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La Bête Obscène [English, 142 pictures, Complete], by Tenjiku Ronin

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This is sick, frankly, but in the same time, this is truly artistic. Fascinating and nauseous in the same time... Life is simpler when you can neatly put each thing in a square box, clearly labelled to know what to think of it. But art doesn’t work like that, it won’t fit in a clearly labelled box.
HUGE WARNING, this manga contains extreme body and mind rape, and other sick contents ! The problem is that this is ALSO a first-rate artistic work : while 98% of the hentai works are industrial productions made to fit in neatly labelled boxes, there is definitely an artistic touch, here – this is the only reason why I still share it, if you hadn’t guessed.

You’re warned, if you just want fap materials, move away (another way to say : if that sexually excites you, please : die), if you feel you won’t care about the way a mere manga can turn into art, move away, if sick contents will make you sick so much you can’t appreciate the art behind (something I fully understand !), move away. Read the comments if you’re interested in the opporunity of this being shared on Hentairules.
Fast summary : La Bête Obscène is an artistic and pornographic manga about humans who like being defiled through sex, who chose corruption of their mind by their own free will. The credits and my thanks go to Tonigobe. In a much less sick style, by the same artist, Tenjiku Ronin, I also share Lust.


I really don’t want to make you regret your download, so I’ll also give a summary through quotations of various characters of the manga, this way, if you download it, you’ll know what was coming :
« I’ve become a beast of obsession — the sensation was like a stink bomb exploding in the center of my brain — something inside my head had snapped and flown — From that moment, I became an obscene beast… it’s the end of me as a human being, but… to feel such pleasure…  — It’s pitiful, isn’t it ? And I am happy. An obscene beast am I »
I’ll repeat it again, there is a true artistic side to this manga, this is the only reason I’m sharing it, it is, as sick as it may be, fascinating. Free troll of the day : the same manga, if you removed the drawing talent and the artistic side, can you guess what it would have been – reply : a manga by Sanbun Kyoden :D

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

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(60 MB, 142 pictures, English)

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UPDATE : Just a remark : you think I shouldn’t have shared it ? Or you think it was worth sharing ?

An interesting discussion started in the comments, even if you don’t feel like participating you might find it interesting to read :o

that too, is sick, and yet...

An illustration (to pretend to be well-educated) : this picture (more info) is crude, bestial, disgusting and shocking, and yet, that too is art, at its deepest… Maybe that will be the beginning of an understanding of what I mean ?

Read the comments, it’s very interesting !

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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59 Comments on "La Bête Obscène [English, 142 pictures, Complete], by Tenjiku Ronin"

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I couldn’t resist myself and looked at a few pictures. Damn, that is some nasty stuff.

Although I must say (and this may sound a bit corny), I really like the cover. The rest of the drawings not so much, but I tend towards the more unrealistic styles anyway.


It was like:

Me walking to see this work, then I see the warning signal all over the place…
Turn around and rund as fast as I can…

Seriously, a friend of mine showed me a work like this once and I still have bad dreams when I remember it. How can people get hard with somthing like THAT!!!???


“if that sexually excites you, please : die”
Thats great line there Oliver. The story was instant erection killer for me.
BTW I was expecting You to post “Pretty Cool” extras today, maybe wih some info if its just extra or more:) I s’pose You have better info sources than me.


Reading this made want to play Dante’s Inferno, the upcoming PS3 game from EA…

Compared to this, I’d choose the game over this manga. That game deals with our 7 worst sins, in a rather digusting and “entertaining” way. Look ut up. Its an interesting game, but please do take time also reading the original work (Dante’s Divine Comedy) when playing the game. Went off topic, so now ill give my statement on this work here.


Why are people so much into, and yet repulsed, by this kind of manga ?

Because humans possess an inherent darkness that we are capable, either through force or suggestion, regardless of moral conviction or strength of mind, can easily tap into but never, on pain or death or sheer will, ever allow it to happen.

