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Kimi No Hotomi Ni Koi Shiteru [English, 225 pictures, Complete], by Tana

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you get the picture ? Very hardcore and sperm showers ^^

With a big thanks to the guys at Biribiri, here’s the complete and revised version of Kimi No Hotomi Ni Koi Shiteru :)

This manga is made of short to middle-size stories dealing with happy sex with mutual affection, spiced up by various circumstances. Graphically there are tons of sperm showers, nosebleeds as I’ve rarely seen them, and there are occasional humorous panels systematically taking the reader by surprise (like the “Penis slap” – ROFL).

By this artist, I also share Garyuh Chitai [English], a Bleach hentai doujin.

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(115 MB, 225 pictures, English)

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Penis Slap, lol

Two precisions.

First, this is a revised version, a few elements were corrected in this full volume if you compare it to the chapter-by-chaper releases there has been before. This is also why, even though I shared the chapters 1-2 some months ago, I didn’t bother to offer you another set of zip links to “everything save the chapters 1-2”.

Second, I prefer to warn you, not ALL the manga is about happy sex. There is ONE exception, the final chapter – fortunately, it was short – that was fugly, with tentacles, rape and a sick story.

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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38 Comments on "Kimi No Hotomi Ni Koi Shiteru [English, 225 pictures, Complete], by Tana"

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c'est pas plutôt "Kimi ni Hitomi ni Koishiteru", le titre ? (enfin, c'est marqué comme ça sur la 6ème page de la galerie…)


euh, pardon : "Kimi no Hitomi ni Koi Shiteru"


Another tentacle chapter!! OMG!!


I have to say that this artist is not too much to my liking due to the -as you said- "sperm showers", but very much welcome into the collection nevertheless.


Last chapter was just wow….lol a complete 180.


Hey oliver hope you dont mind me asking this can you help me find a h-manga in your site.
if you dont have the time i totally understand and thanks for the shares!

The first sex scene happens when the girl forgets her panties after gym (lol hentai stories…) and she pretty much gets raped by the guy who has her pantie after he takes a picture of her pussy. THe second sex scene is at the guy's place after blackmailing the girl into going to his house to "study" the last one the girl is in her swimming suit and it ends with the girl is about to confess to the guy who she likes (the rapers friend) but gets addicted to the sex and says something like tomorrow for sure.


Do you remember anything beside from the story? i.e art style, character name, just some unique details is sufficient to lower the search range.


sadly i dont remember the names if i did i would have tried googling it. I also tried looking through hentairules(lol took me awhile) and i couldn't find it anymore (i most likely got tired and started going faster and missed it). the first sex scene is happening while the class is practicing for music class.


Tennyo no Hagoromo Ch1-3, by Terunyo Kusatsu


The penis slaps made me laugh the first time around too. I couldn't even comprehend what was going on in those panels for a while :*


Finally i been wanting this fully translated for awhile :D


The first story needs a sequel or at least an extra chapter where they meet after a long time and get married and have a baby or something like that….


Yeah… Daggome. Whole book managing to combine pervy with innocence and cuteness and then… Blargh. Anyway, rest of the book gets two thumbs up from me, though my personal dislike of incest led me to skip that chapter too.

Rainy Day

well… if ya say it have some funnthis moment… i take it!!

hmm… downloading…


The penis slap is possible the single most hilarious thing I’ve seen in hentai manga’s so far. ^_^

Rainy Day

the last chapter was really were unpleasent scene, what i say is the story about prince n princess…. the others was really refreshing sight for me…. (^__^)!!!


thanks your collection and for the key, Olv


DF key is already claimed, as usual…


I Know this isn't the right place for request this (or maybe yes), but her I go:

I'm interested in some recomendations for hentai mangas with caracteristics* similars to "Barrier Free" work (yes, that masterpiece made by Shindo Eru/ShindoL).

