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Various remarks, thanks if you can read them :)

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Hello everyone, I’ve got a few things I’d like to discuss, if you have five minutes :)
Here’s the summary :

– Boku No Seinen Kouken Nin volume 7, translated, for real ! The help of an Editor is required !

– Lucky Day, Complete – again  ? – clarifications…

– RedComet gone, what the holy fook ?

– warning against Blostpot :|

I recently shared Boku No Seinen Kouken Nin volumes 1-6, regretting there had never been a volume 7, remember ? I was wrong, the seventh volume of Boku No Seinen No Kouken Nin has been published in the TANKOUBON made after the Boku No Seinen Kouken Nin serie :shock:
Xander Drax is working on it, ready to bring us high resolution scans, he already has the translation script for the last part we’ve been waiting for so long !
BUT : Xander needs help : he needs an editor to help him. So please, pretty please with sugar on top, if you have talent as an editor, would you help ? Here is Xander’s email info : xander_drax   @


– I’ve received a few emails about the release of the complete Lucky Day manga, with UTW scans instead of the initial Fakku scans, for the chapters 1-5. You might be puzzled, since I already released the complete version of Lucky Day ? ;) The news is : a new scan of the chapters 1-5.
I’ll summarize the differences, if you’re curious :
– the Fakku version is the one I used, it is older, maybe a few pixels less high resolution, and there is a “Fakku” watermark in the chapters 1-5, in the bottom of the pictures.
And it has been decensored, something I enjoyed immensely.
– The UTW version might be higher res by a few pixels, but on top of all, there isn’t the “Fakku” watermark in the bottom of the pictures.
And it is censored. Something that greatly reduces the interest for me.
– the chapters 6 and following, that I used in my share, are UTW scans without watermark and they’re censored – I don’t know why, but the censorship method changed and decensoring it is beyond my capacity, sadly :-/

-> As a conclusion, unless the new version gets decensored too (why don’t YOU try, it’s one of the easiest decensoring jobs I’ve done, in the chapters 2-3-4 !), I’ll let you painfully endure the old version with a watermark, my personal opinion is that a watermark is a very little price to pay when you can have the pictures in their uncensored version :twisted:


Have you noticed, the blog of the RedComet scanlation team is (currently ?) gone, dead, deleted by Blogspot. Would anyone have information about it, maybe ?
Please, if you have the contact information of the RedComet members, could you email them about it, and ask them if (hopefully !) they’re in the process of getting their blog back online, or if they’re moving elsewhere ?

RedComet is an awesome scanlation team, working on superb projects, carefully chosing works that bring you a real value added when they’re translated, it would be terribly sad if they didn’t come back because the Blogspot moralfags hit their blog :cry:


That makes me want to adress a HUGE warning against Blogspot to my fellow hentai webmasters : it might be high time to move away from that host :(
First it’s the disappearance of Fayt’s blog (he hasn’t gotten his blog back yet, even though he told me he was going to do everything requested by Google/blogspot/blogger to get it back !?!), now it’s the turn of Red Comet… It’s fishy, it seems Google is starting to play dirty :mad:

At least, if you’re hosted at blogspot, you could consider having your own domain ? This costs like 10-12$ per year, and with your domain, if some day your blog dies, you can re-create it elsewhere and simply update where the domain is pointing…

The minimum to do : anywhere, anyway, never forget : regularly backup, backup, and BACKUP ! Blogspot allows you to export your blog contents to your hard disk in .xml form. If some day you’re kicked out of Blogspot, any comprehensive blog host, wordpress included, will allow you to import this .xml file from your hard disk, and ta-daaah, all the contents of your blog, the posts, the texts, the hyperlinks, will be back !

