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SQUI – WHAT ? – WHY – OH ! AH ! AH ! AH ! AAAH ! AH ! … Goddamnit

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This may be because I have a very good imagination, and I can instantly picture myself as if I were actually living something I’ve been described… But I’ve had today my hardest fit of laughter since the month of May has begun :D

Here’s the link =) :lol:

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
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7 Comments on "SQUI – WHAT ? – WHY – OH ! AH ! AH ! AH ! AAAH ! AH ! … Goddamnit"

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Quality ^^


I loled :D


That was EPIC!
I did feel bad for the geeks on the embedded video though. . . =(

Strange One

OW! I laughed so hard my ribs hurt…

near coronary exp

God Damn It! I almost passed out from laughing so hard


Ahem… quothe Oliver: "by poll, has the quality of anyones actual sex life improved as a result of the hentai posts I share with you guys?"

…Depends. The big kid in me was not allowed to touch her for two days. The little kid inside of me says that was TOTALLY worth it!

It WAS going to be just one day, but the day after, she gave me this awkward look and asked in a very quiet voice, "Are you trying to subliminally program me for some really over-the-top kinky stuff?" to which I completely cracked up. I was still beating my fist against the floor, tears in my eyes, when the blanket and pillow landed on me, followed by the slamming of our bedroom door. Again, worth it.

I'm a bad person, aren't I? -_-

hee hee hee hee hee. ^_^