-Happy sex
-Intense sex (Oh God, I LOVE that faces ShindoL draws)
-Nothing strange/ excessive hardcore (f.e.:Type90)/ nothing of NTR, affairs, etc…

If you are thinking why I'm making this request, the answer is simple: my girlfriend wants to read one but she says there is only tantacle raping/ demon raping/ gang raping, so I wanted to show her not all hentai is that type of stuff


I also have the same problem with my gf, only with the added problem that she won't read incest, which is like half of all hentai.

Here are some authors she is quite fond of (being that miraculously they seem to respect women)

1. Amatarou
2. Shunjou Shusuke
3. Sasagawa Hayashi
4. Mikami Cannon
5. Saki Urara
6. Tomohiro Kouda
7. Hidemaru (she loves boing boing teacher)

That should be a good start and you should be able to find most on this very site

Rainy Day

oh….hmm… err… wish ya luck!!!


Most of Yamatogawa's and Gunma Kisaragi's works follow that three statements that you are looking for and, in addition, mixed with talent from two of the most well-known and superb artitst at this moment. Practically all of their translated (mostly uncensored too) are shared in this blog. You can easily find them using the searching box function at right top of page or leading directly to their respective redirection pages.

If that two suggestions please your girlfriend, try some Shiwasu no Okina's when she gets used to… umm… more than one dick in a same page xD, although there's "some" gang its artist talent deserve every mangas' chapter.

PD: Oliver, seems that you need to make more visible the "All-time posts" section to avoid such requests ^_^

Rainy Day

WTF!! ehem..excuse mefor my bad word. i quess this world is full of beyond ya imagination… i think. That will a good 1 to do. wish ya luck!!(^__^)!!


I think some of Distance and Takeda Hiromitsu's works have the qualities you're looking for, but you'd definitely have to check case-by-case on those since some are definitely of the kind you want to avoid…


Always love it when things get Juicy.


Thank you for your answers!!! d=^_^=b


1st story:
Great story w/ feelings and such (feels really romantic/real)
Ending feels…empty. Great progess and then the girl has to go to another school (yah, theres a whole section on her being insecure) but that kind of closure leaves audiences (us) also insecure >_<. I want a time leap!!!

Sister Monthly thingy story:
Rare but interesting scenario
but COMMON BRO, SHOW SOME LOVE! The guy was just (yah sex..awsome…like my sis coz she wants my dick)….WHERES THE LOVE MAN!?!?!

Tentacle crap…
Everyone/most hate it… need I say more? (no tentacles arn't that awful, as seeing many like it…)
but no love. = =… (when will there ever be love anyways?). Doesn't fill any empty gaps in my heart… :\\

Sorry for the rant. Just wanted to get it out there.

BTW, any titles/series that is long, has real (or as real as it can get) romance w/ good closure? Read witchcraft, tayu (thingy), Honey Blonde, uh… and a couple else. (series btw, not short stories).


Uhh sorry if this is unrelated but can someone help me find this manga or tell me the title, this is the story:
A boy always met this senpai when crossing the road, then one day when all of the club members were having a drinking party at a certain house, i think the boy introduced himself (idk) but all i can remember is when most of the club members were sleeping,including the senpai's boyfriend, this senpai wants to make love with the new guy, of course he can't refuse since he love this senpai…and the part that i remember the most is when this senpai said to the boy that "she never held hand with his boyfriend nor kissed once" of course after that the bed scene–after the bed scene, the manga showed that her boyfriend was half-awake..the ending was this senpai was talking to the boy over her house's fence..

waaaa at least tell me the title..i really like that story..i really want to download it..

cen cutee

Arghh… That's Great.. ^^


wow that was intense manga, god I felt like fapping so many times, the graphics are amazing, and the perverted lines oh gawwwd.


thank you sooo much Oliver!!!!!!


*grunting* Can’t survive under *gasp* the weight of all the comments. Thanks for the upload.


Yeah, this was me, I need to update this later, so I'm replying for that ability.


What a zig-zagging roller-coaster of an h-manga that was. xD :@

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