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The Princess And The Crow part 1 [English], by Yuki Seto

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that's some blowjob, believe me o_O I was starting to feel something was missing in my last shares, I remember what is was now, it was the “with many thanks to Setebos” sentence :DSo, with many thanks to You-Know-Who ( ;) ), here is a brand new hentai work by Yuki Seto :)The drawings are among Yuki Seto’s very best, with close to zero censorship (give me 20 minutes and it would be done), some oh-my-godly oral action, but the scenario is a bit depressing, sex without love (I mean, a good fuck is always a good fuck, but at some point, you shouldn’t empty your balls at any cost), I’ll let you understand…

(MOAR ! Don’t miss The up-do-date list of Yuki Seto’s works on Hentairules)

Update : I removed the download links, I’m now sharing the COMPLETE AND UNCENSORED version of this manga, you can read it and download it ON THAT PAGE :)

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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13 Comments on "The Princess And The Crow part 1 [English], by Yuki Seto"

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nice, a new yuki seto doujin, thanks Oliver.


you were right. that was depressing

Nik Rip

Hi, this seems to be a continuaton of one of Stringendo stories, nice, but not in the spirit of the rest of the manga.


Yeah, should probably somehow let people know that this is a continuation of Stringendo?
And I don’t think the scenario is sex without love, it’s just one-sided love…

Mike Tyson

So that’s what happened, LOL. Dumbass willing to go to jail just for some pussy. Thanks can’t wait for the next installment


Many thanx Oliver. Thats really an interesting story.


Thanks for posting this, Oliver. You can immediately tell a great artist when you look at something and this is nothing but an interesting story. I await future installments. :D


@Nik Rip and Michael
It doesn’t look like this doujin appeared in Stringendo. So either this is in fact a brand new doujin, or the RAW I got was incomplete (which I doubt).


@Demosthenes: They said that it was a continuation of one of the plots in Stringendo, meaning that it of course doesn1t appear in that.

That said, depressing story is depressing.

Nik Rip

Hi, sorry to say but the anime hentai has this story in the second of the 2 episodes it contains. It has the story of the girl getting harassed and throwing the guy out the window, getting hung on the screen and her cutting it with a knife… Btw this is how that file is called: Stringendo Angel-tachi no Private Lesson 2 – My Blow Jober 2



Like Solarn said, it’s a continuation og Stringendo, a sequel. It picks up where the story of Kanda and Miyazawa left off in the doujin, and where the 2nd episode of the anime ended(but prior to the 3rd episode).

Nik Rip

Stringendo – My blow jobber is up to 3 episodes now. Search for Erobeat to find the subbed version, if you want it.



Oliver, i only use the depositfiles link because you asked us to… Otherwise i wouldnt ever use it, my net isnt all that great, and deposit files makes it worse… Btw nice manga keep the good work! Greetings from Brasil!


He IS dedicated! Thanks Setebos and Oliver.

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