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Shining Musume volume 5 chapter 6, + chapters 1-6 in another Zip file [English, 195 pictures], by Shiwasu No OKina

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A mouthful for a pop star, lol

Here’s some new and fresh Shining Musume goodness I commissioned for everyone :)
This is very simple : popular idols (the Shining Musume, parody of the Morning Musume) have been having a happy gangbang during 4 (or 5) chapters already, and it’s still continuing. Kisses, cuteness hidden everywhere, vaginal, anal, DP, nice mouthfuls… The show must go on ! :twisted:

(For MUCH more stuff, cf. The list of all Shiwasu No Okina’s Works !)
This list also includes the translated previous Shining Musume volumes, as well as the volume 7. Unless someone else wishes to work on it to go faster, I’ll take on volume 6 next.

UPDATE : I now share the COMPLETE version of this manga, this current page isn’t up to date anymore. Please refer to the Redirection Page, linked above, for the links to this :)

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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15 Comments on "Shining Musume volume 5 chapter 6, + chapters 1-6 in another Zip file [English, 195 pictures], by Shiwasu No OKina"

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Thanks for the share, Oliver.

I will leave the key to someone else, I don’t need it.


Thx for the key Oli


‘Tis the season to be jolly…

and yet when i visit my hentai-haunts on the webs, all they offer are either rape, guro and hardcore hentai sh*t. =(

What, Is Christmas that shitty to people these days ? has been sharing cuckold/NTR hentai and fringe hentai of the worst kind… Hentai peddlers running out of material or are they like their Otaku brethren in Japan = Christmas is SH!T ?

Im starting to grow misanthropic towards people, especially hentai peddlers who pump out hentai i cant really enjoy/like.. =(


Whew! At last, after 4 months of downloading I finished all 246 pages here in HR. All I need to do is to find the missing mangas and I will have a complete collection for 2007-2009. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!


like i always say, a day with Shiwasu No OKina is awesome =D


Mmm, SNO goodness. Thankee kindly, Oliver!

@GhostLord It might just be you, bud. Not everyone has unmeetable expectations about the holidays. Just business as usual for many.

Also, what gets translated isn’t always indicative of what is available back at the J-source. It’s all gravy anyway, man. Enjoy what you can and pass on the rest. You didn’t say a single positive word about this release here. You were more focused on disappointment from elsewhere. :P


Many thanx Oliver! I keep saying it: Shining Musume continues to be pure brilliance.


Many thanx Oliver for this awesome gift. Happy christmas.


Thanks for this, Oliver.
Oliver, I’ve sent you three e-mails this past week and haven’t gotten a reply. Is your Spam filter acting up again?


Alright! This is probably my favourite chapter of this Volume and I always hoped it would be translated soon. Just one more chapter then and Vol 5 is complete! Can’t wait for Vol 6 if it ever gets done. Many thanks Oliver & Desu! Merry Christmas to each of you :)



Im cool with SNO’s works. And praise to the translator who did this for you. At least, the girls on this work isn’t getting seriously hurt, though, so this one is a keeper (but it will be kept on a “pending” folder. Gotta make up a decision later to move it in my “approved” later. My standard policy for getting good hentai and reading it for pleasure.)

Its just that the group with the name LittleWhiteButterflies has shared objectionable content for 12 days straight on fakku, supposedly as their Christmas season gimmick. Compared to yours, you haven’t, since your shares vary from very good to slightly objectionable.

Sorry for taking it out here. Was just a bit displeased, when some “unpleasant” stuff got shared here too. Was a bit worried you might go down that path, but oh well, there are folks who’re into that, so ill leave it alone.

I’m just a bit cranky these days since objectionable matter got shared on Fakku (a few loli, guro and NTR works, nothing too serious).

Gotta be careful on what i keep on my comp, though. Just taking precaution.



Well, maybe it was my fault for venting it out here. Was a bit worried when Admins shared a few works that were nearly objectionable (Honey Room & Sexualism) shares, so i just tossed some of my 2 cents about whats being shared on the hentai-blogs out there.

Guess i was worrying too much. Ill wait and see whats coming to this shop.


is there any chance of you putting a complete shining musume file together ? i really lost track what i got from this series.

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