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Love And Hate chapter 4, + the chapters 1-4 [English, 89 pictures], by Shinonome Ryu

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I loved this embarrassment chapter !

I’m not very logical : while I don’t like much the style of Crimson Comics, showing girls fighting with all their might against orgasm, I actually enjoyed a whole lot this plain and uneventful chapter of Love And Hate, by Shinonome Ryu , simply showing the cutie heroine trying to conceal the arrival of an orgasm while she’s in class :shock: I know I’m contradicting myself, but I can’t help it, I’m simply stating facts !

So, well – and thanks to Fayt of course ! -, there you are with this chapter. Little things happen, but if you enjoy seeing an embarrassed schoolgirl, even if it should be against your rules, there’s a chance you’ll like this one :)

By Ryu Shinonome, I also share Love Splinters.

Love and Hate COMPLETE volume is available HERE !

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9 Comments on "Love And Hate chapter 4, + the chapters 1-4 [English, 89 pictures], by Shinonome Ryu"

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if only it stayed as cute as this chapter for the 3 volumes…oh well =/


no actually it ends fairly heartwarming in vol 3 its what happens in the 2nd and very early part of 3 that you ntr haters should avoid.


welp I can't read Japanese so I have absolutely no clue what was going on but just from the images from like vol2 to mid vol3 it seems pretty sad


In my opinion, NTR is a big no no in any plot of a h-manga. But again, that's just my personal opinion.


Like others have already stated, I am have heard that volume 1 is good, volume 2 and part of 3 is all NTR and nasty, but that the last part of volume 3 ends fairly well. I haven't made up my mind if I will stop reading this completely once volume 1 is finished, or if I will go on to read volumes 2 and 3. I think I can handle the NTR as long as I know there is a good ending, but I might wait until both volume 2 and 3 are fully translated. That way, once I read the nasty stuff I can then read the good ending right afterward.


Lol'd at the all SOft.. xD


I really like this one. Thanks


Haha that was pretty awesome. That last chapter was great.


I'm gonna steer clear from this one….damn…it was quite nice…