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The Confession Of Mrs [English, 195 pictures, Complete], by Azuki Kurenai

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Ugh... I know Azuki Kurenai is very popular, but... Ugh.

With my thanks to Tadanohito, here is the complete english version of The Confession or Mrs, by Azuki Kurenai.

No point in hiding it, I’m not a big fan of the mangaka’s drawings : extreme tits and liberal freedom taken with the shapes of hips and thighs and with the flexibility of the spine, but I’ll make an effort, I know the artist is VERY popular. Scenario wise, this is like Onani Master Kurosawa : don’t stop halfway, it looks badly fucked up but it improves in the end – a real scenario, at least !

I share MORE stuff by Azuki Kurenai, Cf. The Updated List ! :)

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(62 MB, 195 pictures, English)

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The mangaka’s note, in the end, was astonishing. He wrote he had gotten into practicing swimming, and seeing only non-manga women, with normal to small tits, made him feel like to stop drawing women with humungous tits. AZUKI KURENAI TIRED OF BIG TITS ??? It seems this was just a temporary fluke, everything I’ve ever seen by this artist incorporates giant tits, though ^^

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11 Comments on "The Confession Of Mrs [English, 195 pictures, Complete], by Azuki Kurenai"

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I don't know why but this one really got me.

At first I was like: Dunno if want…
Then I was like: MOAR.

As for Onani Master, it's an epic manga. Made my cry tears of win. ;__;


the ending seemed kinda rushed to me imo, in fact the ending seemed a little to clean, then again at least it wasn't ntr, thanks nice to sees something like this once in a while


I still say thats not his kid after all the people she had sex with it might have not been with sho but that kid could be anyones


i think i said too much


I'm pleasantly surprised at your Onani Master Kurosawa quote. Like skychapter, I cried at one point in the middle, simply because I could relate to exactly how he was feeling T_T. Thanks for the share, Oliver.

Lil t

Azuki Kurenai gonna stop drawing women with big tits?? o.0
Nooooooo!!! >.<

To skychapter & rawr: though i didn't cry at some point but it did get me in some way as well, onani master kurosawa's awesome! xD

oh almost forget, thanks as always for this one, Oli and Tadanohito of course ^_^


Man i hope he makes more manga with big tits…he draws them well :-))


oliver thanks for the onani plug, just started reading it and i absolutely love it, finishing it right now, hope to see you recommend more in the future :)


Thanks for all your work Oliver.
Very thankful for the Onani introduction. Started reading yesterday and finished in a couple hours. Great story.


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Who is the father child I want to know

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