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Kouhan [English, 70 pictures], by Yukio Shijima

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*gulp*, as the picture file name says

I have very mixed feelings towards this 70-pictures long manga… On the one hand, there are interesting drawings, with an unusual style, and I’m pretty sure they are bound to totally please bakunyuu and/or MILF fans (both themes are shown). On the other hand, sorry to be blunt, but the scenario sucks balls, ranging from low-grade incest to ugly thoughts, jealousy and the like.

By the same artist, I also share Nyu-Seihin and Sanmi Ittai.

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Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(25 MB, 74 pictures, English)

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7 Comments on "Kouhan [English, 70 pictures], by Yukio Shijima"

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Hm, I’m little confused. I have this manga as kouhan-rewrite_2 with chapters named Family Ties 1-5. What you think about rewrites Oli-san?


yeah, am confuse I read this one long while ago and still don’t know what the relationship are in this. Like the kid has two moms or something?


Actually, the other girl is married to one of the sons who is away working. Since she is frustrated, she’s doing it with the younger brother and father.


my idealism obliges me to help someone win, rather leave a prize being impossible to get!


5th! Did I get it?! Thank anyway for all the shares!


I tried to leave a msg but it didn’t show up? Anywayz, thanks for all the shares!


This one seems to still be incomplete as the original japanese manga has 214 pages.