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Just a notice about Re-Take, the BEST Evangelion doujin and reprise ever

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The BEST evangelion doujin and reprise. Ever.

Hello everyone, I just want to announce that, among 30 or so other various reuploads for today, the Re-Take serie has been reuploaded too.

And if you are or used to be an Evangelion fan, if you don’t know Re-Take yet, don’t waste a single second, even fapping can wait, read it as soon as possible, this is, by far, the BEST Evangelion reprise ever. I don’t think I’m exxagerating when I say that Re-Take finally offers Evangelion the ending it deserved, instead of the shitty no-good otaku-ripping-off ending the serie and the movies had. This is moving, well-drawn, and Asuka receives plenty of dick in the first volumes.

Re-Take volumes 1-2-3-0-4-After can be found here :)

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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21 Comments on "Just a notice about Re-Take, the BEST Evangelion doujin and reprise ever"

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do you have all-ages vesion?


evin without the sex in it. it is the best eva doujin I have ever read and defanetly werth DLing and if I ever find a hard copy Im gana grab it and add it to my eva colection


Agreed… This is the BEST Evangelion doujin and reprise I’ve seen (including clean or ero). Actually I like this much more then the original ending to the series.


Many thanx Oliver. I really don’t know what it is all about (never read this series). I guess i’ll know now. Seems very sad though.


I’m in full agreement. The actual series and movies left a bad taste in my mouth, as the build-up with all the unrelenting pathos (Shinji having to kill Kaoru, the only person in the world who really seemed to care about him, was gut-wrenching) left me hoping for some kind of closure worthy of the name.

It’s been a year or so since I downloaded the doujin, and compared to it even the new movies are turning out to be a let-down of sorts. Technically they’re great anime, but the story seems to be suffering…again. IMHO, Anno-san should have hired Re-Take’s author to do the storyboard…


lol, Ive read that a long time ago.
But by far, its the best doujin Ive ever read. Lost it when i reformatted my hardrive.
The sex aren’t really meant much except to show the strength of the the relationship.
The doujin devotes entriely on the aspect of relationship between Shinji and Asuka, something we didn’t see in the original anime.
Thanks for putting it up Oliver.


this is not only the best Eva doujin ever written it’s probably the best doujin ever written, the Negimaru series would probably be my #2 but that’s neither here nor there.


“I don’t think I’m exxagerating when I say that Re-Take finally offers Evangelion the ending it deserved, instead of the shitty no-good otaku-ripping-off ending the serie and the movies had.”

I cannot argue with that. I hated Evengelion for it’s bad endings, until I read this doujin.


50 billion times better than the endings of the show or movie. I DL’ed it a long time ago to fap to, but in the end no fapping happened…


Since I first downloaded this roughly a year ago, I have read through the entire series about three times!
A great conclusion to an anime which seemed very lacking in terms of closure.


@old Re-Take-Post
Maybe you find this interesting, so i tell you^^.
Komm Susser Todd, the correct spelling for this is: Komm süßer Tod. Translated (from german to english) it means: Come sweet death.
Btw, how does it come that you used that phrase?

I got your version of Re-Take already somewhere else roughly 1 1/2 years ago, i think it leaded me to your blog^^. Anyway, thanks for this blog and the time you spend for it, it makes it alot easier to find good stuff!


I don’t care what anyone says, I liked the original ending. :P


the original end always brings to mind a group of writers in a run somewhere chain smoking and shotgunnin coffee(of whatever the hell they drink for caffeine over there) repeating aloud to themselves “How the fuck do we end this???” or “What the the fuck do we do now???”


Oliver I just have to say thank you for fixing the links on this series. When I first came across it I was unable to download any of it and I have to say the wait was well worth it. After the horrid taste left in my mouth after the jokes that were Eva:Rebirth and Death, this series shows exactly what type of closure a series this good deserved.


This seriously is probably the best erodoujin series ever.


Is there a place where I can grab this as a single pack, or as a torrent?


Is there someplace that I can get this as a pack, or as a torrent?


Making this available for upload was a service to humanity. This is how it should have ended… I have closure now.


No… just no.

I HATE Evangelion hentai. Because I actually love Eva and fat sweaty pathetic otakus turning something so amazing into fap fodder is fucking lame.

So no, maybe if the author hadn’t stooped to putting in a bunch of worthless sex scenes. I would be interested and to the people who say Eva’s ending sucked… fuck you and your inability to understand subtle and ambiguous things.

Anyone can say “THEY ALL LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER!” or “THEY ALL DIED: THE END” Evangelion’s ending was subtle, confusing, and left the viewer to infer meanings. That is way better than shit just handed to you. So yeah, fuck all of you for thinking some fucking pervert hentai doujin is anywhere near as good as a hallmark of the animation industry.



I think the sexscenes in this one are just for the added appeal to certain people. I heard somewhere that a sex-free version was in the works.


I have to agree with everyone on here. This is with put a single doubt in my pea hentai brain, that this was the best EVA doujin I have ever read.
The only confusing part was when they decided later on to come out with later issues to fill in some of the gaps they had left themselves.
What other doujin do you know of that came out with it’s own soundrack for pete’s sake.