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Yanagida-Kun To Mizuno-San chapters 1-5 [English, 105 pictures], by Enomoto Heights

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UPDATE : I removed the links, I’m now sharing the COMPLETE and UNCENSORED version, ON THAT PAGE, check it out :)

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
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13 Comments on "Yanagida-Kun To Mizuno-San chapters 1-5 [English, 105 pictures], by Enomoto Heights"

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The Zathael and Oliver seal of approval! I’ve got to read this one, I don’t get out much and I need to stop and smell the roses. I just tsunderes, so it’s plus plus.

7hat Guy

Woot, and to think I just read this the other day! One of the few H-manga’s I’ve seen where I find myself actually enjoying the story more then the drawings itself o_O

I think it’s the Tsundere’s, they make everything win if they’re used properly in telling stories. At least from what I’ve noticed =3


Since you recommend it, I would take a look. Thanks.


The title it’s “Yanagida-kun to Mizuno-San” :)


See? I *knew* you would love this one.

Welcome back from your trip. I was thinking about emailing you directly about this, but figured that once I convinced Oliver to post it you would see it soon enough. :-)

I really did like the story of this one as much as and maybe even more than the sex scenes. As I told Oliver in one of my emails, I am looking forward to the next chapter not just because I want to see another sex scene between the two main characters, but because I also want to see what happens next with their *relationship*.

I should also point out that this was a joint project between Shadow and Cyatomorrow from redCoMet and Cannibal from Hentai-Enishi. They all did a great job, and I hope there is more of this to come soon.


Amazing! Loved the story, cant wait for the rest!
Thanx for the great release Oliver!


Loved it. Couldn’t agree more with Zathael’s assessment of the story. When I hit the end and remembered it wasn’t the complete tank, I was like ‘aww’. But hopefully more to come in the future! As always, nice upload admin.

That being said, as I read the post I realized I didn’t have Cheerism yet so I went to go download it; and *all four* download links give the “could not be saved: could not read source file” error about 2/3 through the download. Think you can help me out?


I’m much more interested in the story then the sex scenes. >> I gotta say… this is tsundere done right (though it wouldn’t have been possible if the dude was one of the average wishy-washy panzys.)


Too coool!!
T_T Great job guys! I’ll be waiting for the others chapters! Liked the drwings and liked the story, pretty tender…

^_^Thx for the share!!

Jesy Blue

soo fucking cool!!!

i don’t think i’ve even loved a hentai cliff hanger this much!


A superb share Oliver!

Can’t wait for next chapters, but I’ll probably “read” it at least once more :)

Guest today released chp. 7-12. So a packing of this first volume might be a nice idea (hint, hint) ;-p