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Cho Danchizuma Keiko [English, Complete and Uncensored, 175 pictures], by Hyji

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just my opinion of course, but I find this blowjob spectacular :)

Unusual hentai manga incoming at full speed ! ;)
My thanks to you, Fayt, for this interesting work ! Cho Danchizuma Keiko is about the passionate sexual life of housewives aged 30 to 40 in a condo, orchestrated by one of these housewives, using her “experiments” (she convinces them to act slutty, they love it and continue by themselves) to gain quality materials to write an erotic novel :lol: There’s sex with students, delivery men, the oppositve volleyball team after a strip-volley game (great idea), and even – shocking – with each other’s spouse !
It’s an entertaining scenario, but will you love the drawings ? The women are aged 30 to 40 and look like it indeed, this is entirely up to you to see if that can please you :)

UPDATE : the manga is now fully UNCENSORED, all thanks to Otosan ! :)

By Hyji, I also share Asemizyu (182 pictures), S the Second Story (100 pictures), and Katekyo 5-8 (all of them are in English).

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Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(86 MB, 175 pictures, English)

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8 Comments on "Cho Danchizuma Keiko [English, Complete and Uncensored, 175 pictures], by Hyji"

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I love his art plus, I love MILFs. Lulz. <3


I agree with Sky on this one… love the MILFs!


Hyji is a master when it comes to MILFs, thanks for the post.


Great share again. Less funny, but more mature women.


thanx 4 this

i dont like chapter 7. sleeping girls is a turnoff


I love this artists style. Its a great alternative to the sometimes way too skinny 16 year olds. I prefer the older looking characters in hmanga most of the time anyway. Will you be sharing anymore by this artist?


i love it :D