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General Affairs Department Public Wellfare Section Sexual Disposal Branch [English], by Mayonnaise

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A long title and a WTFFFF scenario

Look, I don’t know how I should describe it. Love or hate the drawings, it’s a matter of your taste anyway. But the scenario, how the hell should I deal with it ?

You see, this is a WHAT THE FFFF scenario, not making sense even for a femtosecond (office ladies serving as cump dumps in a big company), it manages to be both boring and in the same time detailed and revealing a real effort. I’m nonplussed, after the “McHentai”, here is the “WTFFF hentai” :shock:

Nonetheless, my thanks go to the translator, Tilda Tilde, it looks to be her first scanlation, as her credits page and just a few very hard to find subtle details (*chokes*) will let you guess. Please, if you liked this work and you have experience with proofreading and editing, how about you contact that person (cf page 4 for her email) with a few suggestions to help a newcomer ?

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(18 MB, 47 pictures, English)

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Or you can also use the Alternative :
Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2 – or – Zip Mirror #3 – or – Zip Mirror #4

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
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11 Comments on "General Affairs Department Public Wellfare Section Sexual Disposal Branch [English], by Mayonnaise"

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hey, matias067 here, an MU release mod.

I think the artist for this kind of art is not Millefeuille but Mayonnaise. Cuz the artist Millefeuille has a different kind of art. See Just Learned It from tadanohito, very different style of art.


Does this person have a site or anything? Also did you see Tonigobes announcement of that new translator Ugliblawg? Their stuff is mostly loli so I don’t know if you would be interested, but since I know you love to shout out new translators on the scene you should check out their translations and see if theres anything you might like.


Your shares this week have really been good. Thanks :)


lol I don’t know what you meant about tips for the translator about half way through I stopped reading the story and started looking for the little comments. I know it isn’t supposed to be funny but I probably would have stopped reading if it wasn’t for those hilarious comments, “talk about the worst translation for a room name ever…” absolutely amazing.


Many thanx Oliver. There are still chps to come, isn’t it?


looks like it, i have the raw of this and there's more chapters.


Decent. I think I’ve read something similar to this by Tuna Empire…


Agree, please help he/she with the translations, there is an email for contact in the 4th page.

@seishiro: [Tuna Empire] The Spirit of Capitalism


Pretty hilarious translation. Thank you for sharing

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