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Witchcraft [English, UNCENSORED Tank version, God-level hentai, 215 pages], by Yamatogawa

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Haaa, Sara, Sara... She's so fucking great ! :D (If the picture doesn't show, reload the page !)

To begin, read this reminder – no shit, read it just in case. Thanks :

Until now, the version of Witchcraft I was sharing was based on magazine scans. Well, Anti Aging Anon made a considerable work, with final updates from YQII, and thanks to them, here is the complete TANK version of Witchcraft ! Yep, not magazine scans, but scans made from the official paperback version :)

UPDATE : the tank is now UNCENSORED, thanks to Vaizard’s great work !! :woot:

Usually, a tank is definitely better than magazine scans, however, this time, I’m less thrilled. So, don’t forget the alternative version of witchcraft, based on magazine scans and, shockingly, looking better !
I uploaded a few examples to compare the magazine and tankoubon versions, take a look !
Do you see why I’m not that enthusiastic ? The tank version has smaller pictures, with a less satisfying levels correction (in my eyes at least).
In the end, it’s up to you to decide :)

For MUCH more stuff by this artist, cf. The List of All My Shares by Yamatogawa
And of course there’s My Yamatogawa Total Pack =)

I realize I didn’t even describe Witchcraft ! Dear visitor, if you haven’t read Witchcraft yet, hurry up and take of your pants start reading, this is one of the ten best hentai mangas I have ever seen in my whole life :twisted: A very good scenario, happy sex with love, happy kinky sex, kinky sex with a twist. And the drawings, the drawings ! I could fap a hundred times to this manga and come back for more !

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(109 MB, 215 pictures, English)

(please, is there a chance you can use the depositfiles link ? That will generate a tiny bonus for me, thank you very much if that's possible for you ! :)
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Or you can also use the Alternative :
Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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24 Comments on "Witchcraft [English, UNCENSORED Tank version, God-level hentai, 215 pages], by Yamatogawa"

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I think the last version looks a bit better,
I compared some pages and I noticed this version has no shadows on the characters

Gaz 69

a magnificent share indeed, but i don't think this "new" version look much better than the "old" one.


Sara-chan doesn't have her dark skin anymore.


Oliver, you made one BIG mistake with this share: You are giving credit to YQII, but pretty much all he is doing is *sharing* it on his site. AntiAgingAnon was the one who actually did all the reediting of the magazine translations to the tank scans. To quote from YQII himself:

"Finally. Witchcraft reedited using the tankoubon scans, courtesy of AntiAgingAnon.
I just filled in a handful of missing lines, so once again, I’m only sharing without taking any credit. Translation credits goes to Clearly Guilty Translations and Musashi Quality."

As for the tank version itself, I'm torn. The old magazine scans seemed to have much more contrast between the light and dark portions, but also looked kinda dirty or grainy at times. The newer scans are much cleaner, but the contrast isn't as good anymore. The size of the images doesn't bother me, because when I read manga I do it a full page at a time, with the "autofit" toggle on. So, if the image is some godawful huge size, I won't see it that big anyways. Hmm. I guess for the time being I'll save both copies.

Anyways, thanks again to Clearly Guilty Translations and Musashi Quality for the magazine scan version, thanks to AntiAgingAnon for reediting the original translation onto the tankoubon scans, thanks to YQII for “filling in a handful of missing lines”, and thanks Oliver for sharing it here.


I have to agree with the above posters. However, this is Witchcraft and well-worth the download. Many thanks.


The leveling isn't so good, since it lightens the grey areas too much. But the lines are much smoother in the tank. I don't give a damn about censoring. And since there aren't too many grey areas (or the difference isn't too big) I think the tank scan has the magazine scan beat.


*slaps self* for seeing the initial picture in the post and thinking a new power play ch was out :(


I think the previous share is a bit better… I like the darker look.


sorry but old version dont is a bit better , it is very much better ^^
old version : uncensor ,1100×1600
tank version: light sensor, 970×1400


Well, I almost came when I read the title, but now I've seen the pictures, my enthusiasm is tempered too. I have to agree with Zathael. The magazine scans are larger, although larger is not always better. (I work with an 1280×800 display. Larger pictures mean more scrolling and entire panels that don't fit on my screen) They do have better contrast, but also look a bit muddy. In comparison, the tank version is much cleaner, a look I generally favor in manga. Still, the absence of all those shades of gray make it look like the tank version is lacking soul…

Damn, this share is confusing!

Thanks anyway, Oliver, AntiAgingAnon and YQIII. I'm just gonna download this version too and eventually time will tell which version I like more. ;)


yeah, the older magazine version definitely looks better (at least in my eyes)

damn it, I thought it was another power play chapter! xD


what part is that feature pic you used?


I'm amazed at this manga's quality…it's incredibly hot! I had forgotten Yamatogawa's incredible talent. The story, the characters, the drawing, everything is perfect for me! And I didn't find anything annoying about the image quality or resolution or anything like that. I'm incredibly happy for finding out this beautiful and super hot and sexy manga, Thanks Oliver and everyone else involved! I'm so happy!xD


Hi Vaizard from Vaizard no Sekai here.

First of all people and Oliver the levels of the color are correct that what usually grays look like in Tank version, just look at my Taihen and you'll see that mine are lighter then the mag from it. And all of this fuss is about Sara color, ok first that was the original color and not the really black one in the mag ver you all have to remanber that Mag ver is really dark gray so she usually stands darker there. And second size is yeah ok it's low but not that low there are worse. about the cencership i'm gona freakin do it so stop conplaining. The guy how did this did it for all of you and you all complain and don'y even say thanks, you know we do this for free and second it's illegal to do it so please think about at least saying thanks before complaining OK. Ok now i'm gona uncen and maybe if you all like give sara a bigger tan but only maybe i'll show you it.


Here you go 2 diferent images to see 1 is Uncen so you can see my Uncen Skill and both images have Normal Sara and Darker Sara, i think both ways are fine but if you what she can be lighter then i maid her or she can stay like she is. But i prefer how the Tank is.

Original – – 159841-SF6S0WN.jpg

Mine – – 159845-YAORVA1.png

Original 2 – – 159847-OFAC6ZP.jpg

Mine 2 – – 159849-AWTSFW1.png

Oliver i would like your support on the project (support i mean posting here in Hentai Rules and your personal opinion). Please tell me if you prefer a Tan Sara or the normal Tank Ver Sara please so i may start the project i wait your reply send it to [email protected] or just reply here. Thank you all and please respect how did this project and Support the Book autor by buying the Manga Online or in a Store near you.


thanks for the people who work on these :D

will compare the magazine one to this and see what's up :)


Oh my holy whackamole!
I was having such a long day today and you just brighten it up like the sun just ran into the earth…
I fucking love you oliver!


Hmm…I'm out of clever comments, Yama has instagrab status. His sassy tanned girls make every manga a must read.

Thanks for the upload.


My favorite Yamatogawa manga in a new, improved, uncensored tank scan? And it's not even my birthday!

Thanks Oliver! The man with the hentai plan!


It's not new or improved, though. X:


Well… new to me, and improved in the sense that it displays much nicer on my tablet.

I saw Yamatogawa and was instantly hypmotized…


Assuming you read the tank scans before were decensored over a year ago, it shouldn't be any better on your screen than it was when you read the censored tank version.