This manga pretty much taps into that dark subconcious, and serves as evidence of how really low humans can go… but not quite. There are other manga out there with even more vicious content.

Some like to play with their minds and get dangerously close to cast aside rationality for insanity…

The rest of us can take solace that whoever even LIKES this manga, will hopefully die or suffer a fate worse than death… or simply act that dark fantasy and sent to an insanity ward…

Then we can have the comfort of having scapegoats to blame our deviancy to…

@admin: You sure have balls to release this Sh1t. good thing i bothered downloading it, but NOT keep it. I have problems dealing with SAmbun Kyoden already, so be more considerate with your selections, please.


Perhaps i was a bit too aggro with writing that, and again i ask for forgiveness.

‘Course this is your blog, so its your rules. If i have in any way made you mad, then the fault is mine. I have a “slight” rebel streak in me.

And im happy with the reply that you’re not sharing anything by Sambun Kyoden, so i’ll leave it at that.

I should be more careful in my choice of words next time…


@ Oliver: Yeah, that’s what makes art so interesting, if you ask me. How a ‘simple’ drawing or a simple tune can bring out so many emotions. Joy for instance, or fascination. Sorrow maybe, or just outright repulsion.


i have a contradiction here
in my opinion the artistic stile of this share is good(worth sharing),but cant say the same about the story side

i found it intereting, but didnt like it at the end


I think works which highlight the darker nature of human sensuality are interesting in a way. Specifically they shed light on the heart of darkness which is in man. We are capable of wonderful works of art such as the Mona Lisa, and at the same time we are capable of such depravity as depicted here.

In a similar vein I was attracted to the writing of the Marquis de Sade, especially the 120 Days of Sodom because it too highlights the duality of man, on one hand the act of sex when joined with true affection and love is the epitome of both beauty and pleasure. On the other hand sex when forced or rife with pain is the epitome of evil and other base feelings.

In short, I find works such as this fascinating from an anthropological perspective but will not be aroused by it.

lil t

haha so lmao at ur description, Oli… “another way to say : if that sexually excites you, please : die”

Yeah now onto the manga,, well personally, “abnormal” sex ain’t my cup of tea at all but for the sake of collection, i’ll keep it, not as a fapping material but as a reminder that (1) Hentai is not just fap it’s art also and (2) women are to be respected no matter how perverted they are, because in my honest opinion, if there should be any women who like to drown in pleasure and turn into a beast, that’s not because they’re naturally like that but because of external factors and that’s what should be despised most.

Like the saying, “don’t hate the player, hate the game” or “it’s not the criminal you should despise, it’s the crime”

holla~ ;)


Who would have thought porn would turn into a study of the mind. I saw some crazy shit in Chechnya, so I might as well take a look at this.


It’s sad how just about everyone dismisses those who like this as sickening and desire for these people to die. I don’t believe being aroused by this is a matter of choice, but rather a mixture of the environment in which your personality and tastes are shaped, and the personality you inherit for a big part at birth.

Being civilized is not not having dark thoughts, feelings you don’t want or weird fantasies. Being civilized is resisting to give in to such desires and not hurting others despite having the thoughts and desires that come unwillingly.

Of course most readers on this blog, and especially those who dare to comment, will not have such relatively extremely dark thoughts and desires, primarily because relative to other hentai providers this blog is very clean. But that doesn’t mean we should be dismissive towards these people.

It’s the same for incest and underage material. As long as it’s a drawn image, who am I to say that the desire to see such images that hurt no one is sick? When the desire comes unwillingly.

Personally I felt the story was insane and it’s not for me, despite the art being terrific. But I don’t find the people who like it to be sick. Rather I pity them for the preferences they have in a society in which those preferences are looked down upon in the form of fantasy, and that’s what these drawn images are, in the end.

Thanks for sharing.


