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Bieki [English, 207 pictures], by Tara Sunakawa

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Bleh, cum dumps ¬_¬ (Reload the page if the picture doesn't show !)

Without preliminaries, here is a new complete English hentai manga, does that count as a good surprise ? ;)

This manga is worth being shared, definitely, however, I’ll have to give you a fair warning about it before you read it, just in case

My warning, simply : this manga is about women loving to be cum dumps and thoroughly enjoying the sex they have.

However, to love being a cump dump, it requires to be already fucked up in the mind.
You’ve been warned, that’s the tone of the manga, light fucked-up-ness as most h-girls are (no, honestly, to screw your brother, your mother, the neighbour on a whim or let loose on school grounds while there’s 350000% of chances of being caught and expelled : it requires being lightly fucked up in the mind, if you’re frank about it), or heavy fucked-up-ness.
I chose not to skip sharing a completely translated h-manga with a small amount of objectable elements (the second before the last and the last chapters sucked really hard, while on the other hand the before the last chapter, though a bit shocking, was a good “literary” idea), but, well… Don’t expect too much, OK ?

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(77 MB, 207 pictures, English)

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24 Comments on "Bieki [English, 207 pictures], by Tara Sunakawa"

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Has Udon-ya or Kizuki Aruchu come up with any new works recently? Been dying to get an new material off that artist


I replied once before, but it seems to have vanished. Here is a copy:

According to the Doujinshi and Manga Lexicon, the last thing UDON-YA released was a Monster Hunter doujin at C77, that Oliver is already sharing on this site. The last thing that Kizuki Aruchu is listed as doing on his own is something in Comin Hotmilk 2010-06, but there aren't any scans of that comic available online, as far as I can tell.


According to the Doujinshi and Manga Lexicon, the last thing UDON-YA released was a Monster Hunter doujin at C77, that Oliver is already sharing on this site. The last thing that Kizuki Aruchu is listed as doing on his own is something in Comin Hotmilk 2010-06, but there aren't any scans of that comic available online, as far as I can tell.


this didn't seem that bad my only complaint with it was that none of the oneshot stories seem to go anywhere a lot of them seemed like they should continue in a 2nd or 3rd part but we never see it. bit of a let down imo the art style seems to make up for it tho


The way you describe it makes me a little afraid to check it out :p


I'll give a quick summary of a few of the chapters, so you get an idea what is in the book:

A man who has a disrespectful daughter, who gets a woman who pretends to be his daughter. He then proceeds to spank her and yell at her while fucking the shit out of her, and she loves every minute of the "Daddy, I'm such a naughty girl, spank me!" roleplay. Fucked up scenario, but the woman truly looks like she enjoys every minute of it.

A woman who is very excited about her first day on the job as a secretary for a company, where her entire job is to be a cumdump for the executives, and she thoroughly loves her job. A fairly "lighthearted" chapter.

A cosplay idol who gets horny during her photo shoots, because she can see that the photographers are getting horny while taking pictures of her. Once the photographers leave, she fucks the hell out of her manager.

A guy who gets teased and bullied at school, but turns out to have a S&M relationship with a girl where *he* is the dominant one, and she is the one who enjoys bullying him during the school day so he has reason to punish her during their sex sessions.

The last chapter is the one you "really" have to look out for. It is only four pages long, and it doesn't show any blood or violence, but it basically describes a guy who loves to buy female slaves so he can torture them to death. I deleted that chapter immediately after reading it.

All in all, there was more good than bad in my opinion. The last chapter though is just garbage.


Many thanx Oliver, and many thanx Zathael for the "spoiler' and the warning. Now it seems less horrible (except the last pages).


Stern warning from Oli, but a high rating. Interesting.

I'm not much of one for spoilers, but I think I'll thank you for this one Zath, and just avoid that final chapter or two.


I wish Oliver had a way to do a spoiler tag like I have seen on other blogs. I figure though that if people don't want to read it, they can just scroll down past my block of text.

As for the high rating, the stories may be messed up at times, but the artwork is very hardcore and very well done. Plus, for most of the stories the women are eager to receive the sex that the men are giving them. So even though there may not be "true love", the sex is still happy, very energetic, and enjoyed by both parties.


Since the last chapter ends with the girl "Saki", would not that mean that the last chapter ties in with the first? Thinking on that line is bugging me…


If you look in chapter one, the flashbacks to the real Saki show that she has blonde hair. The "new Saki" has dark hair. In the last chapter, the new slave who has just gotten bought by the torture guy has blonde hair, and the father is taking the dark haired Saki home with him. You do the math.


If it wasn't 5 in the morning that may have clicked… way to sleepy…

Ah math, though art a heartless bitch =>.<=


Don't worry too much, most people wouldn't think of something *THAT FUCKING EVIL*. I mean seriously, you sell your real daughter to a slave market where she is going to be tortured to death, and you take the slave girl that you trained to act like your daughter home with you? That is *SERIOUSLY* fucked up. Yet another reason why deleting that last 4 page chapter and pretending it doesn't fucking exist is the best choice.

Gaz 69

well, the idol and the "cumdump" chapters are good; in story terms, the best (and scary one) is "the lady in the pond" , the rest are almost boring….yeah the father who sells his daughter to a snuff producer is pretty fucked up, but not so evil, there's no actual violence, blood or gore of any kind .

General Hentai

The last chapter ties in with the first, which makes it interesting, despite the horror of it. 1st chapter ends with the buyer deciding never to go home back to his old life and disrespectful daughter. Last chapter ends with the the sick bastard holding a drill wondering what the girl he's got tied up name was; segue to the buyer from the first story calling "Saki" to his slave from the first story, as they leave for home. In other words, the buyer from the first story has sold these slavers his real daughter, and is leaving with his slave "daughter", leaving his real daughter to a horrible fate.

Is this evil? Absolutely. Is it a good story-telling horror twist? Yeah, it is. It doesn't change that there's some sick, twisted stuff here, but the last chapter benefits from a good use of the art of ommission, letting our imagination take us to the place where the greatest horrors can happen: our own mind.

And leaves us to wonder: Who's the sickest one here: The sadist-muderer, or the father who sells his own daughter into slavery so that he can bring his slave "daughter" home with him?


The first story (and last 4 pages) and the loli chapter(that 's deleted for sure) were a little too much for me, but i like this style of art. Thanks :)


Thanks for the share, Oliver.


Page 45, "C'mon Mr. President don't you think it's time you stick it in." Other than ending a sentence in a preposition a memorable phrase. Somehow there's potential for a political joke in there somewhere.

Thanks for the upload.

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