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Ochiru Tenshi [English, 196 pictures, Complete and Uncensored, yay !], by Distance

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I wish I was in there :D

Kaya and YQII have been working on this for more than a year, so thanks a lot to both of them, here is, ladies and gentlemen (well, there are some ladies, I swear this isn’t science-fiction !), the COMPLETE version of Ochiru Tenshi, by Distance, at last :D

The drawings are great, entirely uncensored, very big tits, faces burning with lust and/or satisfaction, it’s a feast for the eye :)

As for the scenario, well, the good thing is that there is, indeed, one, and it runs all along the 196 pictures. But frankly, I’ve seen air balloons that were less empty, a body exchange is the opportunity for a “milky sensible body discovery” + comedy attempts, that won’t strike you as something consistent :roll:

(MOAR ! For MUCH more stuff, Cf. the list of all Distance’s works on Hentairules)

If I were to say something against Ochiru Tenshi, it would be there is too much missionary and not enough of other positions, and that the whole male-female body swap idea sucks, great hentai can be made without this cheap trick :-/ Anyway, we can’t help it, and the drawings are definitely great, so, enjoy ^_^

Ochiru Tenshi, the COMPLETE volume

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(83 MB, 196 pictures, English)

(please, is there a chance you can use the depositfiles link ? That will generate a tiny bonus for me, thank you very much if that's possible for you ! :)
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Or you can also use the Alternative :
Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2

And now, a frustrating precision in the end, we’re not even close to the translation of the next two volumes, so for the moment, at least for 2009, there won’t be no more of Ochiru Tenshi to read in English.

Better late than never (24 hours late, I forgot to attach it yesterday), here’s a bonus picture with a question inside…

wtf is it for ?

Edit: okay, that thing, this device, it’s an electric hair shorterner, that Japanese schoolgirls frequently carry around with them. Thanks to the kind folks who answered in the comments! ^_^

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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28 Comments on "Ochiru Tenshi [English, 196 pictures, Complete and Uncensored, yay !], by Distance"

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Alchemic End

Dood, thanks been waiting to finish the story.


best day ever yay


First volume down. I wonder how many volumes this doujin will have. Currently I have 3 raw volumes of this doujin.


Drawings are great.. story not so great. I love Distance’s artwork… but the story just tuns me off for some reason.


I am VERY confused by the storyline…what happened to the girl?… all i know is it’s some guy in a girl’s body and…himself in his own body…which is one of the largest brain-fucks ever…


woo! its finally complete!
i love distance.
thank you very much for this


I’m with Darkfire, I’m friggin confused.



Doing the usual piecing together of the plot by skipping to the sex scenes utterly fails for this managa.

I’ll try to explain what I got so far from reading it and hopefully anyone else reading this can add if they have any thoughts.

The guy named Mamoru wakes up in the girl body goes out and finds his own body which is walking around doing stuff so somehow the accident cloned his mind into the girl but has displaced her personality to god knows where. He explores Sei chan’s life, giving her brother a lingerie show, carries on Sei’s affair with the teacher, finds the original Mamoru and has sex with him, flirts with a Tomoko before having sex with the teacher again, lets herself get molested on the train and after a sex scene with Tomoko and Kaoru, Sei meets Kauro.

However the ending of this is by no means the complete end of the series, seeing as how they probably need to resolve where the original Sei chan is. I think the reason this manga is so confusing is because most body switch has a man transformed into a woman OR a man and a woman switching bodies. This has this a weird combination of the mans personality basically splitting into two sentient wholes, one of which displaces Sei’s personality to god knows where.

Dang thats a lot to write about porno now I know how Oliver feels.


I just cant like stories like these, they just feel so gay. those who like these stories might be secretly gay :-P


mike-chu said: I think you are just openly stupid.


@anonymous: so you dont think that a guy (even thought he is in a womans body) who has sex with other guys and enjoys a “womans pleasure” gay??


I think the point is irrelevant since this is FANTASY.


technically instead of a gender blender it seems to be more of a personality disorder. Sei took the personality and identity of mamuro. which explain why mamuro is still himself. viewing cp 20-23 seems to indicate this as well as mamuro has no recollection of being in sei body even after sei return. but sei on the other hand did.

for those that are interested vol 2 talk more on the reason for her jumping. although some parts don’t make sense.

oh yeah this doujin seems to have been dropped……. what a waste She look much better in cp 20 onwards


wow Grety that is really interesting. It makes far more sense for her to think she is mamoru than to have weird personality cloning and displacement. In fact it makes more sense for that to be the case than any retarded fantastical personality switch device that most mangas use. Sei doesnt really seem to know anything about mamoru’s inner life or thoughts beyond his attraction to her.

Also I have to agree with Mike Chu, anything with a man in a womans body enjoying sex with another man is kinda gay. It leaves the same bad taste in my mouth as futanari does, though I don’t begrudge anyone else liking it, I just don’t find it that stimulating. However due to my straight male hypocrisy and love of lesbianism, if a female personality possesed a man’s body and had sex with a woman who wasn’t posessed by a man I would probably feel fine wanking it to that. Btw anyone know of a series like that?


answer to your question in your bonus picture, i believe it’s a hair straightener


Yeah, that thing is used for rebonding hair.


Ill be real honest…

If they perfected gender transference and a man or woman could completely and genetically turn into a woman or man, I would fuck it.

Or the Ghost in the Shell prosthetics…

As long as it has a vagina, is what I am getting at here.


From YMII’s site, links to the raws for volume 2 and 3:


Thanks Anon for the raw links


This is not my cup of tea, but sure, I’m a lady. ;)

So yeah, we exist lol


as for the picture in the and I think it’s some kinda hair thing for girls ask to girls for that :D

bang bang

That thing is a hair straightener or electric curler, operated by battery.

It’s a prevalent in Japanese schoolgirl bag.


Thanks for the upload, greatly appreciate it, but idk… this isn't very appealing, as much as Distance's other works.. Thanks nonetheless!


Are any more volumes translated?


thanks again Oliver :P


That's not a dick toaster that's a hair straightener/curler.


In case anyone still wondering the “dick toaster” is a hair curling iron. The idea is it uses heat to add curl to hair. Girls carry it around same reason they carry makeup in their purse. IE so they can always look good and touch up any areas due to time, accidents, or whatever. Especially if going to be around someone they really like and want to maintain a positive image with.