Well, I’d never thought I’d see the day this particular project would make it here, considering Oliver’s tastes an preferences, but I’m not surprised either for his uncanny perception of things beyond aesthetics.
Before you judge me a sick person for editing the whole thing, please listen to my tale first. I have many other projects that have made their way here through commissions or collaborations, all of them Evangelion on the Waffy Sugary and very humorous side like Betta II by Hispano Suiza, Asuka Trial by TNT, Suki by Otsura Kotora and others, My tastes reflect that, I’m a romantic and optimist at heart, with a family whose love is my drive in life, however I’m also a realist all in thanks to being an art student in the past and learning of the many approaches man utilizes in his attempts to relate to, and interpret life within himself and outside, that being said, I took interest in this particular project after a very unfortunate event I suffered early on the year, after being assaulted in front of my own home and hospitalized, It made me question the nature of people, where a peaceful law abiding person like me can be subjected to someone else mere whims, this manga at the time looked very visual and had some symbolical illustrations, and after some research i learned of the author’s unique style and went from there to try to find somewhere I could seek relief from my frustrations at the time, by the time Toni completed the script and as I worked on it I gained some insight into many things whether related or not, they gave me a stepping stone into relating why good and bad things happen, and indeed what i found was very ugly, but true to it’s nature nonetheless, and learned to not run awy from unpleasntness, face it, learn from it, so that you can actually avoid it in other aspects of life…
Hopefully someone can relate to my tale and see things in a different light, I personally would never condone the actual manga content, but like I’ve said before I’ve learned to face it, gather any positive insight, and move on.

Thanks Oliver for Showcasing my projects.
and forgive me for the long rant.


Well I forgot to mention it first, but I’m the one responsible for doing the typesetting and redrawing all the Chapters and partly commissioning of this particular work.
…See the above rant for details ^^’


To a certain degree, that you spent so much time and effort warning folks away from it… makes me want to download it just to see what the hell kind of manga can make a jaded old Ero-manga veteran like you react that strongly. O.O

I suspect I will actually enjoy this… in the manner of a good horror/suspense film that send shivers up your spine. I will, however, heed your warnings and not bother unzipping before I start, however. :P

Manga can be “enjoyed” on different levels, and in different ways. Even if it’s just the crystalization in your mind, a decision… jumping out of your computer chair, pointing an accusing finger at your own monitor, and shouting out loud as though it was listening: “THAT is some seriously SICK shit! And I never want to see anything like it again!”

You’ve gained a deeper understanding of yourself by it, haven’t you?

I unfortunately had that sort of experience reading a Sailor Moon Fanfiction called “Sailor’s Enslaved” when I was 14. The Mercury chapter messed with my young head so bad I had to walk off the shakes, and couldn’t really calm down for an hour (I was literally scared of something that only existed as a text file). It would be 3 more years until morbid curiosity about how the story ended made be go back and finish it.


Sweet baby Jesus! MY EYES!!


I have been sitting here at my computer for several minutes now trying to figure out what to write after reading this. The first thing to come to mind is “Dude, that was seriously FUCKED UP!” and other similar phrases.

I do admit though that on an artistic level, it has merit. It takes the dark desires that some people have hidden inside, and drags them out and puts them on full display. It is something that is *supposed* to make you angry, horrified, maybe even sick to your stomach. That’s the whole point.

If nothing else, reading something like this will make you appreciate the happy, kind, tender stories even more.


ive been following this blog for a while. And would like to thank the Admin for the warnings.

I enjoyed this manga (and by that i mean that i enjoyed the meaning behind the scenario, and sex just giving that sense of realism)and it reminds (at least for) me that manga is a form of art, being ero or not.

Once again, thanks for the share (its good to share some mind bulging stuff from time to time)


The plot is sick. Thanks for the warning. Maybe i will read the entire thing after having nice, happy sex after winning the lottery and my team winning the world cup. But any other day i think i will avoid this.


Thanks for sharing this.

I choose not to bore you all with my opinions on desires / instincts / conscious / civilized society / social contract / censorship / sheeple / crimethink / thought police. But this manga is indeed a good piece of work because of the strong emotions emitted from every single page.