For hosting, you may try that is entirely free (a bit less configurable and customizable than blogspot, but they haven’t yet been caught kicking webmaster ass), or host yourself (Ryuu No Tamashii doesn’t seem to regret it, but on a more modest and less complicated scale you can have something pretty decent and auto-installed for you starting at 10$/month + your own domain). I talk more about blog hosting on this page of Hentairules. Maybe you could try knocking on Jacob’s door, I don’t know if he’s still welcoming more webmasters.
Or, at least, make yourself an “official” backup place…


And that’s the end of the hyper-long post about which nobody was giving a fuck anyway ;)

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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12 Comments on "Various remarks, thanks if you can read them :)"

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I don't know exactly what RedComet's gonna do now, but they're working to solve the problem, according to their twitter:…. I really hope they come back online, their releases are always something to look forward to.


Lucky day: The principal diference (for me) is that they fixed some little details in the traduction and edition, not a big deal so it´s ok to have the decensored caps.

Blostpot: Ryuu´s old blog is also dead, but he has the new site now (thank god), and i hope people listen this warning…


…and I was naive enough to think this sorta crap (attacking translators' blogs) was done with. Making a backup now.


Hey I give a fuck, I think a lot of us do and this is important news, especially since the death? of Fate and now RedComet… I get the feeling your right and since google has become so large its trying to weed out the hentai in its attic, the fuckers


The reason I chose Blogspot over Wordpress was because, at the time, a number of translator blogs on Wordpress had recently run into the same problem that’s happened with some of the ones on Blogspot.

Between the two, you’d think Blogspot would be the obvious choice, considering they do technically permit your blog to host adult materials if you set up the warning screen, though in practise, this seems to make no difference.

Without knowing the details, it’s hard to say which is actually a better choice, but realistically, neither is safe. I would note however that Wordpress’s software is probably a lot more robust and less janky than Blogspot’s. Since the Blogger development team don’t really seem too keen on fixing a lot of the bugs that exist, and getting any help trying to overcome any issues is more or less futile. The Wordpress software can, of course, also be installed on pretty much any web hosting, so that’s another point in its favour.

These days, Google (the owners of Blogger/Blogspot) are seeming less and less like the lovable, humongous, keeper of the internet they once were, and more like your typical, cowardly, corporate shills who will shit all over you the second they receive even a threat of a complaint. See the posts from about a month or two back on Little White Butterflies for some of the shit they’ve been having to deal with with regard to Google… and they’re not even on Blogspot.

I probably should at least get myself a domain name, but I’m oh so very lazy when it comes to things like that. I know at the very least, if something happens to my blog, I can probably bug Anonymous Scanner to make a post on his linking to wherever I move to.


sadly this is nothing new Tonigobe had that happen to him awhile back, so did Darknight, and so many others before now and then there's the whole facebook thing, its sickening. if the rumors I heard about Ma Bell and similar companies in regards to net neutrality are true it'll be dark days ahead for average users….


Apparently, Google’s been cracking down on pretty much all the hentai (probably porn too, though I haven’t heard anything about that) on the websites it links to- they threatened to withdraw GoogleAds from mangafox and onemanga if they didn’t remove all their “adult” manga. Corporate bullying and whatever. Mangafox complied, Onemanga went “ok, we’ll remove it all” and then stuck it all on a different site which they linked to, and Mangatoshokan pretty much went “Fuck you, we’ll get a different ad sponsor.”

About UTW and Fakku, pretty much the best staff Fakku had split off from them and formed UTW. That’s pretty much why Fakku’s slowed down and almost died out.


Google/Blogspot's really compromised it's trust to the scanlation community in general over the last year. It sucks that so many h-scanlators are getting suddenly blackballed now. Have there been other victims aside from Fayt, redComet, and ryu?

The Oracle

Technically, LWB has been a victim of Google but it seems that wordpress is more lenient. I hope RCtranslation will work it out but it would be easier for them, either to have their own domain, or to have a deal with an established site of the community.


sorry to be one of the idi**s that don't give a fook about this, but I'm sure it's useful info for a lot of people around here.

"IT'S BEING STOLEN DURING MY SLEEP", so thats the mystery, finally!


I have helped, Xander Drax with the Editing of Boku No Seinen Kouken Nin volume 7 he asked me to do the page 191 – The End
so with that being done
I just hope Xander Drax is done with the first pages.
so we can enjoy the full Manga.