese social life and family life is sooo structured, rigid and based on hierarchy… Respect for the older and family authority is so entrenched in brains that it sounds kind of logical that to break it (through incest) is such a widespread fantasy.
Furthermore, Japanese families, as harmonious as they can be, are also characterised (from an European point of view at least) by an absence of physical proximity between its members, along with the custom of giving few concrete proofs of love and affection. This also creates fantasies, since it is pretty extensively proven that what is unreachable is highly desirable.

But I don’t think we can treat it as something so distinctively Japanese. The popularity of your incest posts show rather well that it is a worldwide phenomenon. The difference, of course, is that Japanese society allows it to be both amplified and expressed.

And I’d be curious to hear about incest nowadays in Western societies. It is almost treated as a synonym for rape, even though I would be surprised if mutually consented incest were to occur only seldom.

Enough thinking. Time for a good “wannafuckmama” reading.

(Oh, and I don’t even try to use the codes you give, Oliver, but thank you very much for this plus all the rest. Admins like you make the web a fantastic place.)


in sharp contrast with “western” incest histories, in doujin/mangas the subjets are , mostly mom-son, relations followed, by brother-sister…the few are father-daugther, this later one “type” of incest is the prevalent in western comics….the “reason why” of this, is a mistery for me.


incest in reality is a taboo and not publicly accepted in any culture or society. basically, ur not allowed to do so in the 1st place but…

thats the reason why its popular i guess..the more taboo it is, the more we want to try it. its just like a gold plate chest with a lock unlocked and a note saying “do not open” =P


I just found this site and thought I would toss in my two cents worth.

I have read the same thing that Andy mentioned here is a link to what I read:

From my own personal experience from dating and then marrying to a Japanese women I was totally amazed at her acceptance of my interest in mother/son incest. Because of our ages we do not have children (she 42/me 55) but when we travel to Japan we almost always find a her a very young male prostitute and they put on a good mother/son show for me.

Now true this is a long way from the real thing but the fact that she is that open minded is amazing to my Western mind. It is difficult enough to find a Western woman that will accept you looking at this type of stuff. But to find one that will go along with hiring a teenage male prostitute and having them call each other mommy and son during the sex while you watch is just amazing.