Thanks again for sharing this. :)


Good sharing. Thanks Oliver!


It’s your own opinion. To some people, if you watch hentai, and get off to it, they will probably ask you to go die as well.

Personal Taste, imo.

Afro Thunda

Hmm…These are the kinds of responses I expected to see when I saw this manga shared here. The majority of your visitors are of the “vanilla” variety so I doubt many of them can personally or morally handle something like this manga, let alone, enjoy it.

You’ve got a target audience, Oliver. They expect you to share “happy, lovey-dovey, sunshines and sparkles” material for the most part. Anything close to the other side of that (like this manga) will be met with, “OMG, How could you share something like this?” The majority of the people who visit your blog can’t handle and aren’t ready for this kind of material.

Anyway, as for me, I enjoyed this whole manga right down to the very end. It was totally worth the read for me.


@ Afro Thunda: What made this manga so enjoyable for you then? I mean, anyone can see why people enjoy a happy ending and lots of love. But this… for me it’s the same thing as loli and rape; why would someone want to be confronted with that, even draw pleasure from it?


This is the MOST fucked up thing I ever readed.
With this and watching Oldboy you just can wonder what the fuck is wrong with asian people’s minds.


well, it’s the pic is great and the story while it want to appear more disturbing it failed. If only the guro stuff wasn’t there it’s okay for me. Guro is really make it down the drain.

so I’ll stick to the ‘Vanilla’ things with ‘strawberry’ on top and yeah with Loli(I know you don’t like loli Oliver. but I’m not a paedophillia) too but no rape.

I’ve read one more sick that’s guro thing really it makes you wants to vomit. I erase it from my mind ASAP after I read half of it.


After the above descriptions I was expecting something close to Jeffrey Dahmer fap material. I admit it wasn’t particularly nice nor will it be used for fapping but it was by no means.

“This is the MOST fucked up thing I ever readed.” tyu.

Or even really disserving of “another way to say : if that sexually excites you, please : die” Oliver

I completely agree with you Oliver and appreciate the warning and the share. It reminded me of Kiyoko Kisaragi’s gothic lolita in that its both unnerving and intriguing. If you can ignore the lolita part of it Oliver I think you may like the other sides of it.


O_O Oh my god.

Bajin Mu

I just read the manga and personally I don’t find it so sick… it’s just an average “pathetic guy rapes the pretty girl who surprisingly likes it”… I just can’t understand all these “OMG It’s terrible” comments.


Brilliant artwork, thanks for sharing it. In the grand scheme of things, i dont get the problem with it, just shows great imagination.


Hi there.

Excuse my language, and please keep in mind that I don’t want to start anything that’s just my opinion.
To all the people that think anyone enjoying this kind of hentai should die:

Fuck you and your high horse.

I enjoy guro and many of more screwed up hentai themes. On a sexual level, let’s make it clear.
I’ve read most of Uziga’s works, including ever so famous Mai-Chan’s Daily Life, and other less known authors. Fapped often.

I have never been asked to be that way. Since I can remember I enjoyed thinking about violence, although I try to avoid it in real life. Maybe because I am afraid I would like it too much.

I’ve tried to educate myself on the subject of fucked up fetishes and desires and discovered something. Many of the people like me were abused, picked on, raped or just mistreated as children and as a result of that their perception of pain and pleasure is mixed. I am not an expert nor do I care to be. My childhood was also fucked up and I know that’s the cause of my oddness.

I try to be a good person despite all the stuff that goes on in my head. I give money to homeless where other ‘good’ people try to avoid them, and try to always share and be nice. I try to always do the right thing despite a little warped morality.

Sorry for my ramblings I am wrapping this up.

What I am trying to say is: morality is not simple. Try to understand other people before judging then. Even the worst of us. It may not help you much when I stab you in the neck, but hey, it’s always good to try to better yourself!

