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A Maiden’s Love Love Affair [English, 156 pictures, Complete], with the chapters 1-2-3-4 uncensored, by Kiyashii (or Kiya Shii)

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Haaa, love is so beautiful.

Here is a truly GREAT h-manga, all thanks to Ryuu No Tamashii, full with quality hentai :D

The drawings are very good, fast-switching between just cute and very hardcore, with nothing out of the norm, save one crappy father incest chapter and one interesting futa chapter. The scenario for each chapter isn’t astounding, but at least it’s able to maintain our interest and worth reading the speech bubbles, ranging from just OK to a bit funny.
I strongly recommend you that one :)

The chapters 1-2 have been decensored by Divino AG, while I made an effort to bring my own contribution and I decensored the chapters 3-4, I hope that will bring a little “value added” for you too ! Decensoring this manga is almost easy, so if YOU want to try, that’s a good starting point. I won’t try decensoring the rest myself, this is too time-consuming.

By the same artist, I also share the Complete and Uncensored version of Docchimo Love [English, 156 pictures]

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(71 MB, 156 pictures, English)

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Or you can also use the Alternative :
Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2 – or – Zip Mirror #3

If you liked it, how about you drop a thanks to Ryuu No Tamashii himself, on his blog, hmm ? YOU can even make your own contribution to the hentai world, Ryuu No Tamashii has open projects…

Oh, I made a picture to react about something that sounded like beyond stupid… You’ll notice it too maybe, some pictures contain DOUBLE censorship : the big grey square (also called “please decensor me” in my book, it’s the simplest to do ^^), but also the thin black bar.
Why the two, for gawd’s sake ??? ‘_’

Yeah, WTF ??

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17 Comments on "A Maiden’s Love Love Affair [English, 156 pictures, Complete], with the chapters 1-2-3-4 uncensored, by Kiyashii (or Kiya Shii)"

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must be a trainee or something. just doing something so people thinks he's actually working


Thanks for the Gold Account.


Thanks to Ryuu No Tamashii we've got another complete manga on our hands, which is always great. I really question myself what that ultra tiny black bar censor is there for, as it does not cover anything…

But who can understand the japanese after all…


it's me Vaizard Oiver go to you mail the second chap of yamatogawa is done has promised


Here’s another stimulating yuri manga about a school girl dominating an adult woman :O …….. by

[Asagi Ryu] I Fell in Love For the First Time Ch 1 (English)

Asagi Ryu’s style is very nice.


Great to see another complete manga available, it always make hard-disk folders' distribution more simple and accurate :D. Many thanks both Ryuu and Oliver for this share.

On censorship topic: good for us Japanese are so 'airheaded', especially censors.

PS: BTW, this gold account taking was awesome fast o.0


Well, maybe they had to censor it, but the artist likes it uncensored so he put "just enough" to pass the editor's expectations maybe?

Haven't DLed it yet, but how is the scenario? Is it any good or just w/e?


thanks for another great share Oliver


Ryu no tamashii!!!! Hooray!!! Txs 4 the doujin!!! Oliver u r my hero dude!


Thanks for the upload Oliver! Can't wait to read it.


Many thanx Oliver.


This has nothing 2 do with this hentai but… what happenned to Rupty's Jav blog :(

Guest this is the best game on the world:)


Please, don't spam this peaceful blog with your shit, thanks a lot.


her good bd for poepol who speak french

les blondes tome 1to10


her good bd for poepol who speak french

les blondes tome 1to10

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