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Uncensored version of The Princess Of The Sleep [English, 80 pictures, Complete and Uncensored], by Myuuto Akatsuki

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Sleeping beauty revisited :D This time, let us change from boring incest or uninteresting works with zero scenario, I’m very happy I can share The Princess Of The Sleep, by Myuuto Akatsuki, thanks to Setebos, Brolen and Makasu :)
The drawings are very good, with several details and close to zero censorship, and the scenario is even better.I won’t call the scenario a masterpiece, but still, it is really worth it ! An “adult” note (mature feelings, the bitter-sweetness of life…), a “not exactly like that” predictable ending…
I hope you’ll like reading it :)

UPDATE : this post is now obsolete !
This share has been repacked within Innocent ~Shoujo Memoria~,
a splendid 202 pages long full tank :)

Just a stupid side note too, one of the girls in this work had one of the most ridiculous haircuts in a long time :|

asparagus head !

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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17 Comments on "Uncensored version of The Princess Of The Sleep [English, 80 pictures, Complete and Uncensored], by Myuuto Akatsuki"

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Thanks, Oliver. Continuation or not, I just want to see more from this artist. He shows a lot of potential as one hell of an erotic artist. :D


I think Asparagus girl is hot…
The hair style is kinda cool, although logically either lacquered or gravitationally challenged.


Just wanted to say thanks for your time and effort! It is appreciated alot!


I just started fooling around with gimp, and when I saw the 2 pg “cover” of chap two I chose that as practice for joining two pages together. didn’t figure I would see it translated so soon, thanks.


Wait… what? Is the first preview pic supposed to be upside-down?

Regardless, this looks like a fine selection & I look forward to reading it. As always, thanks!


I wonder if a hearcut like that would work in real life…

As always, thanx for the share.


Many thanks to Setebos, Brolen and Makasu for this one. Thanks also to Oliver for sharing it.

For the most part, this was a very well done story that was at times simply heartbreaking. Having Yuna feel so lonely and neglected that she is willing to fake being in a coma-like state just to try and get her father to come visit her was bad enough. But then, when she is ok with the fact that Shinya is basically abusing what he thinks is her unconscious body (eww), because it means that *someone* at least cares about her and wants to “enjoy her body” (again, eww), made me almost cry. When you also throw in the fact that Shiori has fallen in love with Shinya, and is upset that he has feelings for her “sleeping” sister and not for her, it makes for a very emotional story.

The ending though was a bit of a disappointment. It was like the author got to the point where Shinya called out Yuna’s name while having sex with Shiori, suddenly realized he only had 4 pages left available, so decided to go with the haremish ending where the two sisters argue over who Shinya “really” loves. *sigh*

Although I must admit that Yuna’s call to her father where she threatened to call the media to announce her suicide, drink some agricultural chemicals, slit her wrists, and jump off a building naked while screaming “Papa raped me!” was hilarious. The only way to make it better is if she mentioned something in that rant about setting herself on fire. :-)

All in all, a very good and emotional story. I just wish there had been a bit more to the ending. Oh well, this one was still much better than the “fap and go” stories that you see all the time. Like Setebos, I am looking forward to seeing more from this artist.


Good story, too little room to finish. Would like to see some more work from this author :D


Great share Oliver! Thanks a million….

Man is the art in this one ever good. :)



Did you seriously try to analyze a hentai manga that has a scenario that involves a girl who’s an attention whore and another naive, “innocent”, dumb girl interested in a guy who likes to have sex with sleeping women without asking for consent?

I lol’d.

Thanks, Oliver, for continuing to maintain a fantastic hentai portal. Keep up the awesome effort!

~some lurker


Excellent drawing style!! The plot is good too! Oliver, thank you so much for sharing Myuuto Akatsuki’s hentai work. Looking forward to see more in the future^^


I'm with 4ranger on that…


Hea again
I just stumbled over an DECENCORED version of these
2 Chapters of that great thing
You may wanne know and change/update – well

NightScream – Hats off!!

I'd appreciate an Update a lot, bec. Im not able to dl other than onebyone pic. , at this page, yet.

Goo ooon ruuuulin' Givit to us


That's a really creative threat Yuna used. Why did i never think of good ones like that?
Thanks :)


I think I had preview of this once. As for the haircut, the girl in the central focus reminded me of Cameron Diaz in "Something About Mary" The world finds yet another use for man gravy.

Thanks for the upload.

Oliver (AKA the Admin)

Ooops, you’re right O_o

Thanks Oldbrokenhands, I owe you one :)