Purple murple

Loved this post . ^
and I also agree

Afro Thunda


Since I’m able to draw a clear line between what’s being shown to me as real and fake, I don’t worry about any of the questionable stuff I might like in the Fake “Hentai World” carrying over to what I might do in the Real World. So I am able to enjoy whatever I may read. Sure, emotions might show up depending on the type of story, but it certainly won’t stop me from enjoying what any story might have to offer.

Now, what made this story so enjoyable for me? I took in the whole story and not just the act of rape. I didn’t just look at the pretty pictures. Maybe that’s my problem. Some artists’ artwork is so good that they can even make rape look good. Heh, but that’s a ‘personal taste’ thing.

Well, in any case, I don’t usually hold my opinion in very high regard on this stuff because I like everything. From the “Light and Fluffy” to the “Dark and Heavy” stuff of the Fake Hentai World. There hasn’t been anything I’ve read yet that’s made re-evaluate my life like it looks like this manga has done to some people lol. So do I have ‘nerves of steel’ or do I just not ‘feel’ like other people? Whatever the case, this kind of stuff certainly doesn’t bother me at all.

P.S. This manga wasn’t anywhere near as hardcore as I thought it would be after reading the description and the comments. I think a lot of people must have gotten sucked up into the story otherwise, this is just the typical ‘starts out as rape, then the girl realizes she liked it from the start’ in which everyone just rationalizes the act of rape and just calls the girl a slut and moves on.


Interesting to see this here since you can be reluctant to dispense or like stuff that I see to be much tamer than this manga. I think the artistic parts of this work are being overrated however, though there is a darkness in the human soul that this work touches on the whole dog sex/ dog eating eyeball/ stabbings/ arranging voyeuristic dog rape in public places is ultimately too extreme to discuss human pain and desire in a non exploitative way.


The manga has very good drawings overall but the style is not something easy to get (and even less the raping issue but…) there where more that are more enjoyable than this one.
Still I think that it was a very good thing to share because of the quality of the drawing and we can chek it knowing what well be inside (thanks to your big warning ^_^).
If you want to share more of this stuff fell free to do it BUT please leave a warning because a lot of people may not download it (myself included) if it’s too much.
Still great job like always Oliver. Thaks for all ^_^


Just read this the other day in Cryptonomicon and found it oddly apt.

"I’d been reading a lot about how the brain develops and had finally come to accept my stocking kink. It seems that when you are a certain age, somewhere between about two and five years, your mind just gels. The part of it that’s responsible for sex becomes set into a pattern that you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life. All of the gay people I’ve ever discussed it with have told me that they knew they were gay, or at least different, years before they even began thinking about sex, and all of them agree that gayness cannot be converted into straightness, or vice versa, no matter how hard you might try.

The part of your brain that handles sex frequently gets cross-wired into other, seemingly irrelevant areas at this age. This is when people pick up an orientation towards sexual dominance or submission, or when a lot of guys pick up highly specific kinks—say, rubber, feathers, or shoes."

Everyone posting here has a hentai fetish to some degree. The question is to what degree. Oliver runs a fairly clean blog and that is his prerogative, its his blog and tailored to his specific interests that we just happen to all share. If you do not like something that he posts, thats fine you are not expected to like it, its posted here freely for you to enjoy IF YOU SO WISH.

Personally I enjoyed the artistic side immensely, I enjoyed the way it presents opposing views of the 'upper class' and 'ugly lesser' and the way it tries to have you emphasise with the attacker, even while he commits to his rape. In fact, some of the best movies of all times are ones that make you emphasise with the attacker and I'd just like to thank Oliver for posting it. It was very… good? Enjoyable? Enlightening is the word I would use :)


I just say that this wasn’t so bad. I looked up Uziga’s stuff and boy..It went to a whole new level.
I think you should add more hentai like this for a change, it’ll attract more people.

Go google Uziga, and look up some of his works. I almost vomited.


