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Camii Dock [English], by Shiwasu No Okina

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Update : excellent news ! I’m now sharing the UNCENSORED version of Camii Dock ! :D

You’ll forgive me if I remove the current links, why download censored hentai when you can get it uncensored, hmm ? ;)

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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30 Comments on "Camii Dock [English], by Shiwasu No Okina"

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Awesome post Oliver. Not less.


I LOVE YOU OLIVER!!!!!! Thank you SOOOOO much for having this translated!!!! I've even submitted this to other site's polls to have it voted on for a free translation! By no exaggeration, you are my hero!


I just love shiwasu no okina ! Graphically, they're always in my top 3. (in term of scenarii, well, nobody is perfect)
I agree with your analysis, the guy is a gentle jerk, the nurse a soft – virgin – masochist (and the student background-ish) and yet i think it's a nice story. Just look at her in the last 2 panels.
I instantly gave 5 stars.


Now if only "Another World" by Yuzuki N Dash ( could be translated ;o). Again, thanks Oliver!


This completely threw me for a loop. I've been visiting your site for the better part of 2 years and I've come to appreciate and anticipate your tastes. That said, this seams to me to be completely different to your usual tastes of consensual affection. The dude treats his lady so poorly it makes me cringe. He screws other girls while she is in the room. He treats her like an object. He yells at her when she simply IMPLIES questions. I guess Shiwasu No Okina has always objectified girls in his works, but the sessions always seamed temporary: i.e. in a momoent of lust. This alludes to a completely messed up relationship.

I guess I'm over thinking it. The art is top notch. I just can't stand that the dude is hooking up with some high school tail while his fiance (?) is looking all forlorn in the same room.


stop analysing something that is suposed only to give you a boner :D


It seems that he's a considerate jerk in a way. He's preserving her virginity until their wedding night, I think, and boning schoolgirls to satisfy his craving for non-anal play and to stop himself from taking her too soon. It's nice that they complement each other, him, an S and her, an understanding M. Left me with fuzzy feelings.


Thank you very much as always, Oliver :D


I seems she knows shit about gays, relationships, etc, She's just following some jizz-for-brains tips from magazine! Like so many females these days. Lol!


I think “anal onahole pipe model” is the Japanese equivalent to the North American “fleshlight”. Hence the masturbation reference before the guy goes to town on her asshole.


Thanks Oliver, I owe you one!


Great share again. Of course I will probably love anything by Shiwasu no Okina. The artwork is always exceptional. I think the story was cool two people in an open relationship, works for me. Looking forward to the next share.


Excellent artwork but the story was ???
I dont get it, lol


Hello Oliver, amazing shares as usual. I was doing my usual rounds of the scanlating blogscape and I saw a couple new developments that might be of interest to you.
and Oranae
have posted new translations but seem a bit iffy on whether they want to get back in the game. Since you are a godfather of the hentai world would you consider welcoming them back on your main page and driving some traffic and appreciation their way so they would be enticed into coming back full time? It is always a tragedy to lose a scanlator to that pesky thing known as "real life" so hopefully motivating them will result in more hentai for the community! Also I discovered Muyku's blog
I am not sure if you already know of it (guessing by your omniscience you probably already have) but it never hurts to bring stuff like this to your attention.


I fucking love anal and this autor is my fav of all times.. this may be the best hentay I ever saw!


Goddamit Oliver. Read this before I went to work. Was obsessing over the part where he cums up her ass for like 8 hours straight. Not cool dude.

In other news, this share is beyond awesome actually. As for the story it was a pretty good one, she was clearly somewhat of a masochist and he knew that and yet he kept himself in check (proven by the fact that she was a virgin until after their hinted marriage) so it was good. Rough sex definitely but good nonetheless.

On that subject, are there any good hentai that feature anal that anyone can recommend ?


Er… Is this just me or your link to the page is THIS page?