Actually I don’t care if you share stuff like that. For some it might be a turn on or interesting enough to read, but not for me. I just skipp to download such ones I don’t like.

But keep posting for other people’s pleasure.


Hi everyone, just wanna share my comment.
Let’s see, I’ve read stuff from uziga, a title from circle outerworld featuring urd and a dog and other dog pairings, horse and even tapir bestiality, dawn of the silver dragon (one of the best mind rape/submission-themed manga ever), to name a few.

So, in a sense, this manga really fails to live up to my expectation. well, guess I heeded your warning too highly back then, oliver :p

i do fap to some of the “explicit” side of hentai, such as submission, rape, tentacle, monster rape, even sometimes futa, albeit rarely. But not to bestiality, yaoi, guro, etc, but it’s still interesting to read, those stuff, nonetheless ;p

Anyway, it would be nice to share this kinda stuff once in a while though, for a change of pace, lol kidding :D

sorry for the rant and my weird english hoho.
great job as always Oliver, you’re the man ^-^

(one more thing, is it just me or that saturn painting really entrances its viewers? I can’t stop looking at it for a while)


Seriously I think all people who enjoyed and fap to this should really die, too.
Like all those ego shooter players who enjoy killing people in their game and running amok in real life,
horror movies lover who like their actors getting murdered on the cruelest way,
bystanders watching and doing nothing to help someone who gets harassed,
morality fags who think their moral mean everything and trample other of different morality,
teachers who enjoy the crying and weeping of their students while anouncing that the next exam would be hardcore,
‘Equality Now’ who think their ARE women,
people who deny and can’t except that everyone have a dark side,
people who can’t differ reality between fiction (doesn’t matter what),
the lawyer who sued God (like he would care) and many more but the ones who really deserves to die are the ones who wishes for other people to die (except for ‘Equality Now’ they should be publically massacred).
With all that said I’m going to reread this again and fap before dying like someone wished.
m(_ _)m


L’histoire est plûtot bonne et pathétique (triste) mais malheureusement… les dessins ne sont pas très hmm… géniaux? En fait ce sont les pires que j’ai vu jusqu’à présent en matière de mangas( pas seulement hentai…)

Mais bon (^^) Ce site est génial! Bravo!


Thanks for sharing this Oliver.

I had initially written a six paragraph response to the little discussion that’s developed, but I decided it’s better to succinctly address your question rather than some of the deeper dimensions of thought about tastes in doujins/hentai and morality (especially since I agree with Afro on much of this).

I’m glad you made this release after recognizing it’s artistic merit. I also personally think you should continue making shares by this author because 2)you have up till now and 2)this author does have a knack for deep plots and beautiful art by your own standards.

A warning on the author’s page and/or release pages should suffice (like you have warned us for several other releases here, albeit the warnings were for other things such as lack of plot, extreme boobage, etc). Viewers always have the choice to defer reading/downloading the artist’s works, so the mere posting of things that don’t meet their tastes shouldn’t warrant taking the work down.


i feel this is going to one of those really fuck up ones. and yet i must stumach it and try to see why its one of the nasty. p.s. god help me


After Kyoshiroh Inoue’s “Overflow”, Fuyunaga’s “I cannot Shout Love From The Bottom Of The World”, Tuna Empire’s “Family Circumstances” this manga isn’t so bad. Extreme? Yes, but I’ve seen worse stuff (something like guro-hentai-it is really sick).


Encyclopedia Dramatica will give you many more anger, nightmares, mindfucks and “I’ll have dreams about this shit” feelings. I have to agree with that guy above me, it doesn’t look THAT bad.


First time I saw many comments in such a short time. ^^


Beautiful, please DO post more ART!!



Dis, Olivier, je suis un suiveur régulier de ton blog, je te remercie pour tout ce que tu y fais et je reconnais bien sûr que c’est ton chez-toi, et donc avec tes règles.

N’empêche, j’apprécierai (et je pense que je ne serai pas le seul) si tu arrêtais de nous dire ce sur quoi il faut ou pas bander. La majorité du hentai est faite de trucs franchement immoraux et/ou dégeu, et j’ai du mal à comprendre que tu te passionnes autant pour ce genre de lecture alors même que que tu n’as que mépris et/ou remarques moralisantes pour tout ce qui sort du cadre “happy sex entre adultes consentants et sans liens sanguins.”

Bref, je ne veux pas non plus te prendre la tête (ça reste un point de détail), et je te reste de toute façon infiniment reconnaissant pour tout ce que tu me permets de profiter de hentai de grande qualité. Mais j’insiste sur le fait que je ne consomme pas du porn pour qu’on m’y fasse la morale (oui, je me paluche sur des trucs super trash et totalement incompatibles avec les bonnes mœurs… et alors? Ce n’est pas moi qui ai choisi mes pulsions sexuelles, je ne vais pas m’en excuser).

PS: il y a des limites à la trashitude, hein, je n’ai pas encore lu celui-là mais je ne pense pas qu’il va me botter; je choisis ce post pour ce commentaire car c’est celui dans lequel tu es le plus radical dans ta prise de position d'”honnête gens.”


I guess i should die, because "sick shit" like this gets me off. To me this is merely another flavor of food. You cant have that "good O'l happy sex" without "fucked up shit" like this. I like it because its a reality. Shit like this actually happens in the world. Just because its not aesthetically pleasing to some people doesn't mean you should get all bent out of shape about it because its not your cup of tea or try to deny its existence because you aren't mature enough to handle the subject material. Some people happen to like it. If its not your preference don't bitch about it, Just steer clear of it, but do not try to deny others the right to see it if they so choose to. You cant have the good without the bad because they define each other. Labeling something crude or disgusting is someones opinion not fact. What one person might find whorrendous or whorrific (sorry I couldn't resist lol), might be beautiful to another or "Art". I merely say respect others opinion or taste even if it may not be your own. Besides too much happy sex all the time can get stale. Anything in excess gets boring. Things like this can be refreshing once in awhile!

Johann sebastian bach


Those were my initial thoughts (in caps lock for your convenience) about that

I think telling people who liked this manga “to die” was a little bit overboard, as it is bound to offend someone who is into rape fetish and/or bestaility (my take: rape? okay in hentais. bestiality? woman on animal is better than man with animal, but they’re both super wierd in hentais and wierder-er-er in real life. I remember reading this one classic hentai where a girl did it with her dog (which she loved very much) because she didn’t want the bad guys to take her virginity when they raped her later).

However, fetish fans shouldn’t be offended, because, as someone mentioned earlier, this site’s fan base is mostly happy-manga types, and the expression “die” is not totally serious and means something along the lines of, “you’re sick, man,” which you have to admit, is true. Everyone is sick in their own special way. lol.

I always felt that the whole point of hentai was to do stuff you can’t do with pornstars, like perfectly rounded tits, Japanese girls with big tits, cool-looking pink hair, auto-replendishing penises, 15 simultaneous orgasms, orgasms with tons and tons of liquid, faces that show emotion, cumming inside every other time, no condoms, ultra sexy bodies, smooth, unblemished skin, perfect camera angles… Bestiality and rape are also in that list.


I've read more graphic manga that went further with shocking material, but I gotta say I really liked this one not because i'm a "sick" person but because of the post revenge, just lovely


ill admit it, i fapped to this ! :D

what can i say …. I like hardcore hentai. And this was a blast to my imagination, kudos to the admin.

I wouldn't really call this art, but it does have a nice psychological element to it which really gets you thinking about the characters mindsets.


dude… i can't fap to this… why would you put up the upfap-able? i'm even okay with light s&m and in rare cases rape done right, but this was too crazy.


I have to admit, i like this one. I didn't the first time i read it, but i do now.


artsy you say?

gotta try something new no? :D


The description piqued my interest. I will withhold further comment until I check this out.

Thanks for the upload.